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Material:                                                          CPE/LDPE/HDPE
Size:                                                                Universal
Color:                                                              Blue/White/Pink
Surface:                                                           Smooth/Embossed
Certificates:                                                     FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                                 10,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                                Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                           100pcs/bag,20bags/case
Delivery Time:                                                   20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                                 L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                                   40,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Plastic Disposable Apron

Standard Aprons
-    Made from a mixture of 65% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and 35% Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
-    Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion
-    Effective against dirt, moisture and oil
-    Length 120 or 140 cm
-    Width 80cm
-    Regular thickness: 0.018mm, 0.02mm, 0.025mm..

Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Homecare

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Q:What protective equipment does the chemical plant work?
such as oil, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, steel, smelting, electricity, construction , Machinery manufacturing and food and so on
Q:The abolition of "labor protection supplies supervision and management regulations", why? Is not it?
To implement the new revision of the "People's Republic of China Safety Production Law" to safeguard the legal system to promote law and order according to law. Revoke or revise the relevant laws and regulations of other safety production. Later in accordance with the new "safe production law" can be implemented.
Q:Labor protection supplies are provided by the employer to protect the safety and health of workers what measures
"Employer Labor Protection Products Management Code" Article 4 Labor protection articles are auxiliary and preventive measures provided by the employing units to protect the safety and health of laborers. No engineering protection equipment and other technical and administrative measures shall be replaced by labor protection products.
Q:I would like to ask, respiratory protection products is not every year in the relevant state agencies to detect?
In addition: the state of special labor protection products to implement the safety mark management system, must only obtain "special labor protection products safety signs" enterprises have the production of such special labor protection supplies qualification, specifically you can look at the "special labor protection products safety signs Implementing Regulations".
Q:Construction safety equipment (including) including what
Construction safety equipment (with) refers to the safety net, wire rope, tool fence, fire fighting equipment, temporary power distribution box, air circuit breakers, disconnectors, AC contactors, leakage protection, standard cables and other labor protection products The
Q:What products are children's safety products?
Bed fence, anti-collision, anti-collision angle, etc., reference Bang Bang pig on the line
Q:Hot factory accident cabinet has several protective supplies are what
E anti-acid and alkali supplies, such as acid and alkali gloves, anti-chemical clothing F oil resistant supplies such as oil protective clothing, shoes and boots; G waterproofing supplies, such as plastic overalls, raincoats, rain boots and boots, waterproof insurance gloves, etc .; H cold goods, such as winter clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and so on.
Q:Construction safety equipment, equipment, equipment, what
Personal protective equipment: from head to toe, different types of work, protective equipment is not the same. Engineering protective materials, frame, board, net, pole, lamp, rope, line and so on. Equipment: monitoring systems, alarm systems, fire protection systems, rescue systems. and many more
Q:What is the difference between an individual protective equipment account and an individual protective equipment management desk account?
The former is out of the library records or the signature of the recipient (with evidence), different protective equipment should be recorded separately.
Q:Is there any stipulation on the purchase of safety equipment for construction site
Large-scale temporary facilities with a total area of more than 1200 square meters, should be in accordance with the fire requirements with fire extinguishers, and according to the fire object, location, set a certain number of volume of the fire pool, and equipped with no less than 4 sets of bucket, fire shovel, , At the same time, to have a certain number of yellow sand pool and other equipment, facilities, and leave a fire channel.

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