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Material:                                                   SPP
Color:                                                       White/Green/Blue
Style:                                                        Double Elastic
Size:                                                         21" (53cm)
Certificates:                                              FDA

Minimum:                                                  Order Quantity: 50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                         Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                    100pcs per poly bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                           20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                        L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Mob Cap Double Elastic
-    Secures hair and minimizes the risk of contamination
-    Soft non-woven construction for comfort and security
-    Elasticated trim accommodates a variety of hairstyles
-    Single Elastic or Double Elastics
-    With or without Metal Strip

Clean Room / Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Industrial Safety / Laboratory / Homecare

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Q:Why use the individual protective equipment for aerial work
High-altitude operations personnel must be in accordance with the provisions of wearing personal protective equipment, before the operation to check, the operation should be the correct use of anti-fall supplies and climbing equipment, equipment. Aerial work using individual protective equipment Main matters: Ribbon fibers, joints and sutures are complete, no fracture, degradation, wear, burn and so on.
Q:Labor protection supplies and labor insurance products do the same
Such as your company made a towel, detergent, soap, which is also a kind of labor insurance products.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is needed for hydropower plants?
"Labor protective equipment with the standard of the relevant instructions" Article XII insulated gloves and insulated shoes in addition to regular replacement generally do not need regular testing, manufacturers need to provide labor insurance products logo certificate. Special protective equipment such as respirators
Q:How to check the special labor protection products safety signs certificate
Landing the State Administration of Work Safety "special labor protection products safety signs management center" Home "
Q:Into the production workshop why wear labor protection supplies it gives you what work in the daily work
Labor protection supplies looks nothing special, but it is to protect workers in the production process of labor safety and health, to avoid all kinds of accidents and occupational hazards occurred auxiliary protective equipment, can be said to wear a good labor insurance Supplies is a good safety barrier.
Q:What safety equipment should the welders have?
Welders should have the following security equipment: 1, welding for the protection of uniforms, gloves and shoes. 2, welding workers must wear insulated shoes, wearing special insulated gloves. 3, welding, the welder and other people around should wear dust masks, reduce the smoke inhaled the body.
Q:What is the knowledge of personal protection?
4) NRR value alone may not be able to assist the user to select the most appropriate ear protection device, should also consider the ear protection device in different audio frequency reduction ability. 5) If the laborers are required to enter and leave the hearing area frequently, the earbuds with the rope can be selected to facilitate the wearer to wear or remove. 6) In general, the erection of the erection of the ability to reduce noise than the earplugs. However, due to wearing glasses will make some earmuffs can not close and have gaps, affecting the effect. In addition, if the earmuffs are too tight, will make the wearer feel uncomfortable and do not want to use. Therefore, sometimes earplugs are also a good choice. 7) In the case where the earmuffs must be worn to be effective, since the earmuffs may interfere with other personal protective equipment such as helmets, an integrated helmet cap can be selected. 8) In the dust working environment, should choose a one-time earplugs or replaceable cushions of the earmuffs.
Q:What is special labor protection products and classifieds
Labor protection products refer to personal protective equipment provided by the production and operation units for employees who are exempted from or detrimental to accidental injury and occupational hazards during the course of labor. It is divided into special labor protection supplies and general labor protection supplies. Special labor protection products specifically include the following: 1, head helmet type helmets 2, respiratory protection category dust masks filter type gas mask self-contained air respirator long tube mask 3, eye (face) protective gear welding eye protection with anti-impact eye protection 4, protective clothing class fire-retardant protective clothing anti-acid work clothes anti-static overalls 5, protective footwear protection toe safety shoes anti-static shoes, conductive shoes anti-piercing shoes plastic anti-smashing safety boots electrical insulation shoes acid and alkali shoes acid and alkali rubber boots acid resistant plastic molded boots 6, anti-fall protective equipment safety belt safety net dense security network
Q:If not in accordance with the provisions of wearing labor protection products lead to occupational hazards how to deal with
First, the workers do not comply with the provisions of the wear of labor protection products lead to occupational hazards, in violation of the "Labor Law" Article III, Article 56 and the relevant laws and regulations and units of the rules and regulations, units should be in accordance with the principle of safe production four To deal with, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the workers to give disciplinary sanctions and require a certain percentage of direct economic losses. Second, the workers can enjoy the industrial injury insurance treatment (work injury insurance without fault liability insurance).
Q:How to choose the right respiratory protection
 The suitability test is qualitative and quantitative. Due to the simplicity of the qualitative method, it is suitable for on-site inspection of each person who uses a close-type mask. This service can be provided by the manufacturer or seller of respiratory protection products or by the employer Internal self-test. Quantitative suitability tests are more suitable for full face shields for IDLH environments or for scientific research.     Due to the new method of suitability test, there are still few applications in our country, and the existing inspection products are less in the market. From the feasibility, the standard is used as the recommended method for the users' reference. Shanghai collar and protection technology to remind another need to pay attention to the factor is to leave some style of bearded men can not use a close mask. If you can not persuade them to scrap the beard, you can only choose not to close the mask, such as open mask.

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