Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

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 1、Material properties

Geographical environment and climate characteristics of the material itself has a unique aesthetic and textured, dark stripes and glossy, and sapwood distinguishable. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to decay, and the wear resistance is good, and it has good weather resistance. Air dry density 0.61-0.99g/ cubic centimeters and modified wood drying after yellowish brown or dark brown, hard materials, slightly oily, stability is very good, natural resistance to rot.


1.solid wood floor, the solid wood floor, is not easy to deformation, the use of geothermal heating of the user if you must use solid wood floor, then you can use the disc beans solid wood floor.

2. disc beans solid wood floor color, made of dark wood floor is very high, but not suitable for light colored floor users.

3. disc beans solid wood flooring high hardness, impact resistance, good abrasion resistance, and occasionally hit the heavy will not have any trace.

4.Disc beans solid wood floor pattern, and therefore larger, not suitable for the pursuit of the perfect style of the user.


Solid wood flooring is the direct processing of wood into the floor. It has the natural development of the wood texture, is a poor conductor of heat, can have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable foot feeling, the safe use of the characteristics is the ideal material for the bedroom, living room, study, ground decoration.


The water content index refers to the solid wood floor in the sales area or just remove the unopened packaging under the condition of water rate. National standard provisions of the moisture content of solid wood floor indicator for the balance of the 7% to the sales site.

Reflect the paint board surface wear-resisting is solid wood flooring paint surface wear-resisting degree, national standards for superior quality solid wood floor paint board surface abrasion resistance index is less than or equal to 0.08g/100r; first-class product is less than or equal to 0.10g/100r; qualified product is less than or equal to 0.15g/100r.

Reflect the adhesion of the paint to paint the adhesion strength of solid wood flooring, national standard superior quality solid wood floor paint film adhesion index 0 to 1 level; first-class product is less than or equal to 2; qualified product is less than or equal to 3.

Film hardness is a reflection of the strength of the surface film of solid wood flooring, the provisions of national standards of superior quality solid wood floor paint film hardness index for 2h grade; first-class and qualified products is greater than or equal to H.

 5、Reference pictures

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Had engineered wood floors installed -- need to find safe products for it -- box only says Timberland.?
look at the floor cleaner label, one will say its for laminate, one will say for polyurethane floors and another will say its for wax floors. Use cleaners that are for laminate floors or for wood floors, just dont wet mop laminate as it will permanently damage the floor. Swifters leave residues that are bad for pets and babies.
Q:Like solid wood flooring, and it is easy to scratch, how to do ah
Solid wood flooring is not so fragile, solid wood flooring on the health of the human body has the role of health, such as India wood, rosewood wood flooring can also be done to prevent cancer, solid wood flooring does not contain formaldehyde
Q:Stair noses with engineered hardwood flooring?
Engineered Wood Stairs
Q:Engineered Hardwood Question?
float it. use a good underlayment
Q:Do I have to glue an engineered wood floor down?
You okorder.com if I'm looking for small quantity. Price can't be beat as people just want to get rid of it due to over purchasing. If you need more, ask em where they bought it and get the rest there. If you want variety and fair pricing, go to Lumber Lidquidator. They usually have ongoing sales and the selection is awesome. Good luck!
Q:Any opinions on different brands of engineered Wood Floors?
A few years ago I put one of these floors in my kitchen, dining room, and down a hallway. I never regretted it. I used Columbia Click flooring. This floor uses the interlocking design. This type floor requires a pad be installed under it. I suggest using a premium pad if available. The floor wasn't very difficult to install. I suggest a good miter chop saw. The material is very hard on the saw blade. Start with a new blade and expect it to be junk by the end of the job.
Q:Schon Brand Brazilian Cherry floating engineered wood flooring. Anyone familiar with the it? How's the quality?
Some engineered flooring is sort of a pressed-wood material. We have that and it wears great but over a few years, the interlocking edges are sort of curling up and that looks dumb. It is best to get genuine wood flooring that is a better investment.
Q:The solid wood floor and the fragrant two wing bean solid wood floor
Imported products, suppliers should provide the latest customs declaration, in order to ensure that the product is pure imports. According to the relevant regulations of the state: imported products should be provided by the relevant authority of the quality inspection report to ensure product quality.
Q:Multi layer composite and solid wood flooring, which is better?
Multilayer composite and solid wood flooringFirst, the solid wood floor is natural wood after drying, forming the ground decoration materials. It presents the natural log texture and color patterns, giving people a natural, soft, rich affinity of the texture, and can play a sound absorption, sound insulation, reduce sound pressure, reduce noise pollution effect.
Q:What's the best install for Engineered Hardwood floor?
It sounds like that will be sufficient.

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