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Latex paint peeling over the oil base paint.
usually you want to stick with the same kinds of paints when re painting. but i like latex better myself. but what you want to do it scrap, peel off the area that is peeling then put a couple coats of primer in the area, and you can also use a product called krud cutter, gloss off really good stuff. it will take the sheen off the oil base paint so that the latex will stick better. you can get it at your local hardware store. i get mine from sherwin williams. hope that works for you, good luck
Can alcohol dissolve paint?
With gasoline or other thin to clean, it is useful. Try to try. Wash water can also, the effect is also good, and with a fragrance.
Furniture paint and wall order
This is certainly not the furniture paint our basic oil diluent, the wall is used to paint, in fact, paint, are basically water-soluble, and rarely use oily thinner! You use wood paint and paint together will appear white virtual liquid can not be the construction of the!
What is the polymerization mechanism by which the low molecular weight monomer is converted into a polymer
This can find their own information
Novice advice, the difference between polymer batteries and lithium where? Is the new G4 polymer battery?
Polymer batteries in the same weight and size of the case have a higher capacity more stable output current but the heat release to more than ordinary lithium battery
What is the dye used in ancient painting? What do you do?
Is a Chinese painting pigments
Porcelain mineral materials and how to distinguish between the chemical materials
Mineral dyes are minerals containing various metal ion colorants. Modern dyes are chemical dyes purified from mineral dyes, both of which are theoretically different, impure, other mineral dyes containing symbiosis; one is very Pure, so that the color of burning different, due to long-term aesthetic concepts, people prefer mineral dyes, like this "impure" color, their difference lies in this. Such as blue and white blue is the chemical green material, the color is blue, one can distinguish, the other blue and white Su material, back to the green Zhejiang material, equal green, beads are expected to mineral dyes, their blue distinction between Very large, this distinction is the blue and white porcelain dynasty concluded an important basis. Thank you
What are the differences between dye inks and pigment inks?
Advantages are bright colors, structured and the price is also lower than the pigment type of ink, it is printing pictures, making color printing business cards and other preferred products.