two color stripe blown film machine

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Product Description:


1.two color stripe blown film machine
2. film width 100-800mm
3.two colour , two screw, one head

two color stripe blown film machine

Use characteristic:    

   Uses in blowing system each kind of low density polyethylene  (LDPE),the high density polyethylene (HDPE) garland plastic film.  Widely applies in food, the fruit, the clothing, the textile, the daily necessities and so on civil and the industrial product packing.

Main technical:

SD-40 TC
Suitable Material
Film Width
Film Thickness
Max.Extrusion Output
Screw Diameter
Screw L/d Length
Screw  Material
Cylinder Material
Cylinder Cooling
Driving  Motor
Temperature Control
Average Power-consume
Type of die
Die size mm
Temperature  control
Air   ring
Air  blower
Center steady  stick(HD)
Roller  width
Take-up  speed
Take-up motor
Height  adjustable  type
Winding  unit
Surface friction type
Winding  motor
Wingding  speed
Outline  diameter(L*W*H)

1.         AUTO  Loader

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The production of each filter 60-80 pounds, (with three different types of output) by the original 1800 speed and further improve the way to start, flexible start, let the oil filter to use more energy saving power with reduced half, do not cover slag, large caliber more convenient centrifugal oil filter, the tiny impurities of crude oil inside, under the action of centrifugal force to make oil completely from the brightness, taste, health and safety environmental protection. For the use of more oil and oil increase efficiency.To make the machine longer to use, you need a clean oil system that will minimize the loss of lubricating oil and maintain a high degree of cleanliness, so that your maintenance costs can be reduced. Now you will have the best oil purification system in the world: that is a true centrifugal purifier
Q:Portable continuous refining machines and pneumatic oil filters that good
Again: pneumatic oil filterAir pressure type oil filter is the use of high pressure gas pressure, air pressure through the way to promote the flow of oil, crude oil through the multilayer high density filter to filter out 5 - micron tarpaulin, suspended solids, 20 micron clay etc.. Mainly for small oil mills and other users, suitable for cold pressing, hot pressing, such as rapeseed oil and peanut oil and other crude oil clarification filter, filter oil can not afford to foam, less soot, no sediment. Its basic principle is somewhat similar to that of frame and pressure type oil filters, but the pressure filter uses gas pressure and is mainly used for filtering edible oils.Summary: after a simple analysis of the above, we can know the oil filter options specific to ask, to choose the oil filter oil filter according to what you want, rather than simply a good question, right. If you're cooking oil, you can choose an air pressure oil filter or a centrifugal oil filter in a portable oil filter. You can consult a specific manufacturer for the specific filtration effect. As for the filtration of industrial oil, only portable LY oil filter cars and frame pressure type oil filters are selected.
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You do not come to muddy the waters. Now, the industrial transformation and upgrading, Chinese oil filter most of the company will die, not enough strength small manufacturers don't want to die, playing the price war, would not live
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What is overload, pressure overload, or temperature overload, or voltage overload, you don't make it clear?
Q:What are the types of centrifugal oil filters and their product characteristics?
The centrifugal oil filter is to generate centrifugal force through the high-speed propaganda of the motor, and the oil sludge in the oil is thrown to the inner wall of the oil filter.
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High speed centrifuge is the main filtration principle of centrifugal oil filter of the centrifugal force generated, so as to realize oil-water separation and oil separation
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It depends on the performance of the oil filter. If it can be standardized to filter dehydration, it can be used in an industrial environment.
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Coalescence type oil filter function to small droplets into large drops of water, only to remove non dissolved water, so only the oil in the water treatment by 180mg/L, cannot meet the requirements of national standard, but if the oil moisture content is very high, the dehydration rate of coalescence separation is faster.In short, if Water Leakage oil measuring system is relatively small, should be a vacuum oil filter, can make the turbine oil quality to meet national standards. If the water leakage is large, optional poly separation type, but can not make the oil to meet the requirements of gb.
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The oil filter is generally used for on-line lubrication system of large equipment, that is, when large equipment is in normal operation
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