Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

 1、Material properties

Pometia pinnata heartwood reddish brown or reddish brown wood is brown, with golden luster, straight stripes shallow crisscross, with dark band, uniform structure, weight and moderate intensity. Suitable for furniture, flooring, interior decoration, etc.. Pometia tomentosa wood floor red brown wood natural and elegant, with straight very natural wood grain, the texture of the actual alternate with, with restrained beauty, mixed with unfading popular elements - dark stripes, the visual effect is very harmonious. Wood with a golden sheen, no special smell and taste. Straight texture, surface texture slightly staggered. The structure is fine to medium, even, and the weight and the strength are medium, the hardness is slightly hard. Paint, glue came good, not easy to split, corrosion resistance and strong resistance. Air dry density 0.74g/cm3 suitable for furniture, flooring, interior decoration and so on.

2、Product Characteristic

1.The  floor treatment affordable, cost-effective.

2.longan floor delicate texture, color, texture and good installation effect, suitable for the pursuit of consistent user selection.

3.forest floor stability is better, but is not suitable for geothermal heating


Material:Pometia pinnata

Origin: Zhejiang

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E0

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Abrasion resistance: (level) 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: yellow

Specification 900*92*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Should I glue down or float my engineered wood floor in my office addition?
I think you will be good either way. I prefer gluing it because there are fewer thing that can go wrong and you do not need a T molding where the new floor meets the old hardwood. (because the floating floor can not be attached to anything and needs a gap around the entire perimeter to allow for expansion and contraction) You might need a reducer if the 2 floors are not the same height. One downside of gluing is for some stupid reason you have to tear up th floor it can be a lot lot lot of work. I am not saying floating is bad by an means. Its good for people who like to change their floors often because the removal is by far easier. Also if you do a lot of standing on the floor the little bit of pad under the floor gives it a softer feel. Just a side note, depending on the wheel system on the movable book shelves, the amount of weight, and how often you move the shelves are a concern. The engineered woods that I normally see can not handle a lot of abuse. And can easily get indented. you might want to consider protecting the floor where they move around or pick a different kind of floor.
Q:How do I remove a glued down engineered wood floor on a slab foundation?
hammer drill or jack hammer with a flat end. grind the glue off with a Diamond bit floor sander
Q:Restaurant can not use solid wood flooring?
Best kitchen tile. Because the kitchen will often have water on the ground, the appropriate comparison, more suitable for laying tiles. If you really like wooden floor, you can shop imitation wood tiles. The advantages of kitchen porcelain tile:Not afraid of water. Kitchen floor will often have water, wood floor water on the deformation of a bubble. Tile floor, wipe dry.
Q:Is it better to use solid wood or engineered wood for flooring?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is it better to use solid wood or engineered wood for flooring? Originally I was told engineered is better. More stable. Less likely to warp. Because it is superior and harder to make it is more expensive. Today, my contractor said I should use solid wood. So far I learned that engineered wood contains formaldihide. Also, that one supplier won't sell...
Q:What type of rug backing is best for wood (engineered wood) floors? Do some backings hurt the wood floor?
It isn't scratching you need to be afraid of, with rubberized backing. It is the rubber breaking down and either crumbling, or, if anything greasy got on it, it would turn to a sticky, gluey mess. Look for rugs made of natural fibers, either cotton, wool, or silk. They wear well, and won't damage your nice hardwood floors. We have wool rugs on hardwood.
Q:What is the use of solid wood floor mopping tools
At ordinary times, the dust can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or a broom, and then the water can be dried and dried to a cloth or mop which is not dripping. After the floor is best to open windows and doors, so that the air circulation, as soon as the floor dry. Drag the wooden flooring for multifunctional electrostatic mop, including: superfine fiber cloth (wet mop cloth); magnetization (MOP) composite wood floor wear-resisting layer if the damage will make the floor moisture-proof function and brightness are affected, therefore, when walking on the floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, barefoot best. Furniture legs are affixed to the end of the soft protective pad, avoiding furniture feet scratching floor wear-resisting layer, don't let the heavy goods fell wear-resisting layer. Do not use sandpaper, sanding, steel brush, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean the compound wood floor. If you have a cat at home, try to solve the problem.
Q:Solid wood floor - white oak (oak), is not also called oak floor?
In order to avoid deceived consumers, companies will use formal national standards to their own requirements, in order to improve the trust and constraints of its franchisees, beware of the name of the company to borrow reckless with greed of people selling their own brand-name flooring production.
Q:My family's solid wood floor scratch how to do?
Scratches on the wooden floor or incomplete, can only repair the mosaic filled, and to leave the traces of repair mosaic;However, through the repair of the wood floor, and the floor with the same color requirements with the same line is not generally the effect of the same;Wood floors in addition to natural wood floors, other types of composite flooring, the surface is coated with a layer of wear-resistant paper, so after the repair (not replaced) is not easy to restore the original appearance;
Q:Wood floors are generally what wood? What kind of good?
(a) according to grade points, you can refer to the following classification:The conventional solid wood flooring wood market price interval: Maple, birch (market price of about 170-370 yuan / square meters); white Shuanmu (160-330 yuan / square meters), elm (220-360 yuan / square meters);High-grade wood: oak (220-420 yuan / square meters); jatoba (230-350 yuan / square meters), teak (270-420 yuan / square meters), Balsam (220-330 yuan / square meters)High-grade wood species: Black Walnut (300-500 yuan / square meters), Asian Pear (300-450 yuan / square meters), and ebony, rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and other valuable timber wood flooring is made, the market price at least 500 yuan / square meters above;
Q:Dont know what kind of hardwood floor?
There are two types of hardwood flooring: Engineered flooring is manufactured in a manner similar to plywood, where three or five thin sheets (plies) of wood are laminated (glued) together in a crisscross formation for strength. A top layer (veneer) of hardwood is added as a finished top layer. Engineered flooring is available as strips or planks. Strips are 3 or less in width. Planks are over 3 wide. Engineered floors are very stable and can be installed on any grade level. Although engineered wood floors are manufactured through a laminating process, they are not the same as a laminate floor. Longstrip flooring Parquet flooring Solid floors are cut from solid pieces of wood and milled to standard specifications. The flooring can be installed as planks or strips. A longstrip board is constructed of individual slats glued together end to end to form strips. The strips are then installed as tongue and groove. Parquet flooring is normally a 12x 12 square consisting of narrow strips of wood. The parquet tiles, often of varying finishes, are arranged in geometric patterns. Some wood flooring is pre-finished, others will require finishing and sealing. Many wood floors can also be refinished. A surface stain can be removed and re-stained. Penetrating stains have in essence become part of the wood and are permanent. Check the manufacturer’s specifications about refinishing. Whichever wood floor you choose, you install it using one of these methods: Nail down — attached to a wood subfloor with flooring nails. Staple down — attached to a wood subfloor with a pneumatic stapler. Glue down — engineered floors are applied to the subfloor with trowel and adhesive. Floating — tongue and groove floor planks are glued together. Rather than fastened to the subfloor, the floor rests on a pad between the floor and subfloor. as far as the wood you would need to provide more info becides Dark wooden planks

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