1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

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1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

About Ceramic Fibre Blanket for Hot Blast Furnace

Ceramic Fibre blanket is ideal thermal insulation material, fire-proof material and sound-absorbing material. Ceramic fiber blanket has even texture and smooth surface. 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1.carton with inner PVC bags carton size:460*460*620mm 1*20FCL load 225cartons , 1*40FCL load450 cartons 1*40HC load 525 cartons 2.woven bags with inner PVC bags: 1*20 FCL load 225bags, 1*40 HC load 620bags

Delivery Detail:10-15 days after deposit

Characteristics of Ceramic Fibre Blanket for Hot Blast Furnace

1. low thermal conductivity ,low heat capacity

2. excellent heat stability and thermal shock resistance

3.good performance of thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound-absorbing

4. ultimate tensile strength

5. no delamination

Applications of Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1.Industrial furnace, heating devices, high temperature pipe

2.High building fireproof ,sound-absorbing and thermal insulation material

3.Thermal insulation material for the electricity boilers, gas turbine and nuclear power.

4.Wall linings of the chemical high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment.

5.Thermal insulation for the furnace door and roof.


1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

Technical data of Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1000c Ceramic Fiber Wool Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China


Q1:How to slove the quality problems?

A:If the products are not confirmed to customer samples or have quality problems,our compay will be responsible to make compensation for it.

Q2:Can you offers samples?

A:Of coures,samples are free but freight paid by the buyers.

Q3:What is the service life of your products?

A:The service life of different ceramic fiber is unlike.It also depends on your using condition and method.

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