Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

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 1、Material properties

Geographical environment and climate characteristics of the material itself has a unique aesthetic and textured, dark stripes and glossy, and sapwood distinguishable. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to decay, and the wear resistance is good, and it has good weather resistance. Air dry density 0.61-0.99g/ cubic centimeters and modified wood drying after yellowish brown or dark brown, hard materials, slightly oily, stability is very good, natural resistance to rot.


1.solid wood floor, the solid wood floor, is not easy to deformation, the use of geothermal heating of the user if you must use solid wood floor, then you can use the disc beans solid wood floor.

2. disc beans solid wood floor color, made of dark wood floor is very high, but not suitable for light colored floor users.

3. disc beans solid wood flooring high hardness, impact resistance, good abrasion resistance, and occasionally hit the heavy will not have any trace.

4.Disc beans solid wood floor pattern, and therefore larger, not suitable for the pursuit of the perfect style of the user.


Solid wood flooring is the direct processing of wood into the floor. It has the natural development of the wood texture, is a poor conductor of heat, can have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable foot feeling, the safe use of the characteristics is the ideal material for the bedroom, living room, study, ground decoration.


The water content index refers to the solid wood floor in the sales area or just remove the unopened packaging under the condition of water rate. National standard provisions of the moisture content of solid wood floor indicator for the balance of the 7% to the sales site.

Reflect the paint board surface wear-resisting is solid wood flooring paint surface wear-resisting degree, national standards for superior quality solid wood floor paint board surface abrasion resistance index is less than or equal to 0.08g/100r; first-class product is less than or equal to 0.10g/100r; qualified product is less than or equal to 0.15g/100r.

Reflect the adhesion of the paint to paint the adhesion strength of solid wood flooring, national standard superior quality solid wood floor paint film adhesion index 0 to 1 level; first-class product is less than or equal to 2; qualified product is less than or equal to 3.

Film hardness is a reflection of the strength of the surface film of solid wood flooring, the provisions of national standards of superior quality solid wood floor paint film hardness index for 2h grade; first-class and qualified products is greater than or equal to H.

 5、Reference pictures

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Multilayer solid wood floors and wood floors which good
The standard of solid wood flooring is GB/T15306-2001. Since the implementation of the standard since May 1, 2002, the original 94 standard was replaced. The new national standard has made the important revision and the supplement to the old national standard. The main content is to modify some of the size and content of the supplement, the application of the specification of the tree species and the requirements of the paint plate. At the same time, the impact toughness and abrasion resistance of the wood are eliminated. In the past the market once chaos marked name, name and fake hybrid between strange and eccentric, and what Watkins grapefruit, Jinbuhuan, rich wood, so that customers do not know true and false, good or bad. Therefore, the new standards must be strictly nominal, and in the form of appendix
Q:What is the difference between solid wood flooring and floor tiles
Floor of the 4 major advantages: beautiful, durable; relatively good sense of comfort; the use of geothermal heating insulation performance is good; the price is cheaper, and the construction is simple, free installation. Details: the floor has a beautiful, durable features, natural wood species, can be a good performance of a person's life. The ground will make people feel comfortable is not perfect, wear a large amount of public places in order to ensure the durability of the ground, had to use a hard ground material, such as room and living area choose wooden floor with excellent elasticity, not only make the comfortable, and can greatly reduce the impact of noise on the floor, and fundamentally solve the problem of noise exceed the standard makes the room more warm and quiet. In general, the price of the composite wood flooring products in the middle of 90 to $120 per square meter. In the high-end brand ceramic tiles in the price of 150 to $250 per square meter. Wooden floor installation method is simple, the dealer's prices are included in the cost of auxiliary materials and construction labor costs, so it can be installed free of charge.
Q:Model 8703, the solid wood floor of a plate
Determine the species, the need to further determine the species, color, grade, price, specifications.4 currently on the market of wood flooring manufacturers and brands are dazzling, dizzying, three products meet the eye everywhere. So buy sure to know the floor of the brand and reputation. Try to buy well-known brand flooring.
Q:How much is a wooden floor?
The price of wood floors, depending on the quality, there are dozens of dollars, but also a few hundred dollars, I was a wooden floor installers, the floor price, I am still very clear
Q:Floor glue on newly layed engineered wood floor?
Try Krud Kutter available at hardware stores.
Q:Solid wood flooring is really more complex laminate flooring?
2 laminate flooringThe reinforced composite floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base layer and balance layer. Has the advantages of wear: approximately above the ordinary lacquer floor 10 ~ 30 times; computer simulation can be pretty: all kinds of wood and pattern, color; stability: completely broken up the original wood tissue, destroy the shrinkage characteristics of anisotropic and moisture expansion and drying, the size is very stable, especially suitable for floor heating room system.AdvantageAbrasion resistance: about 10 to more than 30 times that of ordinary paint floor.Beautiful: can be used to simulate a variety of computer wood and patterns, colors.Stability: completely broken up the original wood tissue, destroy the anisotropy and wet expansion drying shrinkage characteristics, the size is very stable, especially for the heating system of the room.In addition, there are impact resistance, anti-static, anti pollution, light resistance, resistance to cigarette burning, easy installation, easy maintenance, etc..shortcomingBlisters after damage not repair, Juegan poor.In particular, it is pointed out that in the past there have been dealers that laminate flooring is a waterproof floor, which is only for the surface, in fact, to strengthen the use of composite floor only to avoid the blisters.
Q:Any professional wood floor installers out there who has installed engineered wood floors without glue. Every?
As you see some engineered woods have a locking system to make it a floating floor. You can also take a standard engineered floor and make it a floating floor by using a special ( note special ) wood glue and using it on the groove side and creating your own floating floor. Basically like the original laminates that you glued together. Why any one would do it this way when there is so many regular engineered floors that now lock. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Engineered wood flooring -- Durability and attractiveness in a 500+ patients/week in physicians' office?
In a physicians office, I would recommend an acrylic impregnated engineered hardwood. It's commercially rated, and will hold up to more wear and tear. It definitely adds more warmth and friendliness to the area. Hartco makes a good product that I have used in many high traffic areas, as well as Permagrain. I'm assuming that you are considering this for the lobby or some other public area. The downside is noise. Not knowing how your office is set up, when patients are checking in - with a hard surface on the floor - there is nothing to absorb sound, and it can be easier for other patients to overhear what is being said. In public areas and reception, I recommend carpet tiles. The advantage is, if there is an accident, and an area gets stained - you can replace those tiles with new ones. If you want the wood look in the exam rooms, I would go with a commercial sheet vinyl. That way, you can have a more hygenic surface. I once did a whole sleep lab in wood grain sheet vinyl for that very reason. It looked great. Mannington and Armstrong make a very nice durable product. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me an email - medical offices are my speciality.
Q:What kind of wood floors are better? Kindly advise
But this is a personal opinion, the market generally more love, oak, teak, rosewood incense oak, these are like high-grade wood floor, the price is more expensive,In recent years, bamboo and wood, the material is more, and very strong, not expensive.
Q:What is the difference between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring
Daniel, the foot feels comfortable, mainly affected by the price of wood. In the maintenance, a little more than the need to strengthen the floor, such as: solid wood flooring needs regular waxing, and in the use of the process should pay attention to scratches and other small problems. The general wood floor price of 200 yuan / square meters -500 yuan / square meters range, some expensive or even thousands of yuan a square. Solid wood flooring is more suitable for bedroom, study, children, the elderly room decoration.

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