3TREES Rock Chip Emulsion Natural Stone Paint for Exterior Wall

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1000000 kg/month

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Product Description:


Compared to the stone and tile materials, the product not only provides the adornment effect, but greatly reduces the cost.


Application scope:

Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.



30kg, 80kg


Main components:

Acrylic emulsion,  natural siliceous sand


Theoretical consumption:

1.4~4kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 4H/25℃; Thorough dry,48H/25℃;

Recoat time,2-6H based on temperature>5℃& humidity<85%< span="">



1.     Excellent environmental performance, odorless, weather shield

2.     Water-repelling and air permeable performances

3.     Able to conceal minor wall cracks and tears caused by regional mechanical and temperature changes

4.     Various color and pattern options


Recommended application system:

1. Treated Concrete Wall

2. P0503 Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3. Exterior Primer (1 coat)

4. A0003A Texture Paint (1-2 coats)

5. E0106 Waterborne Topcoat (1 coat)















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Q:Do the ink must be scattered first?
Must be pre-dispersed, or else stir, the effect of the impact of direct grinding will lead to deterioration of the pigment effect
Q:How do you paint like a pro?
Paint with the aid of selection Western needs Shoulda Been a Cowboy (there is with the aid of and massive the Western stigma related to colour horses for some objective) obtained Milk? Chiaroscuro colour My international colour Wheel fashion designer Genes hearth and Ice American Dream Spilt Milk Sugar and Spice (white and brown... extremely some the time too girly however) Paint city
Q:60 square meters of the house to use the number of paint and paint
The coating area of the latex paint depends on the flatness of the substrate and the coating rate of the paint itself. The coating rate is generally marked on the drum, because it is twice the brush, so dividing by 2 is the theoretical brushing area. The surface is more rough on the RBI margin, with putty approved in accordance with the theory of brushing area calculation.
Q:What is the difference between black pigment and ink?
A child began to learn Chinese painting, the other colors are pigments, where the need to use the black place, will use ink to color.
Q:Steel coating and imitation ceramic paint which is good
Latex paint choice: the purchase of latex paint according to their needs to choose the right type of paint, do not blindly pursue the "senior" or covet cheap, to know the quality of the paint is related to the physical and mental health of residents, to choose in line with national standards ( GB) products.
Q:Buy paint how to buy
try to choose brand paint, TV often have no need to introduce ads. Buy paint do not talk with the painter to buy paint, and the side to understand about the amount of their own to the store to buy, do not tell the store to give you the construction of the paint workers information.
Q:bathroom prep before painting?
peeling paint usually means that the last person put latex over alkyd without priming first. Use a large handled paint scraper to get off as much peeled paint as you can then sandpaper the spots that the scraper didn't get. patch dings & gouges with drywall mud, let dry, sand & repeat. wash the walls with tsp-you can find it in the paint department- & water (use chemical resistant rubber gloves & safety glasses.)taking care not to wash off the drywall mud. rinse with clear water & let dry. Prime it--I use zinsser 123 primer/ sealer ( I always do 2 coats) & I find the best paint for the bathroom & kitchen is alkyd. You can buy low odor stuff nowadays.I always do 2 coats of paint as well. apply it to the wall then go down the wall from ceiling to floor in 1 long stroke then you won't get any roller marks.
Q:Can the powder and black powder be used together?
Can be used together. Water color (or water background) is made from the physical pigments, coloring pigments or dyes, adhesives and water from the deployment of the paste, it is easy to brush, dry fast, strong coloring, easy to uniform, Pattern varnish, can fill the hole and so on. This can reduce the amount of paint, play a role in reducing costs. Water color commonly used physical pigments are talcum powder, light calcium carbonate; commonly used color pigments are iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, yellow and so on. Commonly used dyes are acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes. The powder and the black powder are the mixture of acid dyes, and in order to attach the above paste to the wood surface, some of the adhesive material, such as polyvinyl alcohol or polyester vinyl emulsion, is suitably added. Water should be used to dissolve the dye to facilitate the dissolution of the dye. The above-mentioned various components in accordance with the requirements of the process into a paste, applied to the wood surface, to be dry with a fine shavings wipe the surface of the floating powder, even see the wood and then paint. It is noteworthy that the use of the background color of the pigment, the physical pigment talc in the water was scattered in white, but the background after drying paint, when the body paint was paint infiltration, was transparent, so after the background paint And paint before there must be a certain color, the construction should be given attention. For this purpose, brush a varnish or dilute nitrocellulose varnish before painting the varnish to observe the color after painting, if necessary, can be coated with a background (made of dye) to adjust to Satisfactory effect.
Q:Macromolecule Macromolecules, Polymer Polymer and monomer Monomer
The polymer is a mixture
Q:What is the three polymer
If it is through the three polymers also have a ternary polymer.For example: AMPS-AA-MAn ternary polymer

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