1~24 Passages Rotary Joint, Gas,Water,Oil, High Performance Rotary Joints

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Rotary Joints Specifications
PassageWay1~24Max. Pressure1500 PSI (100 BAR)
Max. Vacuum10 HGMax. Rotational Speed500RPM
Material TypeAluminumTemp.-40° C to 105° C
Electrical Specifications
Rating voltage600 VDC/VACContact materialPrecious Metal:Gold-Gold
Dielectric strength1000VDC@50HzLead WireUL Teflon®
Insulation resistance1000MΩ@600VDCLead Lengths250mm
Operating Temp.-40°C to 80°CProtectionIP51
Mechanical vibratioMIL-SID-810EHumidity10% to 90% RH


Lead Free,RoHS compliantCE CertifiedYES

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