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reusable face mask
1.Material:100% chiffon
2.OEM/ODM is welcome
3.Keeps Face Warm & Proctection From Cold, Snow,

we can supply many kinds of fashion mask ,cotton mask ,satin mask,plush mask.The mask has many function ,it can protect cold ,dust and pollen.If any item meet you needs,pls do not hesitate to contact me any time.

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Q:Helmets and other protective equipment is the role of what?
Personal protective equipment refers to the protection of workers in the production process to prevent workers in the production process from or to reduce the accident and occupational hazards caused by personal protection supplies, directly to the human body to play a protective role;
Q:Workers occupational health commonly used with which six kinds of protection
Protective cap Used to prevent accidental heavy objects fall or fly damage to the head and prevent the pollution of harmful substances, made of polyethylene and so on. Depending on the type of combination, such as welders safety protective cap and so on. Anti-contaminated protective caps are mainly made of cotton or synthetic fiber with cap. 2. protective clothing Mainly anti-heat (non-regulation and air conditioning two), to prevent chemical pollution services, to prevent chemical contaminants damage the skin or skin into the body and other effects.
Q:Contact the laser printer should wear any protective equipment
The laser printer releases fine particles at work When the body is sucked into the body can effectively penetrate the lungs,
Q:Safety protection of the two cards and a sign is what ah?
Production license, product certification, safety certification, safety signs Its provisions for special safety equipment are as follows: Special protective equipment safety signs by the special labor protection products safety signs and special protective equipment safety signs marked two parts. Safety signs issued by the home safety production supervision and management of the General Administration, stamped with special labor protection products safety signs management center seal. Different sizes of graphics are used for different types of special protective equipment. The safety mark certificate is valid for 4 years and is subject to an audit every year. If the product name or model number is changed within the validity period, it shall apply for replacement. described as follows: Logo using the ancient shield shape: take "protection" means Shield in the middle of the letter "LA" that "labor safety" means "** - ** - ******" is the identification number. The first layer: double digits indicate the year in which the logo is used; The second layer: double-digit means that the identity of the authorized production enterprises to belong to the provincial administrative region code; Layer 3: The first three digits indicate the product name code, and the last three digits indicate the order in which the authorization is used. In addition to safety protection products also have failure requirements, there are production safety protection products on the date, such as helmets are the production year, month, respectively, with two circular icons that the center of the arrow pointing to the specific time.
Q:Production line staff esd protective equipment which
Mainly anti-static clothes anti-static shoes electrostatic bracelet
Q:The new safety production law provides four provisions for personal protective equipment
Provide, education supervision, wear, use. Is such that: Article 42 The production and operation units must provide labor protection products that meet the national standards or industry standards for the employees and supervise and educate the practitioners to wear and use them according to the rules of use.
Q:What are the electrical welders who wear labor protection supplies correctly?
Welding and welding labor insurance products include:     White canvas pants, coat,    Welders special insulated gloves (safety pressure 6000V),     Electrical labor insurance shoes (safety pressure 500V),    Welding protection mask (welding cap),    Turn fur protective foot sets (to avoid welding droplets burn shoes, causing burns foot accident),     Helmet (up welding position to avoid dropping drip drip hair, high altitude operations necessary),     Seat belts (equal to more than 2 meters high, are high altitude operations, seat belts are essential supplies).
Q:Liquid ammonia protection products which
Gas detector is generally divided into portable and fixed two categories, need to combine the actual situation of their own enterprises to be equipped with: 1. Portable gas detector, but also to facilitate the detection of ammonia concentration on site, easy to carry. 2. Fixed gas detector, of course, mainly used for liquid ammonia operation of the scene, generally fixed in a corner. It is more technically and technically suitable for fixed detection required for continuous, long-term stability and so on. They should be based on the concentration of ammonia to be selected, but also pay attention to them installed in the most likely leakage of ammonia in the location. Personal safety equipment
Q:Is the raincoat necessary for labor protection workers?
Turn fur protective foot sets (to avoid welding droplets burn shoes, causing burns foot accident), Helmet (up welding position to avoid dropping drip drip hair, high altitude operations necessary),
Q:What kind of documents should be sold for special labor protection products
Article XII of the special labor protection supplies sentinel business units should have the following basic conditions: (1) having a business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce; (B) with the distribution of products to adapt to the operating site, capital and storage conditions; (C) management personnel familiar with the national labor protection supplies standards and the provisions; (D) the distribution staff familiar with the special labor protection supplies commodity knowledge, for users to correctly introduce the performance of labor protection products, features and common sense; (5) with practical commodity acceptance, custody, regular inspection and failure of retirement system, and can provide users with good after-sales service. Article XIII special labor protection supplies sentinel business units can operate general labor protection supplies; operating general labor protection equipment units shall not operate special labor protection

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