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Material:                                                                  SPP
Size:                                                                        Universal
Color:                                                                       Blue/White
Exterior:                                                                   Embossed
Certificates:                                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                                        200,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                                        Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                                   10pcs/roll,10rolls/bag,20bags/case
Delivery Time:                                                          20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                                        L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                                           500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Non-Skid Polypropylene Shoe Cover

-    low particulate shoe covers.
-    100% non-woven spunbond polypropylene.
-    Elastic ankles fit most shoe sizes
-    Skid-free soles for extra traction and improved safety.

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Q:What are the personal protective items in the boiler room?
Anti-high temperature gloves and high temperature uniforms, dust masks, goggles, personal safety or a lot of attention
Q:What are the criteria for the selection of labor protection products?
Labor protection means that the workers in the production process to avoid or reduce the accident damage and occupational hazards of personal wear (wear) wear supplies, referred to as care products.
Q:What glass safety equipment does the manufacturer need?
High temperature burns - melts, molding workers - high temperature and hot glass water - wear insulated caps, gloves; Eye burns - melters (furnace flame observation) - high temperature flame - wear special glasses or see fire lenses; Silicosis - Broken workers, ingredients, melts and other almost all types of work - sandstone, silica sand and glass powder - wear dust masks; Glass cut - slicers, boxers - glass accidental damage - wear protective equipment, key personnel need to wear armor class special care equipment.
Q:Is the raincoat necessary for labor protection workers?
Welders special insulated gloves (safety pressure 6000V), Electrical labor insurance shoes (safety pressure 500V), Welding protection mask (welding cap),
Q:What is the difference between labor protection and labor protection? Please prawn your advice!
According to my survey, there is no difference, many people talk about this time will be the two words mixed, should be synonymous For example, this entry ~ ~ Labor protection products   
Q:Into the job site do not wear protective equipment you will have any loss
Should be based on the needs of the job site with labor protection supplies. Commonly used labor protection products are: 1, helmets, work clothes, work shoes, work gloves, dust (poison) masks, protective glasses, etc .; 2, climbing operations to be equipped with seat belts, anti-skid shoes.
Q:Workers occupational health commonly used with which six kinds of protection
Protective cap Used to prevent accidental heavy objects fall or fly damage to the head and prevent the pollution of harmful substances, made of polyethylene and so on. Depending on the type of combination, such as welders safety protective cap and so on. Anti-contaminated protective caps are mainly made of cotton or synthetic fiber with cap. 2. protective clothing Mainly anti-heat (non-regulation and air conditioning two), to prevent chemical pollution services, to prevent chemical contaminants damage the skin or skin into the body and other effects.
Q:What are the facial protective articles for the car repair business?
Your adoption is the driving force of my progress, and do not understand the place, please continue to "ask"!
Q:The role of labor protection supplies
The use of labor protection products, through the use of blocking, closed, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other measures, can play to protect the body of the Bureau or all from the role of foreign invasion, under certain conditions, the use of personal protective equipment is the main protective measures. Protective supplies strictly guarantee the quality, safe and reliable, and wear to be comfortable and convenient, economical and durable.
Q:What is the role of staff wear labor protection products? 5
The role of staff wear labor protection products is: to protect the lives of workers in labor safety and health. The specific role of performance in the three major aspects and numerous aspects: First, the prevention of occupational diseases. Such as masks to prevent pneumoconiosis, skin care protection photoelectric dermatitis, glasses mask to prevent photoelectric ophthalmia, earplugs to prevent explosive noise deafness, protective clothing to prevent radioactive disease, gas mask to prevent chemical gas and so on. Second, the prevention of foreseeable damage. (The prevention of occupational diseases included in the prevention of foreseeable injury) work shoes gloves and other anti-hand and foot scratches, anti-contaminated toxic substances; fans, air conditioning, heaters can cool down the cold heating; soap, disinfectant, can be timely cleaning bacteria and toxic substance. Third, to prevent accidental injury. Such as helmets, protective nets, insurance belts, etc. can prevent accidental injury. All in all, the role of labor protection products is to protect the lives of workers in labor safety and health.

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