Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

 1、Material properties

Ash wood is of high quality, durable, flexible and beautiful pattern is heartwood tree, slightly pale yellow sapwood, heartwood pale brown heartwood gradually to the plate transition. All duct wall thickness, wood parenchyma around a small tube. Wood ray is fine, the number is much, the ring hole is light yellow. Because of the wood material is light, the system makes the furniture is also relatively light.

Dry wood is easy to dry, but dry time is long, the dry shrinkage of wood is medium. Dry shrinkage factor: the diameter of the 0.17%, the string contraction of 0.31%, in the rapid drying of wood cracking.

2、Product Characteristics

1, the section is very smooth, paint and adhesive properties are also very good. It is suitable for dry climate, and the aging is very mild, and the performance is small.

2, ash processing performance is very good, nails, screws and glue is fixed, and can by staining and polishing and surface effect is very good.

3, ash has a resilient material, beautiful texture, but also has very good overall strength, good resistance to earthquake and steam bending strength, is a good timber for making furniture.

4 and durability: heart wood of anticorrosion treatment agent has moderate anti penetration, white wood (sapwood), penetration, Fraxinus mandshurica is suitable for dry climate and its aging very slight, heartwood changes small


Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: Class A

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: 1

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: premium

Fading (stage):1

Floor thickness: 18mm

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:how do I repair hollow spots under my engineered hardwood floor?
Call the installer back. Poor job
Q:What kind of material used in the family decoration wood floor
Wood composite floors are beautiful natural wood floors, comfortable and good insulation performance strengths; and overcome the real wood floor for single body contraction, easy Qiqiao cracks deficiencies. Today, in order to survive the environment is no longer deteriorating, countries around the world attach great importance to the protection of forest resources, solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring can save rare timber resources. In addition, the installation of wood flooring is simple, under normal circumstances do not play keel. But requires ground leveling.
Q:Difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring?
The engineered flooring is less likely to expand or contract than solid wood so it will be more stable.
Q:Why is engineered wood floor so delicate?
It really depends on the brand you bought. A lot of companies produce engineered wood flooring in different styles and grades of quality. You may have ended up buying a lower quality without even knowing it. I would recommend checking with whoever installed it to find out what exactly was put in, and if it was supposed to be good quality, I would go back to the manufacturer and ask for replacements. Granted, there are a lot of factors that would scratch things...like dogs, roudy children, etc. So it could be any number of things causing the scratches. Or the product could just be defective.
Q:Floor glue on newly layed engineered wood floor?
thinner won't hurt the floor and should remove it. Also are you sure it is not from the factory? it might be a manufacture flaw at any rate if it is glue you use thinner will do the trick
Q:How to clean and maintain solid wood flooring
Clean:1, can have the function of absorbing dust wipe towel, dry rub;2, dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner;3, if the wood floor stains, can be used with the efficacy of natural dissolved dissolved agent, orange oil, dissolving dirt, then wipe, with the natural activity of dirt and floor separation agent, saponins, after activation, the soft abrasive to wipe dirt or use a cleaning effect, wiping decontamination.
Q:gluing down engineered wood floor over cork underlayment that is glued down to wood subfloor?
If your cork is down well and the glue you use will bond to the cork, your ok. Check out what type of glue your using. Most urethane based glues will work. GL
Q:The good and bad points of engineered hardwood floors verses solid hardwood floors.?
Several things on both woods. On the engineered.. Its thinner and can be used in places where 3/4 may raise the floor up to much such as exterior doors , dishwashers etc. It is user friendly since it is very straight ( no warpage) and goes together very easy. It can be installed directly over a slab by gluing it down(above grade in most cases.) There are different ways it can be installed, stapled,glued and in some cases as a floating floor. Engineered woods can be only sanded and redone sometimes only once where 3/4 can be done several times. Both ( in mose cases in prefinished) will have the tough aluminum oxide finish 3/4 wood tends to be tougher to work with since it can be warped and needs to be straightened when install, which most the time can be done with the nailer, but is just a hassle at times. 3/4 comes in a bit more variety in wood types and widths. 3/4 cant be installed on slab w/o a special flooring system installed which isn t practical in most cases. The Jenca ratings on 3/4 tend to be higher ( this is good) than you ll get in engineered. Both can be good products, you just have to choose which is right for your needs. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to identify the solid plate is a plate
Distinguish by the following methods:Choose the color and grain, a lot of people think that the wood is as hard as possible, in fact, hard wood, although it has better wear resistance, but relatively poor dimensional stability, the wood floor size selection, try to choose a narrow and short, although the effect is not as good as the laying of short and wide floor appearance, but from the wood the characteristics, size is smaller, its deformation is small.
Q:What do you think of 3 strip engineered wood flooring?
yes, they look new and cheaper..

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