Refrigerator Shaded Pole Motor / Refrigerator Motor

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ac shaded pole motor 
1,Ac shaded pole motor used for fan-heater,oven,humidifier 
2,High quality and reasonable price

Product characteristics

Ac shaded pole motor

1.Ac shaded pole motor is safe and reliable,low noise,characteristics hard,good staring,long life,etc.

2.Ac shaded pole motor is widely used in fan heater,washbasin,pencil sharpening,mosquito epellent machine,electric toaster,firplace and other household appliance.

3. Ac shaded pole motor can be designed into four insulation class according to user requirements:that of E,B ,F,H

4.Motor rotation and size"L1,L2" can be produced according to user's requirement.

motor size

1.Stator diameter: 61.5mm
2.Shaft diameter: 4.5/5/5.5/6mm
3.Shaft length: As your request
4.Lead wire: 2*300mm, also can be made according to your demands
5.Number of pole: 2 pole
6.Rotation: CW/CCW

7.Insulation class:E/B/F/H

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Q:The similarities and differences between DC brushless motor and AC motor
Brushless DC motor, the actual result is essentially different from AC motor, it is the direct current through the electronic oscillation circuit into alternating current, the frequency is generally adjustable, used to change the speed.
Q:How can I change the alternating current welding machine into a DC welder?
At the output end of AC welding machine ~ ~ two terminals, one rated welding output voltage is greater than 2 times the no-load voltage, rated output welding current is greater than 2 times the output current of the rectifier.
Q:What is ac servo motor?
its a vacuum canister with a diaphragm inside it, the vehicles vacuum pulls the diaphragm back. usually the diaphragm is connected to something that moves, like a door in the heater or ac system or even an arm on a heater control valve or on the cruse control system that pulls the throttle back and holds it there. the old corvettes has this type system to open and close the headlights. other vehicles had the same type lights, mercury and olds. this system may be called something else in different areas.
Q:my home ac unit works but no air from vents. I am deaf so I cant tell if the blower motor is coming on.?
If you have central ac and you own a house, your blower, I believe should be outside and sucking in air and pushing it through your house. It is basically a big box looking like thing with a metal piping covering a rotating fan. To check and see if it is turning on you can drop the temperature in the house to something you know is going to take some time to fix and then walk outside and monitor whether or not the blades are spinning. If not I would contact whom ever installed your ac to come take a look at this. If you have a smaller window frame ac unit what you would want to look for is when you turn it on you can feel the vibrations that the unit should be making. Also when you shut off the temperature and just set it to the fan mode it should vibrate a little. If you don't feel like there is any electricity going to the motor or if the vibrations are very off, just not smooth, make an appointment with a repair guy and have him take a look. Good Luck and just a basic word of warning it is best not to open these up yourself due to the amount of moving parts and the fast spinning fans. Also make sure your vents are open
Q:Why do allot AC motors have centrifugal switches?
there are two windings (stator) in these types of motors. one is the starting windings and the other is the run windings. the switch in question is for the starting windings. start windings provide higher torque for the motor to start and as the motor comes up to speed. the switch opens due to the centrifugal force and allows the run windings to take over.
Q:AC motors question!!!!?
single phase motor only has 1 phase wound on it's stator. These motors tend to run choppy. Three phase has all three phases wound on the stators ( + and - on opposite sides of the motor) all three phases are set 120 degrees apart around the stator (just like the phases of a 3 phase system). The function is not only to produce more torque but it make the motor run much smoother.
Q:Bicycle with electric lawnmower motor?
Electric Lawn Mower Motor
Q:How long do Signle AC phrase motors last?
If used within specifications, a single- PHASE AC motor is more likely to fail due to mechanical failure (e.g. bearings, start winding switches if fitted, start/ run capacitor failure), than actual winding electrical failure. As mechanical failures are possible in any type of motor, the life expectancy of single- phase motors properly used, is many, many years of service without any problem. The only single- phase motors in my life that have given problems are the little type typically used as fan motors, such as ventilation and extraction fans and portable cooling fans. Their typical failure is the drying out of lubrication for their bearings, which are usually of the self- lubricating sleeve type with oil supplied by an oiled pad surrounding the bearing. By dismantling them and adding oil to the pad and through the porous bearings, I have NEVER had one that did not then continue in service many more years. I did this to one just last week.. an extraction fan in a bathroom that had been in service for 26 years. I had to re- engineer the way the motor was held together, as the manufacturer never intended it should be opened. But having re- oiled it, it now runs sweetly once again. I expect it will now outlast me!
Q:What is RC Motor ? Is it AC or DC or Both ? What are its advantages & Disadvantages ? What are its application?
An RC motor is a d.c. motor used in radio controlled models.
Q:Hollow shaft vertical AC motor?

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