Yongsen Solid Wood Floor With Relief Antique

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

The essence of ebony hard, a brown black, dark red, golden color, brown. The smooth, polished wood delicate, it can reach the mirror bright, some have similar rosewood ebony essence. It will never fade, not decadent, not living, is the production of art, antique furniture ideal material.

The ebony is the non renewable resources, the development of less and less, some other natural ebony art highly collectible value.

2、Product Characteristics

Sound insulation

Solid wood flooring material is hard, careful of the wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, barrier sound and heat effect, better than cement, ceramic tiles and steel. The wood floor has sound absorption, sound insulation, reduce sound pressure, shorten reverberation time, reduce the effect of noise pollution nuisance.

Regulating humidity

Is solid wood flooring wood characteristics, climate is dry, release of moisture content in wood; humid climate, the wood will be to absorb the moisture in the air. Wood floors can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture.

Cool in summer and warm in winter

Winter, solid wood floor surface temperature to tile surface temperature than high 8 DEG to 10 DEG C, on the wooden floor walk no cold sensation. In summer, the solid wood floor of the room temperature to than tiled room temperature low 2 degrees to 3 degrees.

Green harmless

Solid wood flooring wood from forests, use no volatile abrasion resistant paint coating, from the wood of the paint were green and harmless, unlike tile radiation, unlike the strengthening floors have formaldehyde is natural green and harmless ground material.


Material: ashtree

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: Class A

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: 1

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: premium

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness 18mm

Color: white

Specifications: 910*125*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen  Solid Wood Floor With Relief Antique

Yongsen  Solid Wood Floor With Relief Antique

Yongsen  Solid Wood Floor With Relief Antique




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Q:Does buffing engined hardwood floors really work? Could it take out scratches and slight water damage?
Engineered flooring can be treated just like regular hardwood flooring.... UP TO A POINT. Engineered flooring is a product made up of a thin veneer of the preferred wood applied to a plywood backing or base. You can do anything to this veneer that you would do to a solid hardwood, BUT you will be limited to how aggressive and how many times you can do it by the thickness of the veneer. You will eventually wear though the veneer and into the substrate. So unless the water damage has delaminated the flooring, slight sanding and buffing will help remove the damage provided you do not go too far
Q:Difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring?
Stability is the main reason for the difference between these two types of flooring. Engineered flooring has several sub base that, is layered in different directions(perpendicular). This reduces air vapor, which results in less movement. You can purchase engineered floor with a 3/16 (.1875) thick veneer, recommended if you can afford it, in your budget. To get the max life out of your engineered flooring. Prep your subfloor, make sure your subfloor is flat within an 1/8 over 5 feet. This way if, you ever need to refinish them, you'll be removing minimum material, due to a flat surface. So, even an 1/8 veneer can get up to 3 sandings, if installed over a flat surface. Beware of delaminating on poor quality manufacturers. Solid Wood, unstable compared to engineered, but much more versatile. You can installed it over an irregular surface, it has a 1/4 sanding surface. Much more widely available and easy to obtain. Tolerance for error is much higher. Learn more on my site
Q:Restaurant can not use solid wood flooring?
Best kitchen tile. Because the kitchen will often have water on the ground, the appropriate comparison, more suitable for laying tiles. If you really like wooden floor, you can shop imitation wood tiles. The advantages of kitchen porcelain tile:Not afraid of water. Kitchen floor will often have water, wood floor water on the deformation of a bubble. Tile floor, wipe dry.
Q:crackling sound in engineered wood flooring?
This sometimes happens with certain types of underlayment. What did you put down under the flooring? Think about the material and what noise it might be making. For instance - a very good (but expensive) underlayment is cork, which does not make any kind of crackling noise as you step on it.
Q:How to choose wood flooring
In the past the market once chaos marked name, name and fake hybrid between strange and eccentric, and what Watkins grapefruit, Jinbuhuan, rich wood, so that customers do not know true and false, good or bad. Therefore, the new standards must be strictly nominal, and in the form of appendix. Sales should be issued by the authority of the test report shall prevail.
Q:Why is my engineered wood floor separating?
If you mop it, and it isn't nailed to the subfloor, it will absorb water and expand when wet and shrink when dry. This creates cracks as the expanding and shrinking causes it to pull away from each other.
Q:Where is the difference between floor tiles and wood floors
Environmental performanceFloor is divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring (laminate flooring) and composite flooring. These three solid wood flooring is the best environmental protection, followed by solid wood flooring. Floor tile environmental protection: Although the floor tile has the natural radioactivity, has certain harm to the human body, but in recent years, most of the floor tiles have reached the national limits of health standards.
Q:I am getting ready to install a click and lock engineered wood floor, when do I install the stair nose?
Each situation is different and each engineered wood too. If your running perpendicular e/ the wood and need to tye into it there are 2 options. You can set the nosing and lock into it. Or put a pc in that you can lock into that. That pc needs to be set back the nosing depth. Then lock nosing into that , or use a spline, which ever you need.If your floor runs parallel to the nosing you can leave it off til the end , just ripping the pc before it to size. Carpet bel usually needs to be trimmed back and turned and tacked up under the nosing Depends how your nosing lays out I always cut off the sub floor over hang to give the nosing as much support as possible. Any questions you can e mail me GL
Q:Wood composite flooring which brand is better?
Solid wood composite floor can be divided into two types according to the structure,One for the three layer of solid wood (three layers: the surface is 3-5 mm fine noble hardwood layer)A multilayer wood (surface 0.3-0.5 mm precious wood skin, other than 7 layer is arranged in a crisscross pattern glued into hardwood);
Q:Match Engineered Hardwood Flooring?
We had engineered floors in our Cary home. I hated them, but that's another story (but I agree with your husband--keep your tile in the kitchen because one drop of water did damage ours). I was told that ours could be refinished once (not sure about changing the color). You need to check with whoever installed yours about that. But, if you did refinish the existing floors you may never be able to do it again. Personally, if you're committed to putting down engineered floors, I'd stick with the same color unless you want to tear out what you already have.

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