1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

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1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

Ceramic Fibre Blanket Discription

Ceramic fiber product is made from high quality Gao-ling clay, high purity alumina and silica oxides by spun or blown process. It is asbestos free. No chemical binder is added. Double-side needling provides blanket with great tensile or handing strength for easy installation. 

There are four kinds of ceramic fiber products according to the temperature and chemical content. They are STD(1260℃),HP(1260℃),HA(1350℃, high alumina),HZ(1430℃,contain ZrO2).

1) For the blanket, the bulk density will be 64kg/m3, 96 kg/m3, 128 kg/m3, 160 kg/m3.

2) For the paper, the bulk density will be 160-220 kg/m3.

3) For the board, the bulk density will be 240-400kg/m3.

 Ceramic fiber blanket, board,cloth and textiles are made from high quality clay, high purity alumina and silica oxides by spun or blown process.

Ceramic fibre blanket, board and cloth have a range of products:ordinary type,standard form,high-purity type, high-alumina type and containing zirconium type.Different types of products used  different materials. performance of ceramic fibre insulation blanket also has difference,and they are suitable for different workong temperatures.

Ceramic fibre blanket, board and cloth can be used after optional cutting .When ceramic fibre insulation blanket storage should be paid attention to moistureproof.The high-alumina type and containing zirconium type products can be directly used as furnace lining .And using high-temperature refractory adhesive when stick.

Packaging & Delivery

Each Roll/Case:12.5*610*14400mm, 25*610*7200mm, 50*610*3600mm

Characteristics of Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1)Low thermal conductivity

2)High tensile strength

3)Resilient to thermal shock

4)Corrosion resistance

5)High-purity type

6)High-temperature refractory

7)Al Content (%): 32-55

8)Type: 1260 STD/HP, 1350 HA, 1430 HZ

9)Density: 64-160kg/m3

10)Size: 12.5×610×14400mm, 25×610×7200mm, 50×610×3600mm 

Applications of Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1.Industrial furnace, heating devices, high temperature pipe

2.High building fireproof ,sound-absorbing and thermal insulation material

3.Thermal insulation material for the electricity boilers, gas turbine and nuclear power.

4.Wall linings of the chemical high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment.

5.Thermal insulation for the furnace door and roof.


1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China

Technical data of Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1600 Polycrystalline Mullite Fire Blanket for Hot Blast Stove Made In China


Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trader?

A:Manufacturer+trade(mainly factories,at the same time,we operates other related products).

Q2:Can we visit your factory?

A:Sure,welcome at any time,seeing is believing.

Q3:What's the MOQ of trial order?

A:No limit,We can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.

Q4:Is your company accept customization?

A:We have own factory and excellent technical team,and we accept OEM service.

Q5:How about your company's certification?

A:ISO9001 and Test Report,also we could apply other necessary certification.

Q6:How to slove the quality problems?

A:If the products are not confirmed to customer samples or have quality problems,our compay will be responsible to make compensation for it.

Q7:Can you offers samples?

A:Of coures,samples are free but freight paid by the buyers.

Q8:What is the service life of your products?

A:The service life of different ceramic fiber is unlike.It also depends on your using condition and method.

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