Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Air dry density 0.88-1.05g/cm3, sapwood and Heartwood distinct, sapwood yellowish white or light brown, dark brown heartwood; wood strong luster, growth rings clear, straight texture, structure, uneven. Hard wood, dry shrinkage, high strength, high impact toughness. Senior furniture timber, affordable, resistance to insect resistance and decay, hundred years does not rot, impact strength first in the world.

Characteristics: air dry density in about 0.850g/cm3, wood grain straight obviously, coarse structure, rings clear, uneven texture; heartwood yellow green or dark brown, sapwood narrow, pale yellow; heavy material, medium hardness; bending strength, compressive strength, toughness, seismic performance and corrosion resistance good; easy mechanical processing, but the hand tool processing difficult; steam bending performance and adhesive performance is good, after sanding easier to obtain good surface and better durability.

2、Product Characteristics

1. Micro pinhole stable structure, the diamond teak wood floor has both strength and toughness, good stability, hardwood floors generally installed two years after winter there will be a larger contraction, gap up to 3 to 4 mm; and the summer and expansion drum, large loose sound. Diamond teak flooring is very stable, very small changes in the gap;

2. Diamond teak floor color classic, golden brown to bronze, beautiful ink, Banlan of oil film, the overall laying a mix of natural scenery, Yun reveals a profound nature temperament, especially the classical and elegant;

3. Diamond teak flooring unique mellow, spirit is comfortable, refreshing, the fragrance for the elderly cerebral nervous system have good effect;

4. Diamond teak flooring timeless, oil slicks with the action of sunlight will gradually fade, lasting color and vivid layout, the color will be decreased with the prolonging of time and more beautiful.


Material: Teak

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: European style

Standard: National Standards

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: relief of residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good wear layer thickness: 3 cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: teak color

Specifications: 910*123*18

4、Reference pictures

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Oak flooring and solid wood floor which is good
Can only say that, oak wood in the wood is relatively good, do furniture, do the floor are top grade, but the price will be more expensive, the real oak floor, I estimated that the basic to reach 400+ yuan / square meter.
Q:Engineered hardwood floor...float it or glue it down?
Floating is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go. Make sure you have a good underlayment because you have two issues: the uneveness of the residual glue and the sound issues from the floating floor. You want the stuff that is more rubbery in appearance rather than the stuff that looks like packing material. There are some design issues to worry about (expansion gaps, carrying through doorways) with a floating floor that a good installer should take care of. Plywood and staples is what I have used in the past. The downside other than expense is that it will raise up the floor a bit and you'll have to deal with the transitions. I've stapled down lots of engineered floors without a problem. Glue is the worst answer. First off the stuff is Nasty (and not exactly cheap, I paid for my flooring stapler with the money I saved on the first flooring job). You must wait a day until it dries before putting the furniture back, etc... With the float or staples, you can just move everything to one side of the room, lay your half floor, move stuff immediately on the side you just put down and finish the rest.
Q:Multi layer solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Solid wood flooring is the use of a block of wood or multiple pieces of wood splicing.
Q:Veneer wood floor?It's a dish bean
Veneer wood floor defects are as follows: 1, because the substrate is too poor and too much difference between the surface layer, the service life is short. 2, generally damp, the veneer layer from the layer or off phenomenon. 3, the surface layer of the glue contains formaldehyde harmful to the human body. 4, can not feel the natural characteristics of wood flooring. How to identify the panel method; 1, look at the panel, its own color is relatively deep, the surface and the back of the texture has a significant difference. Viewed from the side, the adhesive is as straight as the cutting edge. 2, "cut" in the installation of cutting, or will be installed on the rest of the floor block, from the cutting part of the wood to see, there is a clear adhesion. 3, bubble will be installed in the end of the floor into the water in the water for 24 hours. And then use the blade in the paint and the Ministry of the wood, the adhesive layer will be exposed, more obvious.
Q:Solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring
"Flat floor" this name is just a process, indicating that the surface of the floor is "flat", which is different from some of the antique floor, antique floor surface is uneven wood.
Q:How do I get rid of glue haze on my engineered hardwood floor?
they make a spray cleaner specifically for hardwood.... try a local flooring company or maybe lowes or h/d............
Q:Three layers of solid wood composite floors or multi-storey wood composite floors
Three betterSolid wood composite floorThe so-called composite floor. The 'composite floor' for the laminate flooring. For example, there are some (living home) multi-layer solid wood flooring, three floors of solid wood flooring and so on are one of them, so we have to understand this.
Q:When Installing engineered wood floors on a concrete slab with same length borads, do I need to cut boards?
If you don't want glue(Chemicals,formaldehyde)in the house you can use a rubber membrane on top of the concrete beneath the wood. It will give you a more solid floor than just floating it.Home depot has a product its a green roll membrane.
Q:Which is better engineered wood floor , soild wood or laminate?
Solid wood because for a long term investment you will be able to have it resanded and refinshed multiple times even stained different colors where as with the laminate once it wears thru the floor it is visually ruined. Solid wood floors also raises the value of your home.
Q:Any professional wood floor installers out there who has installed engineered wood floors without glue. Every?
Depends on the locking or tongue and groove system on the engineered flooring. The floating floor from laminate has a system that locks the boards together. A regular t&g floor will buckle with moisture/humidity changes when installed tightly without nails. The movement of the wood when you walk on it will cause separation in a loose or floating t&g floor singe the grooves are not locking. Probably a bad idea for the long run. Good luck though.

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