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free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air .oil and water seperator .


                      best solution for automation . strict quality and cost control system !

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

air units air source treatment units pneumatic component air pipe system air tools pneumatic toolsairtac BFC3000

feature :1.simple assemble,instructure simple ,use to all kinds of automatic equipment .
              2.sugest oil : VG32
     attention to the temperation range and pressure range .
advantage: oil cap to ensure the oil will not come out .
            adjust pressure cap   ( when pressure high will not come out)
                     3. bigger flow rate and less noise .
production ability : 1. one month 10000pcs
                                    2. 150 workers
                                   3 .advanced machine ,professional technician team  
                                   4. date :normally 15-20days .

best solution for automation most professional manufacture for pneumatic !

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Q:The difference between pneumatic components ASC-10 and KLA-10
KLA-10, a one-way valve: only from one end to the other end, such as the air flow from left to right, from right to left on the pass
Q:Pneumatic components of SMC pneumatic components
An element of a pneumatic element that does work by the pressure of the gas or by the force of its expansion is the component of the elastic energy of the compressed air that is converted to kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, pneumatic motors, steam engines, etc.. Pneumatic component is a kind of power transmission method. It is also an energy conversion device and uses gas pressure to transfer energy. 1. The layout of pneumatic equipment is simple and convenient, and the equipment protection is simple. Medium for air, compared to the hydraulic medium is not easy to burn, so the use of safety.2, the operating medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust disposal is simple, without polluting the environment and low cost.3, the output power and operation speed adjustment is very simple. The speed of the cylinder is usually less than 1M/S, faster than the hydraulic and electrical methods of action.4, high reliability, long using life expectancy. The number of useful measures of electrical components is about a million times, and usually the solenoid valve life is greater than 30 million times, some good quality valves beyond 200 million times.
Q:What are the three conjoined fingers in pneumatic components?
3, oil mist, which contains oil, lubricating oil to the system
Q:What does pneumatic component mean?
. The first step in learning pneumatic is to understand the pneumatic schematic diagram first. Schematic diagram is clear, and then combined with the actual understanding of pneumatic components, features.
Q:How does the ACE call pneumatic components?
A storage unit in which the PLC software element corresponds to the memory of a computer. The status of the soft components can be directly queried in the same PLC.
Q:In turn, the pneumatic components follow the inlet direction. Why?
Because, first of all to water, oil and gas, dust and impurities by water filters from the compressed air source, thereby purifying air; then, in order to adjust pressure to stabilize the gas pressure through the purified gas through the valve;
Q:Pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic instrument work, air pressure in what range is appropriate?
Pneumatic instrument lathe is changed from manual pneumatic, the size of each plate and a cylinder with PLC or relay to control the on-off of the electromagnetic valve, and solenoid valve control cylinder work instead of manual operation, accessories to sell pneumatic components are, as for the effect depends on what you want to do is what kind of a workpiece.
Q:Acting as pneumatic component 60I've been selling pneumatic parts for three years
Nowadays, there are too many brands of pneumatic components, such as low-end brands, the price must be competitive
Q:How does the pneumatic valve change the AC to direct current?
The pneumatic valve is to control the air flow in the pneumatic system of the size, direction, and flow, and can not control the direct AC power supply, then if the pneumatic valve is required for switching power supply device of direct communication, can be solved by changing the power supply device.
Q:What are pneumatic components?Pneumatic components include:
Pneumatic component is the work done by the force produced by the pressure or expansion of the gas to realize the mechanical drive and control

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