N95 Particulate Respirator

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Color:                                                         White
Respirator Type:                                         Cone/Oyster/Duck Bill
Certifications:                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                           50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                          Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                     20pcs/box,20boxes/case
Delivery Time:                                            20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                         L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

N95 Particulate Respirator

-    NIOSH-N95 approved particulate respirator
-    Soft padded nose seal provides exceptional comfort and VALUE
-    Adjustable aluminum nose bridge
-    Comfortable nose foam
-    Two latex-free head straps
-    Easy to use
-    Compliant with 42 CFR part 84
-    Screens out 95% of particles downs to about a 0.3 micron size

Construction/Mining/Textile/Grinding/Pharmacy/Cement, glass and hardware

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Q:Have labor protection products issued standards, labor protection supplies release plan how to write?
As for the plan to release your standards, you are planning the annual, quarterly and monthly plans.
Q:Labor protection supplies are provided by the employer to protect the safety and health of workers what measures
Auxiliary, preventive. Analysis: "Employer Labor Protection Products Management Code" Article 4 Labor protection articles are auxiliary and preventive measures provided by the employing units to protect the safety and health of laborers. No engineering protection equipment and other technical and administrative measures shall be replaced by labor protection products.
Q:How to use occupational disease protection supplies correctly.
4.7.3 Occupational disease protection facilities and their accounts     Employers should be equipped with the requirements of occupational hazards protection facilities. And the establishment of occupational disease protection facilities included in the account account Equipment name, model, manufacturer name, the main technical parameters, installation site, installation date, the use of purpose, protective effect Fruit evaluation, use and maintenance records, the use of people, custodians and other content. Occupational disease protection facilities account should be responsible for security Management, regular updates, and should be developed to borrow registration system. 4.7.4 to develop personal occupational disease protection products plan and organize the implementation     Employers should establish a personal occupational disease protection supplies management system, and the development of personal occupational disease protection equipment with plans The source of funds, the technical indicators of the protective equipment, the replacement cycle, etc .; according to the type of account, according to the existence of occupational hazards Factors and levels with the corresponding personal occupational disease protective equipment; personal occupational disease protection products should ensure safe and effective in line with occupation Disease hazards personal occupational disease protective equipment standards, and should establish the appropriate system, the responsibility in place, someone responsible for regular inspection, Maintenance and timely replacement of more than the validity of the supplies to ensure that workers hold and use and maintenance.
Q:Properly equipped and used the role of labor protection supplies
First of all, the most important thing is to protect the safety of users, and can increase the use of labor insurance products. If you want to buy labor insurance products, you can go to 100 industrial products. hope this helps.
Q:Workers occupational health commonly used with which six kinds of protection
Protective cap Used to prevent accidental heavy objects fall or fly damage to the head and prevent the pollution of harmful substances, made of polyethylene and so on. Depending on the type of combination, such as welders safety protective cap and so on. Anti-contaminated protective caps are mainly made of cotton or synthetic fiber with cap. 2. protective clothing Mainly anti-heat (non-regulation and air conditioning two), to prevent chemical pollution services, to prevent chemical contaminants damage the skin or skin into the body and other effects.
Q:What is the role of labor protection supplies?
Protective supplies strictly guarantee the quality, safe and reliable, and wear to be comfortable and convenient, economical and durable.
Q:What is the principle of "four reunification" and "five tongs" in labor protection products?
Safety production "five at the same time" is the "People's Republic of China Safety Production Law", the State Council "on strengthening the safety of enterprises in the production of several provisions" requirements, in order to strengthen the management of enterprise safety production, specially formulated safety production "system. The person in charge of the enterprise and the person in charge of the functional departments at all levels must ensure the safe production of the plan, the amount of cloth, the inspection, the summary and the appraisal at the same time when planning, clothing, checking, summarizing and evaluating the production.
Q:The choice of individual protective equipment to provide a statutory basis for what
Labor protection products are a kind of defensive equipment which protects the safety and health of the employees in the labor process. It is the protection equipment provided by the production and business units for the protection of the safety and health of the employees in the course of production labor.
Q:What is safety protection? What is the role of safety equipment?
Refers to the production and operation units for employees to provide labor protection supplies, commonly known as "labor insurance" such as gloves, helmets, overalls, goggles, etc., these are ordinary protection. Special labor protection supplies are: gas masks, air respirators, anti-virus clothing, seat belts and so on
Q:Tianjin insulation protection products which brand is good?
Fourth, the protective clothing category Flameproof protective clothing Anti-acid work clothes Anti-static overalls Five, protective footwear Protect the toe safety shoes Anti-static shoes, conductive shoes Puncture shoes Plastic face anti-smashing safety boots Electric insulated shoes Acid and alkali shoes Acid and alkali rubber boots Acid and alkali plastic molded boots Six, anti-fall protective equipment category seat belt safe net Dense security network

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