High Standard Solid Oak Flooring

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1 x 20'GP m²
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40*40GP m²/month

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Product Description:

Specifications of Solid Oak Flooring:

1. CE&FSC Approved

2. Custom Design 

3. White oak 

4. Excellent Quality and Service 

5. Solid wood floor& Engineered wood floor


Product name: Solid Oak Flooring







Solid hardwood CD Grade


 Surface effect


UV Lacquered, stained colour, brushed



1mm micro bevel/ can be adjusted according to requirements

 Joint System


 Moisture content




size: R.L.300-1200x125x18mm(average length 700mm)

Other size selection: 57,70,83,90,120,125,130.150 180mm width



CE/FSC certificate



white Neutral box or according to client Requirement



Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 1. Carton Box 2. Carton Box on pallet 3. Wrap film packaging

Delivery Detail: About 45-60days


Solid Oak Flooring Solid Oak Flooring


Solid Oak Flooring

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Q:I'm installing glue-down engineered hardwood floors over concrete.?
If your apartment is over another living space and not something like a mechanical or pool floor (the latter unlikely so high up), then you will not need a separate vapor-barrier. As to the latter question, if the floor requires the substrate to have structural integrity, it will not be a good idea to float the cork as it has very little lateral structural integrity - sideways forces may cause it to fail. If you want to float the floor, you might consider a locking-style material - one designed for exactly that sort of application.
Q:Has anyone ever refinished their engineered wood floors?
If you are planning to sand them be careful with the large floor sanders which use a horizontal cylinder as often offered by hire shops. They are OK but can cut very quickly so any hesitation and you could cut through you 1/4 oak. Random orbit sanders are slower but do a better job and produce a flatter surface, in my opinion.
Q:how to level old bowed wood floor before putting down engineered wood floor?
Since you know the high spot is in the middle, use a self leveling compound. Pour it around the perimeter to get a level floor. Use a primer ( special latex primer) to get the compound to bond to the wood.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How much aluminum oxide is present and can be released from engineered hardwood floors during typical usage?
Unless you walk around with sandpaper glued to your shoe soles I doubt there would be any detectable amount released from normal usage. There are certainly far more substances I would be concerned about in a house environment than that. If you are really obsessed about it, contact the flooring manufacturer for data.
Q:How to solve the problem of color wood floor?
Why the color difference"We can understand the principle of producing wood color from wood section. Trees in the natural growth, influenced by climate change and soil conditions, the natural formation of the same strain of wood in different parts of the color and texture of different heartwood. Deep color, located inside the trunk of the cross, by gradually transformed into sapwood heartwood but, in the trunk of the outer sapwood, usually of wood and light color. Color is due to the wood cell containing a variety of colors, forming resin, gum, tannin and oil and other objective factors; the same species of wood because of wet and dry, age section position (heart, sapwood), exposed to the air, time decay discoloration and fungal infection and tree height location and site of different factors, there are some changes in color. A box in the floor is made of roots of the floor, some are made of a tree near the root of the tree of the floor, the floor The color is deep, heavy weight; near the place of light color, light weight; near the bark where light color, light weight; close to the heart of a tree where the color is deep, great weight. Therefore, we found that the color of a box floor in depth sometimes is not the same, not the same as the weight it is for this reason.
Q:I'm laying engineered wood flooring on concrete floor - can I use plyboard to flatten floor out?
7mm difference is not enough to bother attempting to improve it. Floating wood or laminate flooring will lay fine with uneven floors being no more than 7mm irregular. Just use a foam underlayment pad made for floating floors, it will work out okay.
Q:Is there a way to waterproof the joints when installing an engineered hardwood floor?
If its good quality, no need to do any thing special. We have hardwood in our kitchen and baths. The kitchen has had a small flood twice. No problems and its been down about 10 years. Just be sure to get the correct adhesive as recommended by the manufacture. We have never waxed the floor.
Q:How long is the service life of solid wood flooring?
In the wood flooring industry, the thickness of the wood floor is often very critical, it can roughly determine the service life of wood flooring. The thicker the wooden floor, the longer the service life of the wooden floor.
Q:Difference in hardwood flooring?
Solid hardwood is a better product. Laminate/engineered flooring was a product devised as a way to get a hardwood look at about 50% of the cost. Hardwood is thicker. The product used to be solid oak 3/4 thick (either unfinished or prefinished). It evolved to be applied to concrete floors which comes at 3/8thick. It has since been made from plywood with a veneer finish. This came about do to solid wood cupping up on the ends (where the tongue and groove meet). Now solid 3/4 harwood is seldom used. Most hardwood is a veneer finish at 3/8 to 5/8 and is installed with a locking system (the same as the engineered flooring) or by an adhesive (hardwood glue). the thicker the more expensive, and typically better. The solid wood look is a much better look then laminate and is one of the best features for resale of a home. The surface finish is a little less durable then the laminate flooring. If you damage hardwood and need to replace pieces, hardwood can be replaced fairly easily, whereas laminate is a nightmare (if you replace it properly). You are removing all the existing until you get to the damaged piece and then relaying it. As far as traffic areas, I suggest this, If you have either by an exterior door place a small throw rug down. Either product will not last if it is exposed to moisture/water on the surface and getting into the seams/joints. I also suggest not putting it in what are called wet areas, kitchen, bathrooms because of that. Laminate cleans and maintains easier. Laminate will wear better if you have small children, and again it is about 1/2 the cost. There is no real answer as to what is better. It depends on your situation. Do you want the luxurious look of hardwood or the harwood look at a cheaper price. Your call. I hope this helps you out, and good luck
Q:Engineered hardwood floor...float it or glue it down?
You can purchase a levelling compound at most of the stores like Home Depot, or Lowe's. It's a little expensive, but compared to the work involved with removing the lino adhesive the cost usually seems worth it. Levelling compound comes in a can, and is spread over any rough floor surface with a smooth edged trowel, and after it dries your floor should have a smooth surface. As for your engineered wood flooring, I have never heard of any that is applied by gluing. Most of the ones I have used in the past interlock, and the entire floor system floats over the sub-floor so that it can allow for any expansion or contraction of the different floor surfaces. Furthermore, not all engineered wood floors are designed to install over concrete. But that is not to say that you don't know what you are doing. For every new engineered wood floor system out there, there's a new and different set of rules that go along with it's application. I just thought I would mention it since a freind of the family recently installed some manufactured wood flooring on his basement floor, and when it got damp the material it was made of expended and broke into pieces. The whole thing eventually had to be replaced, and the manufacturer didn't honour the warranty because the floor was not recommended for concrete. Anyway, my answer to your initial question is Levelling Compound.
We supplying solid hardwood flooring with more than 15 wood species importing from South America, West Africa, Southeast Asia as well Russia regions. We handle customized size solid hardwood wood flooring ,hardwood decking as well as flexible surface treatment with natural oiled finish, medium gloss smooth UV finish, antique and hand-scraped styles, distressed as well as unfinished with different color stains.

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