Intelligent Heating Plate Wooden Grain Panel

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Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel


 Temperature controller, The wear proof and fire proof layer, The heating chips , Environment friendly basement and Heating preservation and insulation layer

1.       Wear resistant and fire proof layer

Use the special environmentally friendly, wear resistant, fire proof materials as the cover of the hotplate, improve the quality of weather resistance substantially.

2.       Heating Chips

The imported high-performance heating chips makes you warm and healthy with the function of far infrared heating

3.       Green Base Material

Natural environmental protection and inorganic materials, zero-formaldehyde, no radiation, with many advantages, such as waterproof, fire proof, anti-static, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant.

4.       Heat Preservation and Insulation Layer

Pave the ground pad before installation, This pad can prevent heat conduction down to the ground and also flatten the ground

5.       Special Connector Assembly

Use waterproof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion connector assembly and special cable which is cooperated with international well-known brand manufacturers

6.       Intelligent Temperature Controller

Imported temperature controller has the temperature function of testing , adjusting, keeping controlling and leakage protection



Energy Save: It’s an energy save and new green material with national certificate. Its energy consumption is low, heat conduction is fast, heat efficiency is high (more than 98%). It can effectively prevent energy wastage with time-sharing district heating by intelligent control and metering heating

Fast Heating: Unique conformation, the heating layer is 0.6mm near to human body. It can reach to the touch temperature in 2 minutes, No need waiting for warm.

Safety and Intelligence: Professional leakage protection device makes it safe. The unique intelligent heating management system can realize the function of preserved start. Intelligent constant temperature, centralized control chamber, Far APP control and so on

Easy Installation: Easy installation: No need glue or fixing facilities. Avoid building and breaking the wall. No special treatment of the surface of the floor, ceramic tile can be instant installation, the ground also can be refurbished in one day. Fast Installation: The joints designing makes the installation fast, the same day installation and live in. Easy Repair: Solve the local problem, no need breaking the floor, live after repair. Easy Maintenance: Waterproof, Damp proof, fire proof and wear resistant. No need special maintenance, just daily clean.


Intelligent thermal management system include:

1.       Intelligent Heating: The intelligent chips generate heat quickly and the closed structure avoids thermal loss.

2.       Even Distribution of Heat: Heat conduction system evenly conducts thermal energy by the principle of thermal energy conduction

3.       Thermal Energy Storage: The heating chips technology preserves thermal energy efficiently improves thermal efficiency and maintains thermal balance

4.       Constant Temperature System: Can stop heating when reaches the setting termperature under frequency conversion control technology.


Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel



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Q:Living room is a good solid wood flooring or solid wood composite
Solid wood flooring - natural wood as raw material, from the face of the same tree species are processed from the floor. Due to its use of natural materials, always keep the natural color, no pollution, easy cleaning, is the green building materials products.
Q:Stair noses with engineered hardwood flooring?
Engineered Hardwood Stairs
Q:engineered hardwood flooring (Pergo type) ?
the dupont elite is a great floor. looks very real, 30 year warranty, goes together easy. STAY AWAY FROM PERGO BRAND it is crap. as far as tips first add about 15% to whatever your square footage is...exp. if the room is 10'x10' that is 100 square feet. buy 115 square feet. be sure to stager your seamsendcuts the dupont also has the pad preinstalled on the planks which makes life alot easier. the floors that you must put the pad down first are a pain in the butt. you end up triping, and ripping the pad as you work in the room. MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! reguardless of which type floor you buy be sure to have it in the house (close to the area to be installed) so the flooring can aclamate to the air temp in the house. home depot sells the dupont flooring, the stock 3 different colors, and can special order 3 or 4 more colors.
Q:What is the use of solid wood floor mopping tools
Special stains cleaning: grease, paint, printing ink can be used special stains to wipe oil; blood, juice, wine, beer and other stains with a damp cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of wax; and chewing gum, with ice on it for a while, the frozen contraction, then gently sweep, reoccupy a wet cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of. Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid to clean the compound wood floor.
Q:Engineered wood floors HELP waterheater broke?
You can try the fan thing, but I have Pergo floors in my house (like what you're describing) and every time I spill liquid on them, they buckle up. That stuff is made from pressed wood, and when it gets wet, it swells up and you've got a mess on your hands. I can't imagine that you'll be able to save it, but, as expensive as that stuff is.. I guess anything is worth a try at this point!
Q:What is the difference between the overhead wooden floor and the solid wood floor
The main difference is that the installation of overhead wood floors, the laying of the keel on the ground, keel and wood fixed, the actual shop is directly installed on the ground.
Q:How to protect the wood floor?
Maintenance detailsAfter the installation of wooden floor installation, in the long-term use of the daily maintenance of the process is the most important, directly affect the service life of the floor. Some of the nearly ten years of strengthening the floor is still as good as new, and only some of the "service" history of the "flawed", but the secret lies in the maintenance of the word "two" in the past two or three years.
Q:Wooden floor can be installed for several days
If it is a solid wood floor, after installation should be placed 2-3 days is appropriate, because the wax wax on the surface of the floor has not yet fully into the solidification state, if you step up during the maintenance will leave traces.
Q:Multilayer solid wood floor and single layer solid wood floor which is better?
The advantages are: (1) natural wood color and texture, rings, natural beauty, with outstanding visual effects; (2) good elasticity, low friction coefficient, comfortable; (3) with good thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation performance; (4) used after planing in addition to paint paint again after renovation. (5) has the effect of regulating indoor humidity, wood is like a hard sponge, air moisture absorption of moisture in the air, when the air is dry release of water
Q:What is the general size of wooden floor?
Solid wood flooring from the bottom to the surface are made of a wood processing. Common materials: wood, oak, ash, maple and cherry, with rosewood, red sandalwood and other precious species leaching paint the floor. The specification of this floor is more general: 450 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm x 750 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm x 900 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm.

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