Intelligent Heating Plate Wooden Grain Panel

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Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel


 Temperature controller, The wear proof and fire proof layer, The heating chips , Environment friendly basement and Heating preservation and insulation layer

1.       Wear resistant and fire proof layer

Use the special environmentally friendly, wear resistant, fire proof materials as the cover of the hotplate, improve the quality of weather resistance substantially.

2.       Heating Chips

The imported high-performance heating chips makes you warm and healthy with the function of far infrared heating

3.       Green Base Material

Natural environmental protection and inorganic materials, zero-formaldehyde, no radiation, with many advantages, such as waterproof, fire proof, anti-static, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant.

4.       Heat Preservation and Insulation Layer

Pave the ground pad before installation, This pad can prevent heat conduction down to the ground and also flatten the ground

5.       Special Connector Assembly

Use waterproof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion connector assembly and special cable which is cooperated with international well-known brand manufacturers

6.       Intelligent Temperature Controller

Imported temperature controller has the temperature function of testing , adjusting, keeping controlling and leakage protection



Energy Save: It’s an energy save and new green material with national certificate. Its energy consumption is low, heat conduction is fast, heat efficiency is high (more than 98%). It can effectively prevent energy wastage with time-sharing district heating by intelligent control and metering heating

Fast Heating: Unique conformation, the heating layer is 0.6mm near to human body. It can reach to the touch temperature in 2 minutes, No need waiting for warm.

Safety and Intelligence: Professional leakage protection device makes it safe. The unique intelligent heating management system can realize the function of preserved start. Intelligent constant temperature, centralized control chamber, Far APP control and so on

Easy Installation: Easy installation: No need glue or fixing facilities. Avoid building and breaking the wall. No special treatment of the surface of the floor, ceramic tile can be instant installation, the ground also can be refurbished in one day. Fast Installation: The joints designing makes the installation fast, the same day installation and live in. Easy Repair: Solve the local problem, no need breaking the floor, live after repair. Easy Maintenance: Waterproof, Damp proof, fire proof and wear resistant. No need special maintenance, just daily clean.


Intelligent thermal management system include:

1.       Intelligent Heating: The intelligent chips generate heat quickly and the closed structure avoids thermal loss.

2.       Even Distribution of Heat: Heat conduction system evenly conducts thermal energy by the principle of thermal energy conduction

3.       Thermal Energy Storage: The heating chips technology preserves thermal energy efficiently improves thermal efficiency and maintains thermal balance

4.       Constant Temperature System: Can stop heating when reaches the setting termperature under frequency conversion control technology.


Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel



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Q:Can an gash in an engineered wood floor be repaired without replacing the floor?
I would check with the manufacturer. You could use wood filler to match, but I think there is probably a product or system better suited directly from the manufacturer. Or, just call it character! lol.
Q:How many square boxes of wooden floor
Each box of 1.845 square meters, 2.25 square meters per box Icon
Q:Any advice on installing engineered wood floors?
the only answer is an expensive one, a diamond tipped router bit for Masonry purposes. Gonna cost $50 or more easy. But absolutely worth it if that is what you are looking for.
Q:What solid wood floor is cheaper?
But now solid wood flooring is also good, or choose a solid wood composite floor is better,
Q:Multilayer solid wood floors and multi-storey wood composite floor? What's the difference?
The wooden floor is delicate and dry, easy to shrink after damp, and has the phenomenon of anti warping, the installation is more troublesome, the maintenance difficulty and the price are relatively high. ? - wood flooring: wood composite floors are beautiful natural wood floors, comfortable and good insulation performance strengths; and overcome the real wood floor for monomer shrinkage, easy Qiqiao cracks deficiencies. In addition, the installation of wood flooring is simple, under normal circumstances do not play keel
Q:What do you think of 3 strip engineered wood flooring?
Although some of these look better than others , you ll be able to tell it comes in a 3 strip pc. You ll be able to see the seams a bit. Some do go together better than others and are not as noticeable but again some look real bad. The over all top look plays a part in the final look also. But the bottom line is that it won t look quite as good as the single stripe. GL
Q:How to solve the problem of color wood floor?
Why the color difference"We can understand the principle of producing wood color from wood section. Trees in the natural growth, influenced by climate change and soil conditions, the natural formation of the same strain of wood in different parts of the color and texture of different heartwood. Deep color, located inside the trunk of the cross, by gradually transformed into sapwood heartwood but, in the trunk of the outer sapwood, usually of wood and light color. Color is due to the wood cell containing a variety of colors, forming resin, gum, tannin and oil and other objective factors; the same species of wood because of wet and dry, age section position (heart, sapwood), exposed to the air, time decay discoloration and fungal infection and tree height location and site of different factors, there are some changes in color. A box in the floor is made of roots of the floor, some are made of a tree near the root of the tree of the floor, the floor The color is deep, heavy weight; near the place of light color, light weight; near the bark where light color, light weight; close to the heart of a tree where the color is deep, great weight. Therefore, we found that the color of a box floor in depth sometimes is not the same, not the same as the weight it is for this reason.
Q:What are the differences between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring
The three layer structure of wood flooring, formed by three layers of laminated wood staggered surface quality specifications, hardwood lath Xiangpin, commonly used species for Manchurian ash, birch, beech, oak, maple, cherry, etc.. The middle of the soft wood strip, the bottom of the veneer veneer, arranged in a crisscross. The structure of the utility model can make the three layer solid wood composite floor not only have the advantages of the ordinary solid wood floor, but also effectively adjust the internal stress between the wood, and improve the defects of the wood with the change of the seasonal dry humidity.
Q:What are the advantages of sports floor
DipteryxAdvantages: two winged beans, also known as incense two winged beans, because of its texture like dragons are known as Pteris Chinese Cumaru, hard wood, has a unique texture clear coiled like a dragon, Sifeng, in different poses and with different expressions is a beautiful, full of wit and humour, symbol, color stable, elegant, red color, very suitable for China classical style decoration style.Disadvantages: two wing bean floor stability is poor, easy deformation, large pattern, color. Wood density is high relatively hard material, so the floor ends prone to dark crack, the light will make the dark painted crack obvious, if the process using wear-resistant matte, dark crack appear obvious, conceal flaws between the dark. Northern climate can not be two square meters of solid wood flooring.
Q:What type of rug backing is best for wood (engineered wood) floors? Do some backings hurt the wood floor?
It isn't scratching you need to be afraid of, with rubberized backing. It is the rubber breaking down and either crumbling, or, if anything greasy got on it, it would turn to a sticky, gluey mess. Look for rugs made of natural fibers, either cotton, wool, or silk. They wear well, and won't damage your nice hardwood floors. We have wool rugs on hardwood.

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