600MD Africa Blue Nylon Monofilament Fishing Net

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1000000 m²/month
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Monofilament Fishing Net

1.Material: Nylon.

2.Knot: Double Knot.(D/K)

3.Thickness: 0.16mm dia to 0.70mm dia

4.Mesh Size: 1/2" to 7".

5.Depth: 400MD (MD=Mesh Depth)
6.Length: 100yards or 100mtrs

7.Selvage: SSTB or DSTB

8.Color: Any color

9. Stretching way: Lengthway stretched

10.Package: pp bags


1.Lengthway stretched by electric & steam machine
2.Depthway stretched by vacuum capsule machine
3.Making net soft, shining




1. we used is in highest quality material which let the net more soft and strong and wear-resisting.

2. We have full sets of machines such as lengthway elctric stretching machine,capsule depthway stretching machine,dyeing machine,cleaning machine for fishing nets.

3.Different color, make the nets look more bright and soft.

4. We have special skill to make the knot much more tight.

5. Depthway stretching is done by vacuum capsule stretching machine which will let the nets more orderliness and good looking

6. Lengthway Stretching is done by electric heating which make the net much more straight and shinny.


If you need a quotation, please give me the data as following:

Materialsuch as you need Nylon Monofilament Fishing Net
Thicknesssuch as you need 0.3mm
Mesh Sizesuch as you need 1cm or 0.5cmX0.5cm
Depthsuch as you need 100MD or 1Meter
Lengthsuch as you need 100Meter
Knotsuch as you need  Double Knot
Selvagesuch as you need SSTB
Colorsuch as you need White
Stretched wayssuch as you need Lengthway stretched
Order quantitysuch as you need 1 Ton
SampleNeed Sample
Shipping WaySea Shipping



Q: Can I order only 1 or 2 pieces?

A: No, We are professional wholesale custom fishing nets, cast nets,gill nets and fishing tackle factory.

Q: Can I see the samples first? And samples are free?

A: Yes, But we charge $ 200 single sample does not include shipping. Because we will be subtracted from the cost of the sample in order when you wholesale. So the sample is free, but does not include shipping samples.

Q: What's your MOQ?
A: For the inventory, we don't have MOQ request.Becasue the ship company will not delivery the goods when amount is less than $1000 or volume smaller than 1m³. We only suplly  send by express or by air service if your order is less than $1000.

Q: Will you attend the professional fishing show every year?

A: Yes,most of the time we will attend the show.We will show our booth number and other information about the show.

600MD Africa Blue Nylon Monofilament Fishing Net


Plastic nets can vary in their resistance to chemical degradation depending on the type of plastic used. Some plastic nets are designed to be more resistant to chemical degradation, while others may be more susceptible. It is crucial to consider the specific plastic material and the chemicals it may come into contact with to determine the net's resistance to chemical degradation.
Plastic nets are indeed suitable for mosquito control. These nets are commonly used in various forms, such as bed nets or window screens, to physically block mosquitoes from entering living spaces and prevent them from biting and transmitting diseases. The fine mesh of the plastic nets can effectively keep mosquitos out while allowing air circulation. Additionally, some plastic nets are treated with insecticides to further enhance their effectiveness in repelling or killing mosquitoes. Overall, plastic nets provide a practical and affordable solution for mosquito control in both domestic and outdoor settings.
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Yes, plastic nets are commonly used in the packaging industry for various purposes such as securing and protecting products during transportation, providing ventilation, and promoting product visibility.
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Yes, plastic nets are commonly used in construction for various purposes such as reinforcing concrete, providing support for scaffolding, and protecting construction sites from debris.
To transport plastic nets safely, it is important to securely bundle and stack them to prevent any potential damage. Additionally, using appropriate packaging materials such as durable plastic bags or wrapping them in protective sheets can further ensure safe transportation. Lastly, securing them tightly on a vehicle and avoiding any sharp objects or rough surfaces during handling can help maintain their integrity throughout the journey.
Plastic nets provide protection against rodents by creating a physical barrier that prevents them from accessing certain areas or objects. The small openings in the nets are too narrow for rodents to squeeze through, thus effectively keeping them out and protecting the desired space or items from any potential damage or infestation.
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