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reusable face mask
1.Material:100% chiffon
2.OEM/ODM is welcome
3.Keeps Face Warm & Proctection From Cold, Snow,

we can supply many kinds of fashion mask ,cotton mask ,satin mask,plush mask.The mask has many function ,it can protect cold ,dust and pollen.If any item meet you needs,pls do not hesitate to contact me any time.

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Q:What is the difference between labor protection and labor protection? Please prawn your advice!
Protective supplies strictly guarantee the quality, safe and reliable, and wear to be comfortable and convenient, economical and durable.    On April 23, 1996, the Ministry of Labor issued the Provisions on the Administration of Labor Protection Products (No. 116 [1996] of the Ministry of Labor)
Q:What are the classification of labor protection products?
Labor protection products are divided into nine categories: 1, head protection products. There are general protective caps, dust caps, waterproof caps, cold caps, helmets, anti-static caps, anti-high temperature caps.
Q:China's latest list of special labor protection products listed in the list of the number of special labor protection products
Special labor protection supplies are 6 categories and 21 species. First, the head care category Helmets
Q:What are the protective products?
There are many different parts. such as: Head protection: plastic helmets, V-shaped helmets, bamboo helmets, miners helmets Facial protection: headset welding mask, anti-acid organic mask mask, high temperature mask Eye protection: dust glasses, anti-acid glasses, anti-splash glasses, anti-UV glasses
Q:Personal protective equipment which eight categories
Do not know is not the eight categories: 1, head protection 2, eye protection 3, respiratory protection 4, hearing protection 5, hand protection 6, body protection 7, foot protection 8, fall protection
Q:What are the criteria for the selection of labor protection products?
Labor protection means that the workers in the production process to avoid or reduce the accident damage and occupational hazards of personal wear (wear) wear supplies, referred to as care products.
Q:When using oxalic acid, what protective equipment should be worn
Oxalic acid acidic than acetic acid (acetic acid) 10000 times, is a strong acid in organic acids. The first order ionization constant Ka1 = 5.9 × 10 ^ -2, the second ionization constant Ka2 = 6.4 × 10 ^ -5. With the acidity of the acid. Can be neutralized with the base, can make the indicator discoloration, with the role of carbonate release of carbon dioxide.    
Q:Proper use and use of labor protection products, can play that several aspects of the role
Gas masks or masks can reduce the health hazards of workers who absorb harmful gases
Q:What are the labor insurance products?
Many, in the labor, can play a role in the protection of all the items, can be called labor insurance supplies
Q:What are the requirements and requirements for the use of occupational disease protection products
In addition to GB / T 11651-2008 "individual protective equipment selection specification", should also carry out occupational hazards risk analysis: A1 toxicity hazards A1.1 Overview refers to the ability of chemicals to penetrate the body through inhalation, ingestion, skin and eye contact. Mainly consider the inherent hazards of the substance itself and the harm of the decomposition products in the case of fire, taking into account the chronic effects, such as carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic, but do not consider the risk of fire burns. A1.2 Hazard classification is based on the inherent characteristics of the poison and the possible harm, will be divided into highly toxic, highly toxic, moderate toxicity, low toxicity and micro-toxic five, respectively, with 4,3,2,1,0 said The The division principle is as follows: A) 4 means that poison is a chemical that may cause death or serious injury after short-term exposure. The division principle is as follows: LD50 ≤ 5mg / kg (oral) chemicals LD50 ≤ 40mg / kg (transdermal) chemicals LC50≤0.5mg / L (dust or smoke) LC50≤ (1 × 1000M / 24.45) mg / m3 (gas) At 20 ° C under normal temperature, the saturated vapor concentration is 10 times that of LC50 and LC 50 ≤ (1 × 1000 · M / 24.45) mg / m3. B) 3 means that high toxicity refers to chemicals that can cause serious temporary or permanent injury after short-term exposure. The division principle is as follows: 5mg / kg

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