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Product Description:

tem Name: 3D Shaggy Carpet with polyester stretch yarn and silk

Original: Tianjin China

Material: Polyester

Technique: Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm / Low pile 3cm

Size: 70*140cm or customized

Color: White, Ivory, Beige, Pink, Red, Orange, Lilac, Blue, Silver, Grey,       Coffee etc.

Total weight: 3000g/m2

Design No.: TJS003

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a         sweet life

Advantage: Non-slip, Moisture-proof, Anti-static, Soundproof, Cold           insulation, Wear-resistant,Easy clearing, Cost-effective

Application: sitting room, bedroom, Entryway etc.

Washing: please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour         after add water dilute washing. Payattention to dryin         the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:What is better for leopard geckos cal sand or rug?
The rug. Its far easier to clean then the calcium sand and you don't have to worry about impaction. Sand also can get in the geckos eyes, nose, ears, and it can dye the geckos skin colors along with irritating the geckos skin. Sand is also hard to clean out of tanks. Sand has to be replaced every time you clean the tank. When the gecko poops the bacteria in the poop will spread around the tank from the crickets stepping on it, the gecko stepping on it, etc.. Sand also pretty expensive. Carpet / rugs also have their problems. The geckos nails can be caught in the fibers and be pulled out. Teeth can get stuck in the carpet. You also might look into slate tiles or any other unglazed tiles. They work great and you don;t have to worry about impaction or the nails getting pulled out.
Q:College dorm rugs?!?
have you tried target,bed/bath and beyond,look on line...
Q:what fabric to use for a rag rug?
Most rag rugs that i have encounter have been made from cotton. Most likely from scraps of cotton tee shirt fabric. You can find old tee shirts anywhere; ie. goodwill shops, consignment, thrift, tag/yard sales. Or you can buy cheap new ones anywhere and start cutting them up. Otherwise i would use any scrap pieces of any type of fabric that you can find or buy cheap. Hope this helps! Good Luck and have fun!
Q:how can i clean my shaggy pile rug?
placed on a dirt mask or handkerchief over your nostril and cling it over a clothesline and whack it with a bat or a stick -- or if that's sufficiently small, whack it against the trunk of a tree. (that's what I do for my vehicle mats until now I supply up and wash them. staring on the dimensions: Take it to a laundromat with a super washer or to the dry cleansing company which will do rugs. Your's is probable very small yet my Grandpa had a room-sized white shaggy rug in his lounge which grew to become gray, it grew to become into so grimy. He had it taken to a rug cleansing company and that they quoted the cost. Later Grandpa advised us that the rug grew to become into so grimy, they had to place it with the aid of assorted wash cycles until now the rug grew to become into sparkling. So he quite ended up paying much less for the activity than it value the cleaners to do the activity. possibly you may purchase yet another rug with shorter pile or one which is rather cleanable?
Q:do you think rugs look good on carpet?
Sure !! Use other green accent and maybe some throw pillows with a geometric pattern with the shade of green in the fabric. The possibilities are endless. Have Fun !!!!
Q:Dust-free carpeting?
Regardless of the carpet material, if the carpet pad you choose is not hypoallergenic as well, the possibility of allergens persists. Choose a carpet pad that has moisture resistance, giving it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. If you are gluing the carpet to the floor, choose adhesives with low VOC emissions.
Q:What kind of goods does carpet belong to? Where can I buy them in general?
Carpet maintenance method: in the furniture legs touch carpet, should be placed cushion or often move furniture; to wear serious parts, in addition to take cover to protect, but also can change position use. Because the carpet surface layer, easy to accumulate dust in the fiber, high-grade carpet maintenance is the best way to use vacuum cleaners along the direction of the hair vacuum, so that you can keep the carpet clean.
Q:Acoustic foam vs. rugs?
carpeting foam is cheaper. :D
Q:Please answer this question about horse rugs! please?
Tears, broken straps, leaks if turnout rug. Rug is on horse straight, horses love to roll. Horse isn't too hot or too cold.
Q:why does my cat deficate and urinate on throw rugs?
Make sure you are using unscented litter. Some cats will refuse to use a litter box with scented litter. Another litter box in a private location may be necessary. For a multi-cat home, you really should have litter boxes in more than one location.

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