rotary blown film machine

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Blown film machines

Product Description

1.The specially designed screws ensure high plastification rate.
2.Precise temperature control(-1`C or +1`C) and special modules ensure precise thickness and flatness control.
3.The thickness of sheet is precisely adjusted by adjusting the screws and oil pressure wheels.
4.The winder can automatically adjust the speed and tension and set the width of needed products freely.
5.The machine equipped with meter counter can set the length of product.

PVC Free/Skinning Foam Board Production,pvc decorative board production line,pvc foam plate production line

PP  sheet production line,PE  sheet production line,PVC sheet production line

1) Plastic board production line
2) Compact structure, excellent capability
3) Optimized screw and canister design
4) Professional machining of alloy steel
5) Mold equality, extruding stabilization, high output
6) Material cooling: Wind cooling
7) Continuous production
8) The automatic material feeding, adjusting function
9) Suitable for PP, PE, PS, ABS, PET, PVC, PMMA and PC
Most of the equipment operation, including extruder, mould, melt pump and change nets device, pressure roller is through light touch screen to operate.

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Q:What is the selection of the oil filter for the turbine?
In addition, you are centralized filtration (that is, putting all the steam turbine waste in one place to filter), or on-line filtering will also affect the selection of the flow rate of the oil filter. For example, you centralized filtration, large amount of oil, if you request a day after the filtering, it must be 100 liters per minute or more, if you want to waste online filtration cycle, then certainly not centralized so high, so we can choose small flow. Also, look at your filter time requirements,
Q:Is the on-line oil filter for on load tap changer convenient for use in substations?
Since it is an on-line oil filter, it is not used on-line, and it will not affect the use of transformer and other step-down equipment. I recommend a tap tapping on-line filter to you. I hope you can help each other:
Q:Imported vacuum purifier, oil filter, why Parker is known as the world's first?
From the energy consumption, from the service, from customer satisfaction, a relatively clear, and also used to say?!
Q:What are the types of centrifugal oil filters and their product characteristics?
For low temperature, cold oil, the effect is not good.I hope my answer can help you.
Q:Which is more advantageous than a centrifugal oil filter and a vacuum oil filter?
The new centrifugal oil filter can also add other technical functions, so as to achieve complex functions, such as increasing the filter core, improving the filter precision of the centrifugal oil filter, and meeting the requirements of higher filtration.
Q:What are the main use of oil filters?
Oil filters are mainly used in power, petrochemical, aviation
Q:The working principle of vacuum oil filter and centrifugal oil filter in oil filter and the difference between them
Two, the oil filter structure and working principle of the oil filter by expansion, condensation, adsorption, vacuum drying, mechanical filtration, fuzzy control, combination technology, can remove the moisture and impurity in turbine oil, soap, acid, resin and pigment, make serious emulsification of the turbine oil demulsification and transparent. As standard, suitable for on-line hydraulic and thermal power generating units, industrial steam turbine, turbine oil purification. Structure of oil filter machine is mainly composed of coarse filter, heater, vacuum cylinder, atomizer, vacuum pump, drainage pump, cooler, temperature controller, precision filter and electrical control components.
Q:Which is the best vacuum oil filter?
Selection of good oil filter manufacturers, if the budget is abundant, must be good brand, good quality, good after-sales company to buy, although the high prices, but with ease, little problems. If the budget is not enough, then you need to compare by Baidu search or other platforms. Compare your company's size, technical level, quality, after-sale reputation, user success stories, etc., and combine your budget options
Q:How to choose insulating oil vacuum filter
3, the safety interlock protection system, interaction of oil inlet and heating device and infrared liquid level control system, pressure protection device, thermal protection and safety shut-off valve, to avoid the adverse effects caused by misoperation, protect the safety of the machine.4, on-site insulation treatment of insulating oil, purification of all types of degradation of insulating oil has special effects.5, environmental protection chassis structure design, reduce environmental pollution. Good mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance, long service life. Satisfy the indoor and outdoor use environment.6, according to the needs of the design, the use of PLC automatic control, with touch-screen dynamic display, can be networked with the computer to operate, to achieve high intelligence.
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
Usually a good filter can be cleaned and reused later until it is broken. Some are changed only once a year, and some half a year, according to the oil,

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