Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Pometia tomentosa heartwood reddish brown or reddish brown wood is brown, with golden luster, straight stripes shallow crisscross, with dark band, uniform structure, weight and moderate intensity. Pometia tomentosa wood floor red brown wood natural and elegant, with straight very natural wood grain, the texture of the actual alternate with, with restrained beauty, mixed with unfading popular elements - dark stripes, the visual effect is very harmonious. And most of the solid wood floor. Should try to avoid a lot of water in contact with the treatment of solid wood flooring. In addition, to avoid heavy dragged on the longan wood floor, in order to avoid scratches. Can not be longan wood floors long time exposure in the sun, to prevent cracking of arch phenomenon.

2、Product Characteristic

1.The 1 floor treatment affordable, cost-effective.

2.longan floor delicate texture, color, texture and good installation effect, suitable for the pursuit of consistent user selection.

3.forest floor stability is better, but is not suitable for geothermal heating


Material: Longan

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: iso60001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Engineered hardwood floors compared to 100% hardwood floors?
Real and engineered are designed to be nailed to the subfloor.Real hard wood can be sanded and refinished more than engineered. Engineered is designed for areas that might have heat or moisture related problems.Engineered can also be only put on concrete floors by gluing it. I have put down both many times and really look and feel wise,there is no difference.The main thing is resanding and refinishing it, but most people will never even do this
Q:Now the number of solid wood flooring and composite floor in the end how much ah
E0, E1, E2 3 standard formaldehyde emission of different pronoun: E0 = 5 mg /100 g E1 is less than or equal to 9 mg /100 g (environmental protection board general said the index is less than or equal to 30 mg /100 g E2), composite wood floor strengthening see my wood composite, 1 first floor: its advantages cheap is wear-resistant, besides what almost no advantages, so it is more suitable for the public places (such as shopping malls etc.). For heating, it is not good, why? Laminate is used as substrate density board, density board is made of wood powder + rubber adhesive, airtight, the foot feels bad, not water, not moisture, formaldehyde emission is high, the surface is decorated with wood paper, because of the coating three two aluminum oxide wear-resisting layer, good wear resistance
Q:How to maintain composite wood floor
Maintenance measures:1, the room humidity should not be too large, to keep the floor dry, clean and clean, the daily use of clean mop mop mop can be. In case of stubborn stains, the use of neutral cleaning solvents should be cleaned and then wring dry cotton mop wipe, do not use acid, alkaline detergent scrub.
Q:Engineered Wood - Gluedown or floating floor?
flooring continually is going less than those homestead equipment. The flooring will do its ingredient as typical, in spite of a range and ref on them. a million/4 is the classic length hollow thats mandatory. Installer must have prepared some ingredient with you about the homestead equipment. both to have you ever bypass them out and in, you to bypass them out and he to interchange them or he will do it both ideas. If the e book circumstances are free status they might want to be moved and adjusted on the flooring at the same time as performed. Any questions you could e-mail me with the help of my avatar,Ive attended numerous setting up seminars , besides as put in a pair one hundred,000 s/f. GL
Q:How to clean and maintain solid wood flooring
Maintain1, waterproofSolid wood flooring most afraid of water. To prevent the rain water in summer. Winter to prevent the heating room running water. If you accidentally leak on the water, even a little tea, but also timely with soft cloth to clean, keep dry, so as not to push the luster, and even cause warping, cracking, mildew. If the indoor cement ground return water wet (which is at the bottom of the room the most vulnerable situation) caused by rotten, warping, peeling, swelling color variation problems such as paint, must first solve the problem back to the water wet, and then fill in the floor renovation.
Q:Can I install ceramic tile over engineered wood and how?
It is not a good ideat to install ceramic over an engineered floor. Wood is not stable enough for ceramic, as minor movement will cause the ceramic to crack. The wood must be removed, and if the floor underneath is concrete you will be fine. If it is a wood subfloor, a concrete impregnated plywood must be installed first. (Such as Hardi-backer or Wonderboard) I am in the business, and if a customer insisted on installing ceramic on top of an engineered floor, as much as I like selling this stuff, I would turn the job down.
Q:Are there any DIY ideas reusing engineered wood floors?
I would use it to laminate a coffee table. You could also use it to make some planters. you just have to repaint with outdoor paint. You could also use it as a wall art. nail it onto plywood or mdf and you can create panels and hang it on the wall as art. You could also use it to make a headboard or a room divider. There are plenty of ways to use it. Good luck!
Q:Can I staple down 1/2 inch engineered hardwood over glued down vinyl flooring on plywood?
If the vinyl is layed directly over the wood sub floor then yes you ll be fine with that size staple. If the vinyl is atop a thin luan subfloor then go to 1 1/2 staple .The thinner 3/8ths wood take a 1 staple. . This is a special nailer (stapler) that you can rent. Takes some getting use to but works great for engineered wood. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Would like to shop in the solid wood flooring directly on the floor, ask experienced friends, so what is the problem
The thickness of the composite floor is to increase the thickness, no need to add moisture cotton, direct suspension on the line, the nails are OK, the glue is also ok.Of course, if the old floor is very rotten, or termites, then the demolition of the redo it! It is best to use cement leveling, or with a splint, do not use a large core plate, the strength of the core plate is not enough to hold the nail force is not.
Q:How large is the gap between the floor and the wall?
With the wall to stay at the expansion joints, floor, first with a spring or a small piece of wood, and then on the side of the glass glue.

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