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Material:                                                                  SPP
Size:                                                                        Universal
Color:                                                                       Blue/White
Exterior:                                                                   Embossed
Certificates:                                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                                        200,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                                        Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                                   10pcs/roll,10rolls/bag,20bags/case
Delivery Time:                                                          20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                                        L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                                           500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Non-Skid Polypropylene Shoe Cover

-    low particulate shoe covers.
-    100% non-woven spunbond polypropylene.
-    Elastic ankles fit most shoe sizes
-    Skid-free soles for extra traction and improved safety.

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Q:What protective equipment does the chemical plant work?
such as oil, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, steel, smelting, electricity, construction , Machinery manufacturing and food and so on
Q:What is the best security equipment?
Our construction company workers are using "security" to provide all kinds of labor safety supplies, things cheap quality. In particular, the service attitude of this supplier is also good.
Q:Standard preventive equipment
5, after the removal of gloves should be washed hands, if necessary, hand disinfection 6, there may be blood, body fluids splashed to the medical staff face: wearing a barrier with anti-permeability, protective glasses
Q:What are the welders' labor insurance products?
Welding, the welder and other people around should wear dust masks, reduce smoke inhalation Welding workers and the surrounding workers should wear a good labor insurance supplies. Do not wear a welding mask, do not wear colored eyepiece directly observe the arc light; as much as possible to reduce the skin exposed, summer banned shorts and short coat engaged in welding operations;
Q:Coal-fired power plant ammonia area need to be equipped with what safety equipment,
Full cover, light chemical protective clothing, chemical boots, butyl rubber gloves and so on. The specific circumstances can contact Baotou City Lao An Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Q:How to choose and use respiratory protection properly
Dust masks now perform GB2626-2006 standard. 1, according to the standard, the mask is divided into oil-resistant particulate and non-oily particles 2 kinds of masks. Anti-oil particles (anti-fumes, oil mist and non-oily particles) protection class KP100, KP95, KP90 three grades. Anti-oil particles (anti-dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms) have KN100, KN95, KN90 three grades. The number represents the protection rate for ultrafine particles. The bigger the better.
Q:What is PPE personal protective equipment, personal protective equipment, labor insurance supplies
Entertainment: helmets for biking, in-line / roller skating Bicycles, skates used in icebreaker Personal protective equipment affixed CE mark Declaration of conformity. PPE directives and other directives for health and safety requirements.
Q:What is LA security certification?
Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau, "Labor Protection Products Supervision and Management Provisions" clearly states: "the production of labor protection products produced by the production of special labor protection products, must obtain special labor protection products safety signs (LA signs)"; special labor protection products safety signs Is to confirm the safety protection of special labor protection products in line with national standards, industry standards, with protective function or role; that is, medical or have a functional mask to prevent disease is also necessary; to obtain special safety products safety products should be in the The product of the obvious location of the special labor protection products with safety signs logo.
Q:Shanghai Hongan Security Products Co., Ltd. is what to do?
Landlord Hello, I know it is eyewash factory, the launch of the eyewash, good quality, more features, for buyers, choose this product, and then buy, will feel better.
Q:What are the requirements for wear protection of electrical welding personnel?
according to Welding and cutting safety GB 9448-1999 provides that: 4.2.2 Physical protection protective clothing     Protective clothing should be selected according to the specific welding and cutting operation characteristics. Protective clothing must meet the requirements of GB 15701, and can provide adequate protection area. Gloves     All welders and cutters must wear fire-resistant protective gloves. Refer to Appendix C (Appendix) for the relevant standards. aprons     When the front of the body need to add protection to the sparks and radiation, you must use a durable refractory leather or other material apron. Leggings     When additional protection is required for the legs, fire resistant leggings or other equivalent appliances must be used.

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