Intelligent Heating Plate Wooden Grain Panel

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Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel


 Temperature controller, The wear proof and fire proof layer, The heating chips , Environment friendly basement and Heating preservation and insulation layer

1.       Wear resistant and fire proof layer

Use the special environmentally friendly, wear resistant, fire proof materials as the cover of the hotplate, improve the quality of weather resistance substantially.

2.       Heating Chips

The imported high-performance heating chips makes you warm and healthy with the function of far infrared heating

3.       Green Base Material

Natural environmental protection and inorganic materials, zero-formaldehyde, no radiation, with many advantages, such as waterproof, fire proof, anti-static, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant.

4.       Heat Preservation and Insulation Layer

Pave the ground pad before installation, This pad can prevent heat conduction down to the ground and also flatten the ground

5.       Special Connector Assembly

Use waterproof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion connector assembly and special cable which is cooperated with international well-known brand manufacturers

6.       Intelligent Temperature Controller

Imported temperature controller has the temperature function of testing , adjusting, keeping controlling and leakage protection



Energy Save: It’s an energy save and new green material with national certificate. Its energy consumption is low, heat conduction is fast, heat efficiency is high (more than 98%). It can effectively prevent energy wastage with time-sharing district heating by intelligent control and metering heating

Fast Heating: Unique conformation, the heating layer is 0.6mm near to human body. It can reach to the touch temperature in 2 minutes, No need waiting for warm.

Safety and Intelligence: Professional leakage protection device makes it safe. The unique intelligent heating management system can realize the function of preserved start. Intelligent constant temperature, centralized control chamber, Far APP control and so on

Easy Installation: Easy installation: No need glue or fixing facilities. Avoid building and breaking the wall. No special treatment of the surface of the floor, ceramic tile can be instant installation, the ground also can be refurbished in one day. Fast Installation: The joints designing makes the installation fast, the same day installation and live in. Easy Repair: Solve the local problem, no need breaking the floor, live after repair. Easy Maintenance: Waterproof, Damp proof, fire proof and wear resistant. No need special maintenance, just daily clean.


Intelligent thermal management system include:

1.       Intelligent Heating: The intelligent chips generate heat quickly and the closed structure avoids thermal loss.

2.       Even Distribution of Heat: Heat conduction system evenly conducts thermal energy by the principle of thermal energy conduction

3.       Thermal Energy Storage: The heating chips technology preserves thermal energy efficiently improves thermal efficiency and maintains thermal balance

4.       Constant Temperature System: Can stop heating when reaches the setting termperature under frequency conversion control technology.


Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel



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Q:Floating wood floors. Why do not all engineered wood floors work for floating?
I would imagine is has to do with expansion and contraction properties of the different types of hardwoods.
Q:What is the difference between solid wood flooring and solid wood floors?
Solid wood flooring is the use of a block of wood or multiple pieces of wood splicing.
Q:Can I use a finish stapler to install engineered hardwood floors?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can I use a finish stapler to install engineered hardwood floors? I am installing about 1000sf of engineered hardwood flooring, and I would like to use the Bostitch SB-150SX finish stapler that I already own to fasten the flooring. Has anyone attempted using a finish stapler (as opposed to a flooring stapler) to install flooring? Am I making a mistake?
Q:How to shop wood floor
2, leveling the ground floor, the floor must be flat. If the local potholes are very powerful, should be leveling. Gypsum binder can be used to add 30% of the sand, add water and stir into a paste, quickly smooth. Attention should be consolidated for more than 24 hours, in order to ensure that the ground dry, and then to lay wooden keel, so as not to damp wood floors. 3, set up a wooden frame wooden keel, must be crossed, positioning. Its spacing to 30-40 cm is appropriate. Such as too wide, step up to tremble; is too narrow, it will make the wood floor is very hard, lack of flexibility. Wooden keel should be used pine, fir and other deformation is not easy, holding a strong force of wood, with expansion screws fixed on the cement floor. The moisture content must be controlled within 18%. Wood keel, skirting the back should be moisture-proof treatment. The wooden keel should be fixed and firm, the surface to be smooth, so as not to affect the installation of the floor. Use level ruler to keel surface level, if not, should be adjusted. The wooden keel should be used for ventilation. If the above requires the laying of multilayer board or Blockboard and other auxiliary plate, each plate should be evenly divided into several blocks, fixed on wooden keel, and maintains a gap of 3-5 mm, and then walk a few steps, to see whether there is a sound.
Q:How the quality of solid wood flooring
The so-called AB board, is the manufacturer, the class A and B level according to a certain proportion of doping together, so simply to say the difference between the A board and AB board, the essence is to see you buy the AB board, the number of doping level a board and B board.
Q:Can anybody tell me some difference between hardwood floors and engineered floors?
Hardwood floors are solid wood and engineered floors just have a top layer that is real wood. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished more times in the future.
Q:What kind of wood floors are better? Kindly advise
Solid wood flooring speciesSolid wood floor due to the reorganization of the structure and other materials and composite processing, relatively high requirements for tree species, grades also by tree species. Generally speaking, the floor material is more than the hardwood, the grade is also higher, the coniferous material is few, the grade is also low. As a result of the implementation of the national natural forest protection project, the import of wood as raw material for solid wood flooring increased. As a solid wood flooring species can be divided into the following three categories:1, domestic hardwoodThis is a kind of widely used species, common are: beech, oak wood, rosewood, sandalwood, nanmu, beech, ash, oak, Quercus, yellow, red and white cone cone cone, red beech and Bai Qinggang, Huai wood, birch, red birch, elm, sassafras, Fenghua, Huang Qi, maple wood, neem wood, Schima superba, ash, red eucalyptus, Eucalyptus citriodora, walnut, hard Acacia, Catalpa wood, camphor wood, wood piles etc..
Q:Composite solid wood flooring and laminate flooring their respective advantages and disadvantages
But the parquet wood flooring is classified into two categories about 1, multi-layer parquet parquet is composed of multilayer plywood, made of high quality wood as a rare tree laminated panel. The panel is usually divided into thin plate (0.3-0.6mm) and (1.5-3.0mm) two, as the general sheet, there is also the whole plate, insert into. Compared with the traditional solid wood parquet floor, because the structure solves the problem of anisotropic floor strength and swell shrinking performance, so it has better dimensional stability, but also preserves the natural wood and wood floors Juegan comfortable
Q:Does installing solid hardwood cost more than installing engineered?
No. Typically, engineered install costs just as much as solid. It requires the same tools and the same amount of time to install.
Q:Cost per sq. foot to install engineered hardwood flooring in Los Angeles?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Cost per sq. foot to install engineered hardwood flooring in Los Angeles? Contractor has quoted me a price of $5.50 / sq. foot for materials (engineered maple), and $4.50 / sq. foot for glue-down installation. I thought since he's doing our whole house (2000 sq feet) he'd give us a cheaper price for the installation. Do you think $1.50 / sq. foot is reasonable...

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