Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

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2000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Pometia tomentosa heartwood reddish brown or reddish brown wood is brown, with golden luster, straight stripes shallow crisscross, with dark band, uniform structure, weight and moderate intensity. Pometia tomentosa wood floor red brown wood natural and elegant, with straight very natural wood grain, the texture of the actual alternate with, with restrained beauty, mixed with unfading popular elements - dark stripes, the visual effect is very harmonious. And most of the solid wood floor. Should try to avoid a lot of water in contact with the treatment of solid wood flooring. In addition, to avoid heavy dragged on the longan wood floor, in order to avoid scratches. Can not be longan wood floors long time exposure in the sun, to prevent cracking of arch phenomenon.

2、Product Characteristic

1.The 1 floor treatment affordable, cost-effective.

2.longan floor delicate texture, color, texture and good installation effect, suitable for the pursuit of consistent user selection.

3.forest floor stability is better, but is not suitable for geothermal heating


Material: Longan

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: iso60001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Small Red Merbau Solid Wood Floor




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Q:How is the grading of solid wood floor, what kind of grade can achieve is good floor?
Texture of material。Used in the manufacture of wood floors are mainly A, B and C materials. In order to achieve qualified technical requirements in general can use a variety of materials, requirements and to achieve first-class technology, you must use the A material. A material is more in the trunk of the tree, the grain is clear, its physical properties are also better, and B, C material is more in the end of the tree or branch, or a small number of defects in the main part. Therefore, the service life of A material is much higher than that of B and C.
Q:Is there a way to protect (seal, wax, etc) engineered hard-wood flooring ?
You can finish unfinished engineered flooring the same way as solid hardwood flooring...stain and choose your finish....this is a big job, and will take you a few days to do it correctly...you might want to talk to a professional to get all the ins and outs or considered having it done by a professional.
Q:Can I install ceramic tile over engineered wood and how?
one option is to use hardee board if you dont want to pry all the wood up and scrape concrete clean. its a masonary type board that comes in sheets similar in size to ply wood. its pretty easy to work with and you'll have to glue it down on the wood over the concrete floor. you can cut it with a special mason blade in an old circular saw or just score it with a 5 in one painters tool as ive done many times. it hase strands of string inbedded into it. you can use a heavy duty utility knife to finish cutting thru. after its glued down and has set for about 24 to48 hours to dry and adhear to flooring you can apply thin set with special trowel and set tile. some tile has little bumps on the sides so spacers are not needed but most will use 1/4 or3/16 inch cross spacers applyed at intersections. not all your tile will be straight rows. you can rent a wet saw with a diamond blade. the saw runs water over the blade to keep dust down and to keep it cool due to build up of friction. you can also get a carbide scribe cutting tool, no power needed, no water mess and easy to use. you'll start by finding the center of the room to be tiled and make an x with the intersecting lines running parallel to the opposing walls. it doesnt have to go from wall to wall just 2 to 3 feet each way start your till using this as your guide and git a good square block of many tiles going. dont spread to much thinset or glue as it dries fast and you want the tile to stick realy well. the trowel you use will have v notch's, when you go get tile and glue ask what size v notch you need. it varries depending on the size of tile used. press the tile firmly down and sorta in towards center of room as you set the tile, this helps to make sure you keep every thing aligned. after the tile sits for 48 hours to set you can grout it. its kinda messy but fun. where rubber gloves, the grout is a mortar and the chimicles will dry your hand out.
Q:Any opinions on different brands of engineered Wood Floors?
Anything but verse lock it does not hold up well over high traffic and time.
Q:Oak flooring and solid wood floor which is good
Can only say that, oak wood in the wood is relatively good, do furniture, do the floor are top grade, but the price will be more expensive, the real oak floor, I estimated that the basic to reach 400+ yuan / square meter.
Q:Engineered hardwood floor...float it or glue it down?
Prior to settling on a floating floor... Have you ever walked on a floating floor? I have and they have a sort of sponge feel to them underfoot and there is often a hollow sound as your foot (with shoes) hits the floor. I do not know if this is because it is not attached to the floor or if it is just the nature of the boards. But, I can spot a floating floor in two foot steps and I think they are all kind of weird to walk upon. My personal opinion only. Therefore, I would go with the underlayment and the cork sound barrier and nail or glue the floor down.
Q:What happens to the solid wood floor
Solid wood floor touched the water, if the water is not very large, with a dry cloth to wipe the indoor ventilation can be done.
Q:Multi layer composite and solid wood flooring, which is better?
In fact, expensive wood floor care is the most trouble, do not wear, with long gloss difference, have regular waxing, do not say you have this skill, usually use them cautiously, afraid to knock on, not wait for the whole family to walk with the space step, which can live really tired.
Q:Glueing Engineered wood flooring to Concrete slab?
no glue; it floats over the floor.
Q:Pay attention to wood floor decoration
The rainy season, the keel can also increase a gross floor or linoleum, avoid damp floor deformation, wood floors Juegan comfortable, but the pavement must be carefully, and to pay attention to maintenance.

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