AT540 Suspended Impeller Structure Submersible Pump

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products in this figure for my company independent research and development of new ultra high lift pump; the external structure can not see the impeller, impeller in the sleevea 16 manganese material, intermediate shaft, the impeller is sheathed on the shaft, the impelleris suspended state.

Altec Lansing QJ series suspended impeller structure of mine submersible pump, mine designfor pumping corrosive liquid, by YQS type submersible motor and QJ type submersible pumpdirect coupled components. Pump parts are all made of stainless steel material precision manufacturing, using mixed flow or centrifugal type single suction multi-stage pump bodystructure, with built-in oneway valve and a suction strainer; impeller is fixed on the pump shaftby the unified bond, and is equipped with a pump shaft protective sleeve. The submersible motors using water lubrication bearing, the upper end is equipped with a swing device and a skeleton oil seal, to prevent sand entering the motor. The series products have the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable operation, long service life etc..

Flow per hour to 2200 tons, the head can reach 2000m.

Material: guide housing, impeller for nickel cast iron (nickel content equivalent to 316L stainless steel)

Pump shaft of 17-4PH stainless steel

The 2 main purposes

* deep groundwater extraction, ore, gold, silver, can be used for iron ore, coal, construction sitedrainage emergency use.

* this product has small flow and high lift submersible pump: such as: 30 square, 1000 meterslift, power is 140KW. Energy saving, but also can solve the mine drainage

The problem of difficult.

The motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

* on the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, so long as can bear thepressure can.

* installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area, without the construction of pumping stations.

Application conditions

* pumping medium: similar to water, the proportion of solid content of not more than 0.02% liquid

* medium temperature: ordinary type pump 40 DEG C, hot water pump up to 125 DEG C

* medium pH value: 3 to 10

* power requirements: the frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz (can be customized), rated voltage 380V[660V, 1140V, 3000V, 10KV] + 5% power supply

Technical parameters

* flow range: 5 to 2200 cubic meters / hour

* head range: 2 to 2000 meters

* power range: 3 to 410kW

* speed: 2900 RPM

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Q:Think of several households sharing a pump
The electromagnetic valve is estimated to be expensive to death ~!You set up a high water tank in the middle of the user. The pump is pumped to the water tankIn each according to the water meter, then according to water allocation total cost ~ ~ ~!
Q:Is it very difficult for a DIY'er to replace the timing belt/water pump on a 2005 Lexus IS300?
Alot depends on having the proper tools and knowledge . If you have the right tools you could try it but i have known a few people that tried doing there own t-belt and ruined there motor . I am not trying to scare you just don't want you to cause any more expence for yourself. The water pump is easy once you get the belt off . If you do try it heres wishing you good luck
Q:how to repair water pump?
Yep,.. you let the smoke out.... gotta get another motor
Q:outboard motor not pumping water?
Check and see if the water impeller needs to be replaced. They are only made of rubber. Best of luck.
Q:Water pump eliminates air
By rotating the water pump is thrown from the impeller center, resulting in pressure, the back of the water sucking over, this is the pump working principle, if air, air will not be left out without impeller, the flow rule, no pressure, so we can not draw water!
Q:Water well pump, always on??
Sounds like you have a holding tank problem. Check to see if it is leaking air. Or you could have a busted pipe somewhere, you could cut the water off in the house but not at the pump to see if it continues. If so the problem is at the well, if the problem stops after the tank refills you have a busted pipe between the pump and the house.
Q:What is wrong with my water pump?
I'm guessing that you have a well. The others had some good points and I would just like to add that I had a similar problem with my pump. Turned out that the tank had to much air in it and was fooling the pressure switch.
Q:About water pump selection
ZGD1.5KW screw pump, lift 120 meters. Caliber inch. High pressure. Screw type. It can absorb more than 30 meters of water.
Q:Oxygenator or water pump?
Flowing water adds oxygen into the water... So Id go with that one.
Q:Can i run a fan and water pump while charging deep cycle battery?
You may have to do some math. The 80 watt panel is only 80 watts at peak sun on a 75°F day at the equator. Chances are you will have something less than 80 watts to work with. But you can add up all the hours of partial sun to get an equivalant number of peak sun hours. An example would be a few hours in the morning and evening at partial power and a couple of hours at solar noon at nearly full power may give you 5 peak sun hours worth of light. 5 psh x 80 w/ps = 400 wh Your supply may have 400 watt hours worth of power per day. You state that the fan is 12v dc but what is the wattage? It could be a little 12v dc fan out of a computer or it could be a huge 12v dc fan out of an RV. What is the power requirements of the water pump? Is it a little 12v dc one for a foot tall decorative fountain or an industial 3 phase pump for a well? To charge the battery you need a voltage 120% higher than the battery voltage. 12v x120%=14.4 v To add up your loads convert them all the use to dc watt hours per day Here is an example to give you an idea of how to play with your numbers: Fan 12vdc x 1.5 A = 18 watts, use this for 5 hours your load would be 18w x 5hr = 90 watt hours Pump 120 vac x 2.5 amps = 300 watts (The AC will need to come from an inverter. The inverter has a certain amount of loss. How good it does the job of converting dc to ac is know as it's efficency. Lets use 90% to be safe) 300 watts / 0.90 = 333.4 watts, use this for 1/2 hour per day 333.4w x 0.5hr = 166.7 watt hours The 90 watt hours + the 167 watt hours = 257 watt hours per day. This would leave about 140 watt hours to put into the battery. Yes it would be best to use a charge controller to protect the battery from overcharging if the pump and fan are off, or from draining the battery too much if the fan or pump stays on.

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