blown film machine production line plastic bag production line

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Product Description:

2014 blown film machine  production line plastic bag production line


blown film machine: we can provide plastic bag production line

2014 blown film machine, production line, plastic bag production line


It is mainly used for blowing HDPE film. Which is widely used for T-shirt bags, flat bags.

Machine with following devices:

Motor produced in Shanghai

Inverter brand: China brand

Screw and barrel material: use good material with strong hardness

Film gusset device

Meter counter

Embossing roller

Banana roller

Main motor and take-up unit motor are controlled by inverter




suitable material

Mainly for HDPE

Max. film width


film thickness  (LDPE)


Max. extrusion output


screw diameter

Φ 50mm

screw l/d length

30: 1

screw material


cylinder material

SACM-645/38 CRMOALA      

cylinder cooling


Main motor




gear box model


temperature control for

6 zones

die size(ldpe) with rotary die head

60mm, 100mm

air ring

1 set

air blower


pinch roller


take up speed

10-80 m/min

take up motor



single rewinder

winding motor

5 n.m X2pcs

winding speed

10-80 m/min

cover dimension (LXWXH)


Packaging & Shipping

The packaging for machines are different according to the loading size. We use wooden pallet , wooden box or iron frame to fold the machine part sometimes. The important thing is to protect machine well.


Normally the container shipped out by vessel, but for some countries not near the sea, also can chose by train

Sample service:

We offer free samples for film or bags, the shipping cost will on customer's side

Customized service:

We can produce the machine exact according to customer's requirement. Need to offer clear specifications

Inpection service:

If customer haven't time for checking the machines, we will offer clear photo and video for checking.

After sales service:

We offer detailed photos and video for machine installation and operation.

Engineer installation service also available, the cost will on customer's side

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