100 oz Kerr Graphite Crucible

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

Graphite melting crucible

Metal type : gold , silver and brass & copper

3 Kilos melting capacity

Kerr electro melt oven

Graphite Crucible 3 Kilos, Fits Kerr Electric Auto Furnace

Item Description
  • Graphite Crucible 3 Kilos, Fits Electric Auto Furnace.
  • This is a new Graphite Crucible designed for the Hand held Melting Furnace.
  • Can be used for all metal types, like gold ,silver,copper etc.
  • This model has the groove in the top for the wire type crucible tongs.
  • Measurements :
  • Top outside diameter (mm) : 102mm
  • Top inside diameter (mm) : 85 mm
  • Height with the top (mm) : 125mm

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Q:Graphite can react with alkali in high temperature
Graphite can react with alkali in high temperatureThe chemical properties of graphite are very stable at room temperature and do not react with acids, bases and other substances.
Q:Why are there too many impurities in the gravity casting products of aluminum alloy, so they can not be welded well by argon arc welding?
The official must before casting of aluminum liquid refining slag and gas, because the melting use graphite crucible furnace or silicon carbide crucible furnace refining, so do not suggest that the addition of a solvent in order to avoid corrosion of crucible, the best refining slag degassing process is the use of rotary degassing machine by introducing inert gas such as nitrogen and argon (the best), impurity and hydrogen in liquid aluminum removal, complete slag removal and gas to test the effect of slag by K model, and use the detection instrument for measuring hydrogen hydrogen content, to meet the requirements after the investment casting used.
Q:How to extract pure silver from sundry Silver
The reduction of silver: equal without rust and the silver chloride tightly alternately placed in the container and Diego. By adding 1% volume concentration of 16% hydrochloric acid, 8 - 12 hours after all. Silver is replaced, brown. Then rinse 3 to 4 times to no acid.
Q:How long does the graphite crucible extend its service life?
Must grasp the correct way to use, do not cause unnecessary losses, such as not take good, did not put, broken, and this is a great pity.
Q:Graphite electrode, high temperature resistant oxidation coating, formulation technology
In the high temperature induction heating graphite crucible, graphite electrode used in high temperature oxidation environment will occur due to the high temperature arc part sublimation oxidation, will cause the continuous consumption of graphite crucible, even broken, broken. The graphite crucible loss rate will reach 40-60%. Zhi Sheng years of research production Wei Hua ZS high-temperature sealing paint is mainly used in high temperature environment protection against oxidation of graphite electrode, graphite crucible, graphite products, slow oxidation rate, increase the strength of the material, improve the service life. The fracture rate of graphite electrode is lower than that of graphite electrode.
Q:How to select and use the carbon graphite for machinery? What items should we pay attention to?
In the case of high or high pressure, heat of friction must be derived by an effective method and should be washed when used in a crystalline medium.
Q:What crucible can be used to make steel? At least 1500 degrees resistant
BOF is carried out in the converter. The converter is shaped like a pear, wall brick, oven side holes (outlet), compressed air from these holes blowing furnace, also called side-blown converter. Initially, the converter at the level of 1300 degrees Celsius, inward injected liquid raw lime and iron. Adding a certain amount of air, and then make it stand upright and rotate the converter.
Q:Why can't a f containing compound be used in a porcelain crucible, a Lilac Garden?
Therefore, a platinum crucible and a high-purity graphite crucible with a high temperature, chemical stability and corrosion resistance can be adopted, so as to avoid interference experiments.
Q:Cast iron into a casting. What is the state of the matter, change, sublimation? Sublimation? melt
The graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small in the process of high temperature use, and has a certain anti strain property for hot and cold quenching.
Q:The difference between single graphite furnace graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer and double graphite furnace
The graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer and the flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer belong to the atomic absorption spectrometer. They are composed of light source, atomization system, spectroscopic system and detection system.
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