N95 Particulate Respirator

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Color:                                                         White
Respirator Type:                                         Cone/Oyster/Duck Bill
Certifications:                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                           50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                          Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                     20pcs/box,20boxes/case
Delivery Time:                                            20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                         L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

N95 Particulate Respirator

-    NIOSH-N95 approved particulate respirator
-    Soft padded nose seal provides exceptional comfort and VALUE
-    Adjustable aluminum nose bridge
-    Comfortable nose foam
-    Two latex-free head straps
-    Easy to use
-    Compliant with 42 CFR part 84
-    Screens out 95% of particles downs to about a 0.3 micron size

Construction/Mining/Textile/Grinding/Pharmacy/Cement, glass and hardware

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Q:Where the operation should be equipped with personal emergency protection supplies
Oxygen concentration detector, anti-acid hood, seat belt, ear protection, earplugs, communication equipment, dust mask, protective clothing
Q:Protective effect of child protection must be greater than how much lead is equivalent
⑸ protective shoes. Used to protect the foot from harm. The main products are anti-smashing, insulation, anti-static, Naisuan Jian, oil, anti-skid shoes. ⑹ protective gloves. For hand protection, mainly acid and alkali gloves, electrical insulation in the sets, welding gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves and so on. ⑺ protective clothing. Used to protect workers from the physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. Protective clothing is divided into special protective clothing and general operating clothing two categories.
Q:Personal protective equipment specific introduction
Head protection Head protection is only from 2m ~ 3m above the height of the damage caused by the head, as well as daily work on the head of the injury, the main products are helmets, safety helmets. According to the material is divided into glass steel helmets, ABS helmets, PE helmets. Respiratory protection Mainly divided into filter and isolated two categories Filter respirator is based on the principle of filter absorption, the use of filter material to filter out the air of toxic and harmful substances, will be converted into clean air for the air to breathe a class of breathing aids. Such as dust masks, anti-virus masks and filter gas masks. Isolated breathing protection products are based on the principle of isolation, so that personnel breathing organs, eyes and face with the outside world contaminated air isolation, relying on their own air or by the introduction of air pollution by the airway outside the clean air for the gas supply, Protection personnel normal breathing and respiratory protection products, also known as isolated gas masks, oxygen-type gas masks, long tube respirator and diving mask. The use of filter respirators is subject to environmental restrictions. When there is a hazardous substance in the environment that can not be filtered by the filter material, or if the oxygen content is less than 18%, or if the concentration of toxic and hazardous substances is high (> 1%), Use, in this environment the use of isolated breathing protection products. Eye protection To protect the eyes of the operator, the face, to prevent external damage. It is divided into protective glasses for protective welding, protective glasses for kiln, anti-impact protective glasses, microwave protective glasses, laser goggles and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, dustproof and other protective glasses.
Q:Sulfuric acid leakage treatment should wear what protective equipment
Where to participate in plugging, inverted cans into the front line of rescue personnel, must be personal safety protection.
Q:What are the welders' labor insurance products?
Special protective clothing for clothes, gloves and shoes Welders must wear insulated shoes, wear special insulated gloves
Q:Labor insurance products and safety production costs of the difference
Safety production costs refers to the People's Republic of China directly engaged in coal production, non-coal mining, construction and construction, dangerous goods production and storage, transportation, fireworks production, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, weapons and equipment development and production (including Civil aviation and nuclear fuel) enterprises and other economic organizations in order to establish a long-term mechanism for enterprise safety production, to strengthen the safety of production costs management, to ensure the safety of production capital investment, maintenance of enterprises, workers and social and public interests and expenses. Labor protection costs are expenses incurred for employees who are required to provide or provide work clothes, gloves, safety supplies, etc. for their work. Labor protection costs (labor insurance) range include: work clothes, gloves, washing powder and other labor insurance products, antidotes and other safety supplies, cool drinks and other heatstroke cooling supplies, and in accordance with the provisions of the original Ministry of Labor and other sectors of contact with toxic substances, Silica operations, radiation operations and diving, caisson operations, high temperature operations and other types of work to enjoy by the labor protection costs of health food treatment.
Q:Dust-proof respirators can only be used if the oxygen content is not less than the number of environments
In general, the lower limit concentration of the oxygen concentration measuring instrument is 19% -19.5%. It can be considered that the best dust mask in not less than 19% of the air environment. The above data is for reference only. Some of the dust mask packaging instructions will be written on this.
Q:What are the requirements for wear protection of electrical welding personnel? Shawls, cloak and sleeves     In the process of capping, cutting or other operations, if necessary, wear leather or other refractory sleeves or shawl cover, but also under the hood to wear refractory texture of the cloak to prevent head burns. Other protective clothing     When the noise can not be controlled within the allowable sound level specified in GBJ 87, a protective device (such as an earmuff, earplug or other suitable means) must be used.
Q:What are the commonly used labor protection products for construction?
Seat belts, safety nets, helmets, insulated boots, dust masks, insulated gloves, welding gloves, welder masks, gas masks
Q:How to do the supervision and management of labor protection products
  (5) supervisor training         The company is equipped with labor protection supplies supervisors, supervise and guide the employees of enterprises to wear and use labor protection products according to regulations, and carry out supervision and inspection on the implementation of labor protection products management system. The establishment of all-round, multi-channel labor protection products regulatory system; production safety department is responsible for the scope of labor protection supplies and the use of conditions for supervision and inspection.         Enterprises in accordance with the product specification requirements, timely replacement, expired and expired labor protection products. Such as dust masks valid for three years, more than three years of storage should be re-inspection, failure should be timely scrapped. Insulated gloves and insulated shoes should be done before each time to do the insulation performance of the inspection and semi-annual insulation performance for a re-test. And the use of seat belts after two years, should be purchased by batch sampling time, if no rupture can continue to use.         In short, labor protection products is the enterprise workers in the production process of the umbrella and safety valve. And labor protection supplies management work is to protect the safety and health of employees of the important work, is an important part of safety management. Enterprises should establish and improve the use of labor protection products and management system, the implementation of responsibility, the labor protection supplies distribution and management work done better!

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