SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass with High Heat Resistance

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Quick Details for SiC Graphite Crucibles


High Strength, graphite crucible crucible


melting metal


as your requirements


High Pure

Top Diameter:


Bottom Diameter:


Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

Model Number:


Black grey







Apparent porosity:




Bulk Density:


Using life:

>5000 hours

MAX temperature:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Seaworty packing or as per customer's detail requirement of graphite crucible.
Delivery Detail:within 20-30 days after confirm order of graphite cru

SiC Graphite Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass                              


Product Description


Specifications for Graphite Silicon Carbide Crucible For Aluminum Melting :

1.Long working lifetime: its working lifetime is increased 3-5 times over normal clay-crucible due to the compact body formed under high pressure.

2.High thermal conductivity: high-density body and low apparent porosity greatly improve its heat conductivity.

3.New-style materials: new heat conduction material ensures faster heat conductivity and pollution-free product, reduces adherent slag.

4.Resistance to corrosion:better anti-corrosion than normal clay-crucible.

5.Resistance to oxidation: advanced process dramatically improves its oxidation resistance, which ensures persistent heat conductivity and long working lifetime.

6.High-strength: high-density body and logical structure make the product better compression property.

7.Eco-friendly: energy-efficient and pollution-free, not only ensure metal product purity, but also ensure sustainable development on environment.

8.Multi-function: Can be used in induction graphite crucible furnace

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance


Features of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible               

1. resistance to deformation at high temperature,

2. thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

3. anti-oxidation, anti- erosion.


Usage of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible                             

electricity and steel slag trench,

coal chemical and  mining  transport pipeline.

Q:Who can give a detailed description of the degree of volatility of graphite at various temperatures?
The melting point of graphite is 3850 + 50 DEG C, and the boiling point is 4250 DEG C. Even though the arc is burnt by ultra high temperature, the weight loss is very small, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is very small
Q:How to break 40 low carbon steel smelting
High pressure pipes are generally welded by argon arc welding, whether they are carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel;
Q:What are the welding methods at the end of the thermocouple?
Salt welding type K thermocouple in the beaker into the sodium chloride solution into the platinum wire in aqueous solution as an electrode, and the electrode heat as another electrode. When soldering, contact the top of the thermocouple with the solution slightly, switch on the power supply and switch off the power quickly after the arc is started. This welding method is suitable for welding 0.03mm-0.3mm thermocouples with finer welding diameter.
Q:How should CPP aluminium plating film be produced?. Is the vacuum aluminizing machine necessary? How much is the machine?. What material does CPP aluminum plating film need?.
This membrane is to buy the substrate membrane, and then use the vacuum plating machine to fine aluminum wire plating on the surface of the substrate, electroplating machine specifications vary, it prices are different! There is the same specifications, different manufacturers are also a lot of price difference! Prices like Shandong and Qingzhou are about 1 million lower, and the price in Lanzhou is about 1 million 800 thousand higher! But the effect of plating is not a level! As we have high demand for reflective materials, the industry is used in Lanzhou!
Q:Graphite products are mainly used in what industry?
Soft, black, gray, greasy, dirty paper. Hardness is 1~2, along the vertical direction with the increase of impurities, its hardness can be increased to 3~5. The specific gravity is 1.9 ~ 2.3. The specific surface area is concentrated in 1-20m2/g. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, the melting point is above 3000 DEG C, and it is one of the most refractory minerals. It conducts electricity and conducts heat.
Q:Who is the melting point of graphite and diamond?
Graphite is a thermodynamically stable structure, while diamond is thermodynamically unstable. Diamond is an atomic crystal, a spatial network structure. Each layer of graphite is netted, and between layers is the intermolecular force, which is the crystal structure between the molecular crystal and the atomic crystal. But because of the bond length, the covalent bond length in the layer of graphite is longer than the bond length of the diamond, and the intermolecular force is greater. The destruction of the chemical bond requires more energy. Agree with this statement. Added, diamond heated to 1900 degrees Celsius will be converted to graphite, graphite more stable.
Q:Is the jade pressed by the machine natural?
Artificial jade, like artificial diamond, is a kind of natural gem product made by artificial simulation of natural gem. It has certain characteristics of natural gem. Emerald is based on the super bedrock rock are widely distributed, actinolite glaucophane schist and chlorite schist, high temperature and ultra high pressure on the geological environment in the formation of the process of imitation jade. It can be roughly divided into two steps.
Q:What is the porcelain crucible with a small hole under it?
The main material of the graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite. Therefore, it keeps all kinds of physical and chemical characteristics of natural right ink. That is: good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, in the process of high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and has a certain strain resistance to hot and cold. The corrosion resistance of acid and alkaline solution is strong, and it has good chemical stability.
Q:I'd like to smelt 104 aluminium alloy by medium frequency furnace. What should I pay attention to? Please point it out, thank you!
Don't know what is your crucible material medium frequency furnace, if using graphite crucible, graphite as easily broken and easy to absorb moisture, must be handled with care to avoid the collision, but must be in use before the slow heating and drying, until the crucible to dark red, check no cracks can be put into the molten alloy. If the iron crucible, the Aluminum Alloy are strictly limited, so the iron, iron crucible, Tieshao, ladle, the tool must be coated with paint, paint is selling goods, components do not know, iron crucible and apparatus must also be preheated, exclusion of moisture. In addition, do not know you are refining aluminum ingot or making ah Aluminum Alloy parts, if the production parts should pay attention to defects of oxidation, slag and coarse grain, I am afraid that refining, refining agent are also ready to sell goods, how can read the instructions. Especially when smelting Caution!, preventing aluminum liquid splash, including many contents, such as inspection and testing, there is not much to say, the main note in the smelting process I thought so much, typing is slow, very hard ah, hey. Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:Corundum crucible and graphite crucibleSome enterprises use graphite crucibles in vacuum furnaces, while some larger ones use corundum crucibles. What I want to know is the advantages and disadvantages of corundum crucibles and graphite crucibles
Graphite crucible is a high temperature resistant and difficult to sinter material. But the biggest problem must be used in vacuum or reducing atmosphere. Otherwise, graphite is easily oxidized at high temperature. Moreover, this crucible is more expensive

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