Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Oak is widely used for decoration materials and furniture making, is the excellent material properties: heavy oak hard straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color texture appearance, very high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. Oak is widely used for decoration materials and furniture making, is the excellent material properties: heavy oak hard straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color texture appearance, very high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. Oak is a large number of applications in the decoration materials, furniture, sports equipment, shipbuilding, vehicles, flooring, etc.. Post surface of plywood as the ideal timber production slices of white oak, red oak is, the pattern there are straight and perpendicular to the grain of the difference, straight grain is beautiful, the price is slightly expensive.

2、Product Characteristics

1, has a more distinct mountain wood, and touch the surface with good texture;

2, toughness is excellent, can be processed into a variety of needs, a variety of bending, quite a sense of beauty.

3, solid texture, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life, used in many antique lattice windows and doors production;

4, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

5, higher grades, suitable for the production of European style furniture, Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture is dignified and calm, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture. Cool, comfortable;

6, oak fine texture, tube inner hole more transgressive filling, is not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States used to store wine.

7, texture rich, beautiful, natural pattern;


1 material: Oak

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: European classical

Standard: Class A

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: 1

Surface shape: hand grasp pattern

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: 1

Fading (grade): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor




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Q:I'm installing glue-down engineered hardwood floors over concrete.?
No moisture barrier is needed since your a little bit above grade. What you want to do in question # 2 won t work sorry . Your best off just gluing the engineered flooring directly to the concrete. If your looking for a sound deadening procedure, get a floating engineered wood flooring and up grade the underlayment to a quiet walk or what ever they ll call it for that particular product. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL
Q:Difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring?
Stability is the main reason for the difference between these two types of flooring. Engineered flooring has several sub base that, is layered in different directions(perpendicular). This reduces air vapor, which results in less movement. You can purchase engineered floor with a 3/16 (.1875) thick veneer, recommended if you can afford it, in your budget. To get the max life out of your engineered flooring. Prep your subfloor, make sure your subfloor is flat within an 1/8 over 5 feet. This way if, you ever need to refinish them, you'll be removing minimum material, due to a flat surface. So, even an 1/8 veneer can get up to 3 sandings, if installed over a flat surface. Beware of delaminating on poor quality manufacturers. Solid Wood, unstable compared to engineered, but much more versatile. You can installed it over an irregular surface, it has a 1/4 sanding surface. Much more widely available and easy to obtain. Tolerance for error is much higher. Learn more on my site
Q:Floor glue on newly layed engineered wood floor?
Try Krud Kutter available at hardware stores.
Q:How much is a wooden floor?
The price of wood floors, depending on the quality, there are dozens of dollars, but also a few hundred dollars, I was a wooden floor installers, the floor price, I am still very clear
Q:I am an allergy sufferer.Which engineered wood flooring is best? ?
You can use the type of laminate that snaps together. This is installed over a pad that is rolled over the concrete. There would be no adhesive required. If you do go with the type of engineered wood that is glued together, the glue used is basically the same as yellow carpenters glue. The formula is slightly different, but for the most part it is very similar. The glue dries quickly, and once it's dry it should be sealed enough to not cause allergy issues. Hope this helps.
Q:Solid wood floor long moth how to do?
The first method: if your home is a small area of the wood floor of the worm, you can use a syringe injection of kerosene solution, but this method will have a residual odor of kerosene, and only a small area of use. Consumers had the best time to find a solution to the professional wooden floor vendors, regular wood flooring companies will have a professional staff door-to-door pest.
Q:The good and bad points of engineered hardwood floors verses solid hardwood floors.?
Several things on both woods. On the engineered.. Its thinner and can be used in places where 3/4 may raise the floor up to much such as exterior doors , dishwashers etc. It is user friendly since it is very straight ( no warpage) and goes together very easy. It can be installed directly over a slab by gluing it down(above grade in most cases.) There are different ways it can be installed, stapled,glued and in some cases as a floating floor. Engineered woods can be only sanded and redone sometimes only once where 3/4 can be done several times. Both ( in mose cases in prefinished) will have the tough aluminum oxide finish 3/4 wood tends to be tougher to work with since it can be warped and needs to be straightened when install, which most the time can be done with the nailer, but is just a hassle at times. 3/4 comes in a bit more variety in wood types and widths. 3/4 cant be installed on slab w/o a special flooring system installed which isn t practical in most cases. The Jenca ratings on 3/4 tend to be higher ( this is good) than you ll get in engineered. Both can be good products, you just have to choose which is right for your needs. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to choose wood flooring
In the past the market once chaos marked name, name and fake hybrid between strange and eccentric, and what Watkins grapefruit, Jinbuhuan, rich wood, so that customers do not know true and false, good or bad. Therefore, the new standards must be strictly nominal, and in the form of appendix. Sales should be issued by the authority of the test report shall prevail.
Q:The best engineered hardwood floors?
I ve never had any trouble with any engineered brands I ve put down. Just making sure that you know all engineered wood floors are not floating floors. Some are but most are not. Any questions you can e amil me GL
Q:Can you install engineered hardwood flooring just like a laminate?
The simple answer is yes. It, however is not that easy to do. It has to go together like the early days laminates that had to be glued and clamped. You can get the clamp straps pretty cheap through harbor freight. Make sure you use a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 underlayment that provides moisture barrier if that is a below ground level application. Home Depot has a book called flooring 1-2-3 that will help a lot for showing you how to do this. Hope this helps.

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