100 oz Kerr Graphite Crucible

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

Graphite melting crucible

Metal type : gold , silver and brass & copper

3 Kilos melting capacity

Kerr electro melt oven

Graphite Crucible 3 Kilos, Fits Kerr Electric Auto Furnace

Item Description
  • Graphite Crucible 3 Kilos, Fits Electric Auto Furnace.
  • This is a new Graphite Crucible designed for the Hand held Melting Furnace.
  • Can be used for all metal types, like gold ,silver,copper etc.
  • This model has the groove in the top for the wire type crucible tongs.
  • Measurements :
  • Top outside diameter (mm) : 102mm
  • Top inside diameter (mm) : 85 mm
  • Height with the top (mm) : 125mm

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Q:How to improve the service life of graphite crucible
From the product point of view:1., raw materials are chosen from natural graphite to ensure that the graphite is not easily oxidized;2. cold isostatic pressing process is adopted to ensure high density and strength of crucible;3., the crucible surface high temperature, low temperature protection glaze layer, isolated oxygen and graphite contact contact;From the production point of view:1., scientific warming, to prevent cold, hot;2. add proper and proper amount of refining agent;3. do not stop the furnace abnormally;
Q:Does the silicon carbide graphite Tong have a magnetic field in the intermediate frequency furnace?
Efficiency --- reduce downtime and costSilicon carbide graphite crucible, silicon carbide particles ranging in content in the raw material inside the graphite crucible, such as the content is 50%, there are 24%, there are other different content, of course, can also be customized according to the different requirements of customers, not the same amount of silicon carbide containing graphite crucible.
Q:What is the importance of carbon graphite as biological material?
What is the importance of carbon graphite as biological material?Because graphite has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors.
Q:What are the carbon elements? What are their structures? What are their properties and uses?
At the vertex of the carbon atom and the carbon atom adjacent vertices by SP hybrid orbital overlap to form a bond, three sigma bonds each carbon atom was a pentagonal edges and two hexagonal edges. Three sigma bond of carbon atoms is not coplanar, the bond angle is about 108 degrees or 120 degrees therefore, the whole molecule is spherical. A p orbital of each carbon atom with the rest of the overlap each other to form a containing 60 pi electron closed shell electronic structure, so in the spherical cage and the cage around the pi electron cloud. Molecular orbital calculations show that footballene delocalized can greatly. In recent years, scientists have found that in addition to diamond, graphite, and some new existence in the form of element carbon. The earlier found and has made important progress in the study of the C60 molecule.
Q:Application of graphite in glass production
Graphite is one of the softest minerals, and its uses include the manufacture of pencil cores and lubricants. Carbon is a nonmetallic element, located in the second cycle IVA of the periodic table of elements.
Q:The difference between the graphite rod and graphite electrode, graphite and blank refers to what
Graphite rod refers to graphite rod without processing. A graphite electrode refers to a finished product.
Q:Is the graphite oven heating evenly?
It is possible that at this stage the deuterium lamp signals are negative peaks. That is, molecular absorption is negative.
Q:What crucible can be used to make steel? At least 1500 degrees resistant
A graphite crucible is a very important purpose is to iron and steel. The oxidant using this process is oxygen. The air is blown into the molten iron, the impurity of silicon and manganese oxide. The release of large amounts of heat in the oxidation process (including 1% silicon iron can make the temperature rise of 200 Celsius), can make the furnace reach a high enough temperature. So the converter does not need the additional use of fuel.
Q:Can graphite products be calcined in air for a long time?
Because graphite has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors. Refractory material. The graphite product keeps the original chemical properties of flake graphite and has a strong self lubrication performance. The characteristics of graphite powder is of high strength, corrosion resistance and acid resistance of the high temperature of 3000 DEG C and resistance to low temperature of -204 DEG C, and its compressive strength is greater than 800kg/Cm2, and the antioxidant, at 450 degrees Celsius in the air was 1%, rebound rate of 15-50% (density 1.1-1.5). Therefore, graphite products have been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, high energy physics, aerospace, electronics and so on.
Q:Why can't a f containing compound be used in a porcelain crucible, a Lilac Garden?
The F containing compound can not be used in the ceramic crucible for combustion and drying. The main reason is that the corrosion of fluorine on porcelain at high temperature.
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