Solid Merbau Flooring

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Dalian Port
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TT or L/C
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1000 m² m²
Supply Capability:
40*40GP m²/month

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Product Description:


Quality Indoor Solid Merbau Flooring

1. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

2. Surface: normal; ha

Quality Indoor Solid Merbau Flooring

1. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

2. Surface: normal; hand scratched; archaized; brushed;

3. Joints: 4 sides T&G, with mirco bevel

Name: Solid Hardwood Flooring

Sizes (mm):

15/18 x 75/83/90/120/125/150/180/189 x RL

15/18 x 75/83/90/120/125/150/180/189 x 900 (FL)


Technical Specification:

1. Varnishing: 7 layers coating of Treffert Aluminum Oxide finish, T&G, MR<12%.  

2. Glue: Dynea Glue, exceed E1 standard.

3. Packing: Export Standard Carton & IPPC Pallets.  

4. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

5. Surface: normal; hand scratched; archaized; brushed;

6. Gloss: semi-gloss: 35 +/- 5% High-light:75 +/- 5%

7. Joints: 4 sides T&G, with micro bevel

8. Packing: 8-20 Pcs in a carton, then packed in pallet, the pallet is shrink wrapped and strengthened, which means about 23 M3 per 20' container

9. Lead time: monthly production capacity is 80,000 M2.


 Solid Merbau Flooring


 Solid Merbau Flooring  Solid Merbau Flooring

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Q:I have a new home with engineered wood flooring. The wood floors are peeking at the joints. Whats wrong?
I agree with the first answer! It can happen with almost any type of flooring- there must be a small edge left around the room - same with tile - the wood floors will 'peek' and tiles can crack- the base molding hides the edge and leaves room for the expansion.
Q:How can I paint a beat up old engineered wood floor? Can I also put wallpaper boarder on it and seal it?
You can actually do whatever you like knowing it is stylish and seems easy to do. It's a good idea in any hardwood floor to put some design.
Q:What is the best way to get up engineered hardwood floors that have been glued down?
the floor scrappers are too wide and the air chisel - yeah doesn't work well either. unfortunately, after my home flooded we had to do the same thing! here is what we used.... wonder bar and a hammer and two screwdrivers - one large and one smaller.... get to the edge pound in little screwdriver near the seam, larger one toward the other side/middle. rock upward once in and then get the wonderbar in.... then pound away at that. it takes forever.... 3 guys 2 full days AND that doesn't inclued the hallway and 3x18 area i'd already done.... it was a royal PITA!! good luck!
Q:Which is the best between engineered hardwood floors and natural hardwood floors?
If we can nail it down we use (prefinished) hardwood. If we have to glue it down (on slab) we use engineered. You can certainly use engineered in any application whether nail down, glue down, or even floating. There really aren't many compelling reasons to use solid anymore beyond prestige and the fact that is has zero chemical emissions. Engineered can be refinished just like solid, as long as the top veneer is think enough. If you plan to be in your house long enough to refinish the floor, use an engineered with a 3mm+ top veneer.
Q:Can you install engineered hardwood flooring just like a laminate?
The simple answer is yes. It, however is not that easy to do. It has to go together like the early days laminates that had to be glued and clamped. You can get the clamp straps pretty cheap through harbor freight. Make sure you use a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 underlayment that provides moisture barrier if that is a below ground level application. Home Depot has a book called flooring 1-2-3 that will help a lot for showing you how to do this. Hope this helps.
Q:Standard dimensions of wood flooring
Oh, the size is too much, you see is solid wood. Bamboo, multi-layer solid wood. Composite, its size ratio on the packaging of smaller size is 1~2 mm, the price is high the floor size shrink less
Q:What are the names of solid wood flooring
The wooden floorLog floor color is pleasant, natural faction, with ecological effect of foot and visual sense. The quality of the block of wood flooring, although the price is higher, but enjoy the original rhyme, such as Manchurian ash, teak and other wood, quite exciting. The full board wood curves, in the simple environment, can be "Tibet wonderful fun". General family decoration commonly used wood floors are solid wood floor, wood floors, wood flooring, laminate flooring.
Q:How much aluminum oxide is present and can be released from engineered hardwood floors during typical usage?
Unless you walk around with sandpaper glued to your shoe soles I doubt there would be any detectable amount released from normal usage. There are certainly far more substances I would be concerned about in a house environment than that. If you are really obsessed about it, contact the flooring manufacturer for data.
Q:How to choose solid wood flooring
See moisture contentSelect solid wood flooring, note that moisture content can not be too high, generally less than 13%.
Q:Installing Engineered Wood Floor - what to use to fill voids in subfloor before installation?
Do NOT fill the gaps between the sheets of plywood! These need to be there to allow for wood expansion. In fact, if you don't have those gaps, run a circular saw, set at 3/4, down all the joints to open them up. With out this gap, if the plywood swells, it will buckle up at the joints. Voids in the subfloor like knot holes in the top ply aren't an issue. But dips and high spots are an issue. Make sure all the nail heads are flush (and add deck screws if there are any loose spots). Your flooring instructions should list the maximum dip/rise in a given run. If you've got low spots (cr@py carpenter didn't crown all the joists), you can cut pieces of roofing felt to fill in the void. If it takes several layers, feather them with progressively larger pieces, just like you'd feather a drywall joint. High spots can be taken down with a grinder or belt sander with 40 grit paper If you've got a floor with a lot of dips and rises, you can use a self leveling cement to bring it level. It's very thin, like a runny milkshake, and you spread a thin layer with a large floor squeegee. It's thin enough that it finds it's own level, puddling in the low spots. This is typically only needed for tile, but you could do it for wood/laminate.over a really bad subfloor
Our company has advanced wood desiccation equipment, and complete sets of equipment for machining and mounding and assembly lines of UV and PU lacquer, which stand for national advanced level. A severe quality control of the total process from purchasing the raw materials until finishing the flooring ensures the high quality of the products.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Mudanjiang, China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Above US$ 8 Million
Main Markets 70.00% North America
10.00% Western Europe
10.00% Middle East
10.00% Domestic
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Nearest Port Dalian
Export Percentage 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average; Low