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reusable face mask
1.Material:100% chiffon
2.OEM/ODM is welcome
3.Keeps Face Warm & Proctection From Cold, Snow,

we can supply many kinds of fashion mask ,cotton mask ,satin mask,plush mask.The mask has many function ,it can protect cold ,dust and pollen.If any item meet you needs,pls do not hesitate to contact me any time.

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Q:What glass safety equipment does the manufacturer need?
High temperature burns - melts, molding workers - high temperature and hot glass water - wear insulated caps, gloves; Eye burns - melters (furnace flame observation) - high temperature flame - wear special glasses or see fire lenses; Silicosis - Broken workers, ingredients, melts and other almost all types of work - sandstone, silica sand and glass powder - wear dust masks; Glass cut - slicers, boxers - glass accidental damage - wear protective equipment, key personnel need to wear armor class special care equipment.
Q:What is the difference between an individual protective equipment account and an individual protective equipment management desk account?
The latter is a list of what protective equipment is required for all posts in the enterprise, including a description of the replacement cycle and management of the responsible person.
Q:What is labor protection products?
include:     1, helmets, mainly: miners with helmets, ABS W helmets, breathable helmets, ABS V-type breathable helmets, V-type helmets, David helmets, training cap and so on.     
Q:What are the head protection products? Belong to labor insurance products?
The meaning of labor insurance products is used in labor operations in order to protect us from harm to the protection of supplies. According to the categories are divided into: masks, gloves, protective clothing, seat belts, safety shoes, helmets, ear caps and other subdivision can be divided into masks categories: anti-virus masks, dust masks, gauze masks,
Q:Noise to 85dB intermittent operations need to wear protective equipment
Noise up to 80dB constitute occupational hazards. From the point of view of occupational hygiene, there is a sound that is detrimental to hearing, is harmful to health, or has other hazards, and 8h / d or 40h / week noise exposure A equivalent sound level ≥80dB is called noise.
Q:What are the electrical welders who wear labor protection supplies correctly?
Protective gloves, overalls, labor insurance shoes, welders glasses or welding hoods
Q:Types of personal protective equipment
(1) protective clothing 1) white canvas protective clothing can make the body from high temperature baking, and resistant to burning characteristics, mainly for smelting, casting and welding and other types of work. 2) labor cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for non-high temperature, heavy physical operation of the types of work, such as maintenance, lifting and electrical and other types of work. 3) polyester card cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for logistics and functional personnel and other positions.
Q:Welder protective equipment
4. Safety requirements for welder protective shoes (1) welder protective shoes should be insulated, heat-resistant, non-flammable, wear-resistant and non-slip performance. (2) welders wear protective rubber shoes soles, should withstand the voltage of 5000V test qualified, such as flammable and explosive occasions welding, the soles should not have spikes, so as not to produce friction Mars. (3) in the water when the ground welding and cutting, the welder should wear through the withstand voltage 6000V, test qualified waterproof rubber shoes. 5. Other protective equipment for welding and cutting (1) welding, cutting the workplace, due to arc radiation, slag splashing, affecting the surrounding line of sight, should be set arc guard or protective screen, screen should be made of non-combustible material made of its surface should be painted black or dark gray paint, Should not be less than 1.8m, the lower part should be left with 25cm air circulation. (2) welders climbing or in the place where the possible fall of welding, cutting operations used in the seat belt, should meet the GB720 and GB721 "seat belts" requirements, the safety belt on the safety belt hook should be linked. (3) welders with helmets should be consistent with GB2811 "helmet" requirements. (4) welders use the tool bags, barrels should be no holes, welders commonly used hand hammer slag shovel, wire brush and other tools should be connected firmly. (5) welder used mobile lighting fixture power cord, should be used YQ or YQW type rubber insulated cable, wire intact without damage, no leakage of lighting switch, the voltage should be based on the scene to determine or use 12V safe voltage, lamp The bulb should have metal mesh cover protection.
Q:What is LA safety mark certification (special labor protection products safety mark certification) old security logo certification)
LA safety certification, Lao An certification, is the habit of the enterprise called, the exact name is a special labor protection products safety signs, it was also known as the "Lao An signs certification."
Q:What are the general labor insurance products?
Five, protective footwear Protection foot safety shoes anti-static shoes, conductive shoes anti-piercing shoes plastic anti-smashing safety boots electrical insulation shoes acid and alkali shoes acid and alkali rubber boots acid resistant plastic molded boots Six, anti-fall protective equipment category Safety belt safety net General protective equipment are: Cotton gloves, canvas gloves, towels, cotton yarn, wiping cloth, masks, dust caps, ordinary overalls, general labor insurance shoes, earplugs, foot sets, water boots, raincoats, adhesive tape.

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