Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

 1、Material properties

Ash wood is of high quality, durable, flexible and beautiful pattern is heartwood tree, slightly pale yellow sapwood, heartwood pale brown heartwood gradually to the plate transition. All duct wall thickness, wood parenchyma around a small tube. Wood ray is fine, the number is much, the ring hole is light yellow. Because of the wood material is light, the system makes the furniture is also relatively light.

Dry wood is easy to dry, but dry time is long, the dry shrinkage of wood is medium. Dry shrinkage factor: the diameter of the 0.17%, the string contraction of 0.31%, in the rapid drying of wood cracking.

2、Product Characteristics

1, the section is very smooth, paint and adhesive properties are also very good. It is suitable for dry climate, and the aging is very mild, and the performance is small.

2, ash processing performance is very good, nails, screws and glue is fixed, and can by staining and polishing and surface effect is very good.

3, ash has a resilient material, beautiful texture, but also has very good overall strength, good resistance to earthquake and steam bending strength, is a good timber for making furniture.

4 and durability: heart wood of anticorrosion treatment agent has moderate anti penetration, white wood (sapwood), penetration, Fraxinus mandshurica is suitable for dry climate and its aging very slight, heartwood changes small


Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: Class A

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: 1

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: premium

Fading (stage):1

Floor thickness: 18mm

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Ash Wood A Class Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Floor glue on newly layed engineered wood floor?
thinner won't hurt the floor and should remove it. Also are you sure it is not from the factory? it might be a manufacture flaw at any rate if it is glue you use thinner will do the trick
Q:Can you use a steam cleaner on engineered hardwood floors?
Yes. Stanley Steamer says so to!
Q:Engineered Wood???? HELP!!!(Wood Floors)?
we use pledge hardwood floor cleaner on ours......works great
Q:How much is a square wood floor
1) solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring is very healthy, environmental protection, good decoration effect. In the price is more expensive, installation and maintenance need to spend time, and to regularly waxing. The general wood floor price of 200 yuan / square meters -500 yuan / square meters range, some expensive or even thousands of yuan a square.
Q:How to identify the solid plate is a plate
Distinguish by the following methods:Choose the color and grain, a lot of people think that the wood is as hard as possible, in fact, hard wood, although it has better wear resistance, but relatively poor dimensional stability, the wood floor size selection, try to choose a narrow and short, although the effect is not as good as the laying of short and wide floor appearance, but from the wood the characteristics, size is smaller, its deformation is small.
Q:Engineered Wood - Gluedown or floating floor?
im a builder ...engineered flooring is great ...unlike normal wood it does not cup ...go hollow in middle ..but have never put down a floating one ...you would need to consult manufacturer as i doubt it ...allso glueing ...the normal is secret nailing with the special nailgun ...you can hire them
Q:How can i differ laminate wood and engineered wood floors?
Q:Can I install ceramic tile over engineered wood and how?
one option is to use hardee board if you dont want to pry all the wood up and scrape concrete clean. its a masonary type board that comes in sheets similar in size to ply wood. its pretty easy to work with and you'll have to glue it down on the wood over the concrete floor. you can cut it with a special mason blade in an old circular saw or just score it with a 5 in one painters tool as ive done many times. it hase strands of string inbedded into it. you can use a heavy duty utility knife to finish cutting thru. after its glued down and has set for about 24 to48 hours to dry and adhear to flooring you can apply thin set with special trowel and set tile. some tile has little bumps on the sides so spacers are not needed but most will use 1/4 or3/16 inch cross spacers applyed at intersections. not all your tile will be straight rows. you can rent a wet saw with a diamond blade. the saw runs water over the blade to keep dust down and to keep it cool due to build up of friction. you can also get a carbide scribe cutting tool, no power needed, no water mess and easy to use. you'll start by finding the center of the room to be tiled and make an x with the intersecting lines running parallel to the opposing walls. it doesnt have to go from wall to wall just 2 to 3 feet each way start your till using this as your guide and git a good square block of many tiles going. dont spread to much thinset or glue as it dries fast and you want the tile to stick realy well. the trowel you use will have v notch's, when you go get tile and glue ask what size v notch you need. it varries depending on the size of tile used. press the tile firmly down and sorta in towards center of room as you set the tile, this helps to make sure you keep every thing aligned. after the tile sits for 48 hours to set you can grout it. its kinda messy but fun. where rubber gloves, the grout is a mortar and the chimicles will dry your hand out.
Q:How to protect the wood floor?
Maintenance detailsAfter the installation of wooden floor installation, in the long-term use of the daily maintenance of the process is the most important, directly affect the service life of the floor. Some of the nearly ten years of strengthening the floor is still as good as new, and only some of the "service" history of the "flawed", but the secret lies in the maintenance of the word "two" in the past two or three years.
Q:What is the Chinese style solid wood floor
The highest price, wood flooring material is relatively high-end jade sandalwood, balsam, teak, rosewood and other materials, this is mainly because they have their own different from other attributes, jade sandalwood, it is even able to sink in the water, the texture is very strong; balsam, has a very unique fragrance. In fact, the jade sandalwood, balsam is material is due to its unique advantages as an additional attribute wooden floor to make it worth to rise, if it only considers the wood floor service life and durability, longan, OKAN is a very good choice.

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