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free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air .oil and water seperator .

                      best solution for automation . strict quality and cost control system !

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000
feature :1.simple assemble,instructure simple ,use to all kinds of automatic equipment .
              2.sugest oil : VG32
     attention to the temperation range and pressure range .
advantage: oil cap to ensure the oil will not come out .
            adjust pressure cap   ( when pressure high will not come out)
                     3. bigger flow rate and less noise .
production ability : 1. one month 10000pcs
                                    2. 150 workers
                                   3 .advanced machine ,professional technician team  
                                   4. date :normally 15-20days .

best solution for automation most professional manufacture for pneumatic !

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Q:How much is the dynamic pressure gas picks
Pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic instrument, air pressure in the 0.5Mpa~0.63Mpa (ie: 5~6.3kg/cm2) range is appropriate
Q:What's the function of the oil sprayer in the pneumatic component?
The oil sprayer in pneumatic components is mainly to pneumatic components behind the pipe,
Q:The difference between pneumatic components ASC-10 and KLA-10
ASC10, this model should be ASC100-06, or ASC300-10, one-way throttle valve throttle (speed) is a one-way function, such as the throttle can from left to right, from right to left but can not throttle, or by the medium, then the equivalent straight joint.
Q:What are the common pneumatic components?
Two 、 triple filtration, cylinder, trachea, trachea joint, solenoid valve, air control valve, foot valve, hand valve, buffer, throttle valve, voltage regulator
Q:What are the requirements of the pneumatic system for compressed air?
Pneumatic components are not suitable for use with ultra dry air. Please use the ultra dry air type element. Ultra dry compressed air will shorten the service life of pneumatic components.Want to know more of the pneumatic components can go Wuxi smart look, oh well
Q:What is the difference between the pneumatic directional control valve and the hydraulic directional control valve?
The requirements for leakage are differentThe hydraulic valve is strict with the outward leakage, but a small leak inside the component is permissible. For pneumatic control valves, in addition to the clearance seal valve, in principle, does not allow internal leakage. The internal leakage of pneumatic valves causes the risk of accidents. For pneumatic pipes, a little leakage is allowed, and the leakage of the hydraulic pipe will cause pressure drop and pollution to the environment.
Q:What does the pneumatic component contain?I'm a beginner. What pneumatic parts do I have?
Commonly used are cylinders, solenoid valves, pressure regulating valves, pneumatic motors, filters, couplings, oil and water separators, and so on,
Q:In turn, the pneumatic components follow the inlet direction. Why?
The function and function of the pneumatic triplex is to purify the air source of the compressed air and then use it to the equipment. Pneumatic triplex according to the direction of intake are: oil filter (filter compressed air) - pressure reducing valve (to pass through the gas pressure drop) - oil mist (for oil atomization).
Q:What grease should be used in the pneumatic three element?
The viscosity, composition requirements are relatively high. Generally recommended ISO VG32 turbine oil (commonly known as turbine oil). Fog and lubrication is the best.
Q:What are the advantages of pneumatic components?
5, the use of compressed air, storage energy, to achieve centralized gas supply. It can release energy in short time to obtain high speed response in intermittent motion. Buffer can be realized. Strong adaptability to impact load and over load. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device has the ability of self preservation.6 、 all pneumatic control, with fire prevention, explosion proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with hydraulic method, pneumatic mode can be used in high temperature situation. 7, because the air flow loss is small, compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transmission.

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