Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

 1、Material properties

Pometia pinnata heartwood reddish brown or reddish brown wood is brown, with golden luster, straight stripes shallow crisscross, with dark band, uniform structure, weight and moderate intensity. Suitable for furniture, flooring, interior decoration, etc.. Pometia tomentosa wood floor red brown wood natural and elegant, with straight very natural wood grain, the texture of the actual alternate with, with restrained beauty, mixed with unfading popular elements - dark stripes, the visual effect is very harmonious. Wood with a golden sheen, no special smell and taste. Straight texture, surface texture slightly staggered. The structure is fine to medium, even, and the weight and the strength are medium, the hardness is slightly hard. Paint, glue came good, not easy to split, corrosion resistance and strong resistance. Air dry density 0.74g/cm3 suitable for furniture, flooring, interior decoration and so on.

2、Product Characteristic

1.The  floor treatment affordable, cost-effective.

2.longan floor delicate texture, color, texture and good installation effect, suitable for the pursuit of consistent user selection.

3.forest floor stability is better, but is not suitable for geothermal heating


Material:Pometia pinnata

Origin: Zhejiang

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E0

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Abrasion resistance: (level) 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: yellow

Specification 900*92*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Grid Light (Pometia pinnata)Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Has anyone ever refinished their engineered wood floors?
Since engineered wood is a relatively recent development it isn't too likely you will find someone who has refinished some though. You might try calling around to a few refinishing specialists. The thickness of the real wood layer on better engineered wood flooring is essentially identical to the thickness above the tongue of solid hardwood ... therefore refinishing is done the same way and the same cautions apply.
Q:Bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring which good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Composite flooring is a popular ground material in recent years. The utility model is formed after the crushing of the log, and the utility model is filled with glue, preservative and additive, and is pressed by the high temperature and high pressure of the hot press. Composite floor with high strength, uniform specification, high wear-resistant coefficient, anticorrosive, mothproof and good decorative effect, overcomes the scar section, worms eyes, wood surface color problem.
Q:How to clean wood floor
In order to avoid damage to the wood floor, we can also be replaced by a vacuum cleaner such as special wood floor suction nozzle. Soft bristles gently touch the floor, coupled with soft rubber roller, the maximum extent to protect the wood floor!Rag / mop
Q:You are hard to take care of the solid wood floor
Keel should be used to hold a strong grip of larch, wood and other wood. The moisture content of the keel or floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. Keel spacing should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. Both ends of the floor should be carried out on the keel, not empty, and each keel must be nailed on the nail. Do not use water-based glue. (6) shop floor should not be too tight around should leave enough joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm), and should not be laid in case of super wide, wide applications should be separated off, press the copper strip transition
Q:Solid wood floor price is probably now?
Usually there are about 140 yuan on the market or even lower prices of solid wood flooring, but those are generally stained or non-standard small plates. It's best not to use this.
Q:where can i find an engineered hardwood random width floor?
I assume you mean random lengths not widths. Most engineered wood come in one length but not all. Mohawk has a couple of lines that carry 1' 2' 3' and 4' boards and in engineered wood that is considered random lengths. To get varying widths you have to mixed boxes , from the same manufacturer to do different widths. Just to get the consistency of engineered wood the length have to be some what standard. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:When Installing engineered wood floors on a concrete slab with same length borads, do I need to cut boards?
You want to stagger the seam by at least 3 inches in neighboring boards and a greater amount in the third board, so that it creates a stronger floor. Rows of seams close together also looks worse than short and long boards in random placement. Mix it up!
Q:Waterproof engineered hardwood floor?
No, not necessarily. Spills still need to be cleaned up quickly. The surface is water repellant, but the joints between the boards are still vulnerable.
Q:Can someone tell me what the difference is from Engineered Or Solid Hardwood floors ???
The difference is in the layers. If it's engineered, it will have several layers, and the top one is the most important. Solids are just that - solid. Look at the side of the product, and see how many layers are in it. If there is one solid piece, it is solid hardwood. If there are several layers, it is engineered. Solid is great, if you have zero moisture in the home, but engineered is probably the way to go if you don't want warpage later on. If it's sandability you want, remember that solids can only be sanded down to the point of where the nails/staples/tongue is.
Q:What are the names of solid wood flooring
The wooden floor is made of cork wood (such as pine, fir etc.) and hard wood (such as ash, elm, oak, teak, etc.) the processing is made, can be divided into: solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, three layers of solid wood flooring, multi-layer parquet, laminated wood floors, wood composite strengthening floor.

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