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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:Why does the pneumatic element contain no copper and does not contain polytetrafluoroethylene?
So, most of them are using aluminum alloy more; as for PTFE, not very understanding, is afraid of the pneumatic seal interference, more than, please refer to;
Q:What's the function of the oil sprayer in the pneumatic component?
For example, solenoid valve, cylinder to provide oil mist play a role in lubrication.
Q:Pneumatic components of SMC pneumatic components
An element of a pneumatic element that does work by the pressure of the gas or by the force of its expansion is the component of the elastic energy of the compressed air that is converted to kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, pneumatic motors, steam engines, etc.. Pneumatic component is a kind of power transmission method. It is also an energy conversion device and uses gas pressure to transfer energy. 1. The layout of pneumatic equipment is simple and convenient, and the equipment protection is simple. Medium for air, compared to the hydraulic medium is not easy to burn, so the use of safety.2, the operating medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust disposal is simple, without polluting the environment and low cost.3, the output power and operation speed adjustment is very simple. The speed of the cylinder is usually less than 1M/S, faster than the hydraulic and electrical methods of action.4, high reliability, long using life expectancy. The number of useful measures of electrical components is about a million times, and usually the solenoid valve life is greater than 30 million times, some good quality valves beyond 200 million times.
Q:Pneumatic components can be divided into several categories?
Use the attached elements together auxiliary element and a driving element, such as vacuum components, such as connectors, hose, muffler, speed controller, check valve, pressure gauge, manifold.
Q:What is the oil in the cylinder in the pneumatic original?
Designed to make its sliding parts smooth and durable. Its lubricant oil is: turbine oil No. 1 (ISO VG32), very thin viscosity of about 7E degrees, mechanical lubricants, (equivalent to sewing machine oil). The oil mist of this kind of oil can be projected into the pipeline about 2M or so.
Q:What are the parts of a pneumatic system?
Pneumatic pressure control system consists of signal and power is composed of two parts, signal control part for driving the Wuxi smart precision valve pneumatic power in action. The pneumatic power part is represented by loop means to indicate the correlation between pneumatic components of different functions.
Q:Which three pneumatic components are three?
The use of middle pressure regulator, pressure from the pump tank pipelines to the generally greater than the working pressure of the actuator to meet different needs, the regulator is adjusted to the required pressure (pressure regulator with pressure gauge)
Q:What does the pneumatic component contain?I'm a beginner. What pneumatic parts do I have?
If pneumatic components are to be designed, some knowledge of fluid mechanics and aerodynamics must be understood. The design of gas paths and pneumatic components is not just a hole, but the flow of gas can be as simple as it used to be
Q:Pneumatic pressure regulating valve, two cups each have what function?.
The function of pneumatic triple parts is:First cups: oil filter cup. The water, oil, gas and dust impurities from the compressed air are filtered out, so as to purify air. (water, oil, impurities, the whole can be released)
Q:What grease should be used in the pneumatic three element?
Are you talking about pneumatic triple parts? Filter + pressure relief valve + oil mist bar, filter and decompression do not need lubrication, and oil may have a bad effect, such as plugging the filter or throttling hole.

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