WPC Outdoor Flooring WPC Waterproof Flooring Board

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Product Description:

1> What is WPC?


WPC, simply for wood plastic composite.

Wood Plastic Composite is made from a unique combination of plant fiber and recycled plastic

according to high-tech formula.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and

insect damage, and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives you a natural feel.

It has characteristics of high strength and rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistant

and without formaldehyde, it is a real green environment protection building material.


2> What’s WPC used for?


WPC can be used for military equipment, urban utilities and landscaping, architecture,

gymnasiums, outdoor decking, fencing, pallets, indoor and outdoor decoration.









3> Why choose WPC decking?

 *Natural colour 
 *Slip resistant 
 *Resistance to water, rot and crack 
 *Guaranteed to last 
 *Low maintenance 
 *Beautiful and broad range of finish


4> What are the main kinds of WPC currently?

 *WPC decking board 
 *DIY decking board 
 *WPC wall panel (wall cladding) 
 *Garden fence (railing) 
 *WPC outdoor furniture (gazebo, pavilion, outdoor desk&chair, dustbin, pet house…)

5> Ingredients of WPC?


30% HDPE+60% bamboo/wood fiber+10% Chemical additives.


6> How’s WPC made?

 WPC Outdoor Flooring WPC Waterproof Flooring Board

7> Specification of WPC?


A. Weatherability 
suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance 


B. Test Data

Testing Item Technical RequirementsValue of Test
Water Content % ≤2  0.4

Rockwell Hardness (HRR)


Thickness Swelling after

Water Absorption (%)

≤1 0.2 

Screw Holding 
Capability (N)

Surface of board ≥13003870 

End of board ≥12003460

Static Bending 


Bending Elastic 




Hammer falling impact in low

temperature, broken (pcs)


State after Heating

No babbles, cracks and pockmarks


Rate of Size Change with Heating (%)


Report Number: 201107126 
Type of sample: 90x25x820mm, Solid 


C. Surface treatment

WPC Outdoor Flooring WPC Waterproof Flooring Board

D. Main colors available:

landscape use wpc CMAX H150H25C

charcoal-black; classic-white; rinforest-canopy;sand-castle; stepping-stone; tree-house; vintage-lantern .


E. How to install


 WPC Outdoor Flooring WPC Waterproof Flooring Board



Company Information



8> About CNBM and It’s WPC products


China National Building Material Corporation (CNBM), long history since 1984 is one of the top 
fortune 500 corporation and central enterprise with total assets of more than $20 billion and 
120,000 staff. 

Our unique advantages: 

* Preferential payment terms 
* Good and reasonable price 
* Quality guarantee -- CNBM won't let a single small deal ruin our reputation and brand, so quality is

our lifetime. 
* Professional team for CRM order processing & QA & logistics 
*Global logistic database, originated from Dubai

