Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

 1、Material properties

Ash wood is of high quality, durable, flexible and beautiful pattern is heartwood tree, slightly pale yellow sapwood, heartwood pale brown heartwood gradually to the plate transition. All duct wall thickness, wood parenchyma around a small tube. Wood ray is fine, the number is much, the ring hole is light yellow. Because of the wood material is light, the system makes the furniture is also relatively light.

Dry wood is easy to dry, but dry time is long, the dry shrinkage of wood is medium. Dry shrinkage factor: the diameter of the 0.17%, the string contraction of 0.31%, in the rapid drying of wood cracking.

2、Product Characteristics

1, the section is very smooth, paint and adhesive properties are also very good. It is suitable for dry climate, and the aging is very mild, and the performance is small.

2, ash processing performance is very good, nails, screws and glue is fixed, and can by staining and polishing and surface effect is very good.

3, ash has a resilient material, beautiful texture, but also has very good overall strength, good resistance to earthquake and steam bending strength, is a good timber for making furniture.

4 and durability: heart wood of anticorrosion treatment agent has moderate anti penetration, white wood (sapwood), penetration, Fraxinus mandshurica is suitable for dry climate and its aging very slight, heartwood changes small


Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: Class A

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: 1

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: premium

Fading (stage):1

Floor thickness: 18mm

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:What is the preferred method of installing an engineered wood floor over a concrete slab? Float or glue & why?
Yes you can, most of the new wood flooring are tongue and groove floating floors. Just be sure to buy a good underlay. Ask the flooring professionals at Lowes or Home Depot they will tell you what to do. If your tile is nice and flat and installed well it is almost just as good as installing on a concrete foundation (this is done on homes in Florida everyday!). Good luck to you, be sure to take your time and do a great job!
Q:Three layers of solid wood composite floors or multi-storey wood composite floors
Solid wood flooring is divided into multi-layer solid wood floors and three floors of solid wood flooring. Three layer solid wood flooring is made of three layers of wood structure cross laminated, its surface is precious high quality perennial broad-leaved hardwood, wood with oak, birch, ash, Iroko, wood, teak, jackfruit pahudiaxylocarpa. But because of its incomparable oak texture features and price has become the most popular species. The core layer is composed of common soft miscellaneous specifications, and the tree species are mainly made of pine wood, poplar wood, etc., and the bottom layer is a rotary cutting veneer. Pressed by an adhesive layer three layer plate structure, multi-layer parquet is for a multi-layered plywood, with hard sheet or plate insert operation specifications of single board laminated panel.
Q:What are the advantages of sports floor
birchAdvantages: raw materials birch floor is a global mass species, about 100 species of the world, mainly distributed in the north temperate zone, a distribution to the Arctic. There are 29 species, 6 varieties, are distributed throughout the country, plant resources are abundant. Because it is a popular tree species, rich in resources, so it will be cheaper as a raw material floor price. Birch color, can be a variety of processing. After processing the birch floor color is very clear and natural, all-match.Disadvantages: birch wood is soft, is not strong, so, if only birch as raw materials, the wear resistance made out of birch floor will be poor, therefore, domestic flooring manufacturers generally use the composite floor, such as birch as the core layer or surface layer is pasted birch floor. This has not only solved the problem of weak birch, but also reduced the cost of materials.
Q:Can I staple down 1/2 inch engineered hardwood over glued down vinyl flooring on plywood?
Hardwood flooring usually need some type of material under it to help with moisture and padding. If there is nothing under the floor or just the vinyl then the floor will make a lot of noise when you walk on it. I would get with the manufacturer and see what they recommend you put under the floor. I would also make sure that the vinyl floor does not look like it has mold, water or some other type of damage that would cause the vinyl to bubble and cause damage to your new floor. Other than those items you should be safe to put the flooring over the vinyl.
Q:Solid/Engineered hardwood VS Laminate flooring?
Laminates are extremely durable and are great for homes with a high degree of foot traffic (children and pets add significantly to traffic in a home). They are incredibly easy to maintain and will not fade, even in direct sunlight. The core is often impregnated with a plastic resin called melamine to increase the floor’s strength, stability and resistance to moisture. As an added advantage, products that have high levels of melamine do not require acclimation before installation. All this makes laminates the most scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, and cost-effective flooring around. Solid hardwood can also work for you; if budget is not too much of a concern, go with exotic floors or handscraped floors. Handscraped floors have a more scratch-resistant surface and better hides the scratches that you will eventually get. Exotic floors, on the other hand, are 2x-3x harder than oak or maple. Not only is it hard to scratch, the distinctive look of the floors make any room look exceptional. While durability is always a sought-after characteristic in floors, please bear in mind that NO FLOOR IS. There is still a certain amount of maintenance and care required to ensure that your floors stay beautiful for a long time. :)
Q:Multilayer solid wood floor and pure wood floor which kind of good?
In fact, is not really good or natural wood, stitching the overall good, do not say it, and a layer of adhesive bonding, pollution source, needless to say, of course, is a good solid wood, can only see the price point already know.
Q:Multilayer solid wood floors and multi-storey wood composite floor? What's the difference?
There are many types of flooring, according to the material and process distinction, there are solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring (including cork flooring), laminate flooring, plastic flooring. Solid wood flooring: more commonly used in home decoration. Has the advantages of pure wood, material temperature, Juegan good, true nature. Smooth and uniform surface coating, size, large selection.
Q:Any experience with engineered Brazilian Cherry wood floor in a kitchen?
Absolutely nothing to worry about. Simply doing a google or yahoo image search for dream kitchen and every 2nd photo depicts hardwood flooring. If the product you're using is genuine Braz. Cherry - you're in a class of your own with this extraordinary hard wood. Absolutely no problems. If you're using a laminate, you're still fine - as we did over a dozen kitchens in our building for tenants and they look new 2 years later. And thats the cheap 99 cent / square foot 8mm laminate. Keep it dry, clean up wet spots as they occur. We almost went with it, until our designer pointed us to the walnut, a better matching color to our cupboards. Good retail prices: $5-6 / square foot of chinese processed BC, (they import the raw lumber, finish it, and ship it to us) We paid $4.00/sq ft for the walnut, which retailed @ $8.00 at home depot. Shop around, find factory direct hardwood places that sell strictly chinese imports. Results: Phenominal.
Q:Edible olive oil can maintain mahogany furniture and wood floors?
Wood flooring is made of wood flooring, wood production in China is mainly divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, parquet flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring six categories.
Q:How do i get scuff marks off engineered wood floors?
Mr Clean Scrubber.

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