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Insulation casing for insulating material of a kind of. It is a general designation.Insulation (mica casing pipe)

has good electrical insulating performance and high mechanical strength, insulation casing (mica casing)

cooperation in all kinds of electrical appliances, motor, electric smelting furnace of equipment such as

electrode stick or qualify mica insulation casing.Compar

ed with traditional ceramic tube, insulating sleeve (mica casing) has a wall thickness and ovality is easy to control,

uniform discharge, not easily broken, insulation casing (mica casing) is a ideal substitute for part of the ceramic tube.

Insulation (mica casing pipe) is divided into white mica tube 500 ℃ of heat-resistant, phlogopite tube heat resistance of 800 ℃.Our company production of insulation (mica casing pipe) length between 5-800 - mm, inner diameter is 3-300 - mm, stable quality, can provide users with the drawings production of special specifications of the insulation sleeve (mica casing).

Mica (mica) is the most widely distributed rock forming minerals, potassium, aluminium, magnesium, iron, lithium, etc.

The floorboard of the layered structure of aluminum silicate.Mica is widespread polytypism, which belongs to monoclinic

system are common, followed by trigonal system, the rest of the rare.Of mica mineral were in one of the most

common minerals are kind of biotite, white mica, bronze mica, lithium mica, sericite, etc.Mica usually show false six-party or diamond plate, sheet, columnar crystal shape.Colors vary with the change of the chemical composition,

the main along with the increase of Fe content and darker.White mica colorless Transparency or lighten;

Biotite is black to dark brown, dark green color;Phlogopite yellow, brown, green or colorless;Lithium mica

with pale purple, mei rose red to grey.Vitreous luster, cleavage plane is pearl luster.Mohs hardness is

generally 2 ~ 3.5, the proportion of 2.7 ~ 3.5.Parallel to the underside of cleavage completely.

White mica is one of the points have very wide rock forming minerals, are output in the three big rocks.

Argillaceous rocks in the lower level can be formed in the process of regional metamorphism sericite,

metamorphic degree high, become white mica.Late magmatic crystallization and the function of the giant crystal phase,

all have a lot of white mica generated.From high to low temperature in the alteration process, can also be generated.The so-called greisenization is one of the high temperature alteration effect, can form a large number of white mica.The so-called sericitization role is one of the low temperature alteration in the role, can form a large number of sericite.

Weathering broken into extremely thin white mica flake, can either be clastic clastic sediments,

can also is one of the mineral composition of shale rock.
Muscovite and phlogopite has good electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, acid resistance,

alkali resistance and compression performance, and therefore is widely used to make electrical and

electronic industry of insulating materials.Mica pieces and powder used as packing, etc.Lithium

mica is the main mineral raw material for extracting lithium.
Mica mineral, because of the large crystal colour is gorgeous, have long been human use.

The appellation recorded in Chinese ancient books are: flower skin even, ice, skin, day to day, old gold,

laminated paper, yuan face, red cloud meters and male black, etc.Dunhuang mogao grottoes in the tang

dynasty 112 wat pigments used in the flash light, the X-ray diffraction analysis, is a natural white mica by

finely grinding.Excellent color rendering.

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