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Q:Can I use bleach on a linoleum floor?
If you use bleach, water it down a little bit more than you normally would for anything else. Whether its linoleum or vinyl, bleach really isn t healthy for the life of your flooring product. Around the toilet, yes I would use it to disinfect simply because when you pee from a certain height above the toilet (mostly men, as women sit and don t splash) it splashes small droplets that you don t notice sometimes as much as 3 feet around the toilet. Disinfecting is a good idea. But only occasionally with bleach. It s a corrosive and not intended for routine use like many other cleaners. If you do use bleach, use plain water to rinse if off once you re done, and dry it gently with a towel. Linoleum has tiny grooves that if not dried appropriately can hold liquid and discolor it.
Q:Will solid wood multi-layer floor, pure solid wood flooring and laminate flooring which is better ah?
At present, the market is often sold with solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring. Among them, the solid wood composite floor, including three and multi-layer solid wood flooring two. Each floor has its own characteristics: 1) solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring is very healthy, environmentally friendly, good decoration effect. However, the price is more expensive, and not easy to install and maintain, you need regular waxing. General solid wood flooring prices in 200 yuan / ㎡-500 yuan / ㎡ range, and some expensive even a thousand dollars a square. 2) parquet: solid wood flooring changed the previous physical structure, better stability. In the price, than the solid wood flooring to be cheaper, are middle consumer products. Is the home decoration in the more popular a class of ground decoration materials. Solid wood flooring includes three and three layers of solid wood flooring. Three-tier solid wood flooring more environmentally friendly, the price is also more expensive. Multi-layer solid wood flooring is suitable for warm home in the home. Generally in the 150 yuan / ㎡-300 yuan / ㎡ between the floor are helium Fu Fu Huang Bing Hao Feng kettle bundle is also good. 3) to strengthen the floor: to strengthen the floor is the biggest feature of good wear resistance, very suitable for the living room and other places more concentrated on the occasion, is the wood flooring varieties in the cheapest floor, working class people first floor decoration materials. In the installation and maintenance is very simple. But suggested that consumers do not buy 80 yuan / ㎡ of the floor.
Q:Under floor heating basics?
I have not dealt specifically with european countries, but in general underfloor heating can be accomplished in two ways: - build a raised floor forced air system (expensive and impractical on a residential level) - construct piping under the floor to provide heat Under floor piping can be built into a cement floor or can be attached underneath a wooden floor. The piping is usually copper or plastic tubing and is usually piped back to a manifold system. This manifold can be zoned so that different areas that require different amounts of heat can be controlled separately.
Q:How to clean up the concrete on the floor of the new house
It is alkaline, it is necessary to use acid products to clean, but do not use oxalic acid to clean, it is strong acid, and will corrosion tiles, once the corrosion, the stains are easy to seep To the inside of the tiles, it is more difficult to clean and clean. The cement on the tiles can be cleaned with a clean cleaning agent, which keeps the cement stains / sealant at the point of water, pours directly into the cement stains, and waits for 1-2 minutes. Wipe clean with a steel ball or a hard brush and rinse immediately with water. Especially stubborn stains to increase the amount or repeatedly wiped several times to achieve better results. Do not use shovel shovel, but also easy to shovel the tile surface of the residual cement stains, you can use the shield Wang Wang cleaning tile cleaning agent to remove, is specifically in addition to the surface of the cement residue, pour the solution, wait a few seconds, A wipe that is, clean, no any negative effect on the surface of the tile
Q:Does the humidifier hurt the wood floor?
Good things are quite a lot of out. Of course, have to use their own to know that our home with the heart of the floor is very good. Had just chosen, I also do a lot of home comparison. Finally decided. Peace of mind the style of the floor with the color is very long look forward to the bridge of the Hao Tong Tong novel, is also very popular. Used for so long, have not found any problems on the quality. A few days ago to accompany my friends to see it, and now into a lot of new models. Some style is very good. I personally like it. And their service is also very warm. After-sales service is to make people feel warm ah.
Q:What is the best flooring to dance on?
wooden flooring
Q:How to clean the composite wood floor?
The ground dirty place with a dry wiping force wipe, if a long time wet rub, then the floor will be more and more luster, for your reference. First of all, to determine whether it is dirt, if it is, then use the washing spirit (the most easy to get, and more moderate) to wipe. Heavy dirt, but also with the scouring cloth. If it is not dirt, just shiny instability, you can use orange oil (from the orange peel in the oil, after purification. There are beauty and clean the surface of the wood effect). Composite floor, do not wax. Especially the numb, and can not wax. Once the wax is waxed, it will form a thick wax film on the surface of the floor, and it is even more difficult to clean up. In the love of the community above the maintenance of composite wood flooring method, LZ can go to recommend about, you will have some help.
Q:flooring comparison based on applicaton chart?
go to a library alot of diy books give charts on types of flooring and strengths/weaknesses..i personally like tiles as i got fed up paying out for carpets every other yr i want something that lasts so i can spend money on other things ie me and my toys lmao
Q:What is the difference between conductive flooring and antistatic flooring?
Conductive floor and anti-static floor of the resistance value is different, the general conductive floor of the resistance value of 10 in the 6 side or so. Anti-static floor in 10 of the 9 times around the use of anti-static floor when you pay attention to the use of occasions, the general conductive floor discharge too fast.
Q:Is it possible to fix some voids in the laminate flooring I just installed?
I'm afraid there's not much you can do except tear up the floor and re do it.

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