N95 Particulate Respirator

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Color:                                                         White
Respirator Type:                                         Cone/Oyster/Duck Bill
Certifications:                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                           50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                          Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                     20pcs/box,20boxes/case
Delivery Time:                                            20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                         L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

N95 Particulate Respirator

-    NIOSH-N95 approved particulate respirator
-    Soft padded nose seal provides exceptional comfort and VALUE
-    Adjustable aluminum nose bridge
-    Comfortable nose foam
-    Two latex-free head straps
-    Easy to use
-    Compliant with 42 CFR part 84
-    Screens out 95% of particles downs to about a 0.3 micron size

Construction/Mining/Textile/Grinding/Pharmacy/Cement, glass and hardware

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Q:Special labor protection products safety signs apply
Come here to see. Special labor protection products safety signs management center
Q:When purchasing personal protective equipment should pay attention to those signs
Personal protective equipment should be consistent with GB11651 "labor protection supplies selection rules" and GB / T18664-2002 "respiratory protection supplies selection, use and maintenance" requirements. Special protective equipment should have a production license logo "QS", product certification, safety certification and safety signs logo LA.
Q:Coking plant should wear what protective equipment
Coke oven work with cotton labor insurance products Chemical work with anti-static labor insurance products Should be required with a good helmet, put on labor insurance shoes
Q:What welding equipment should be used in the arc welding work?
3), the exposed part of the welder should be a good protective device, uncharged housing should be grounded, is strictly prohibited to use; 4), welding cable skin integrity, good insulation, should use the entire wire; 5), welding clamp must have a good insulation, heat insulation, is strictly prohibited overheating the welding clamp immersed in water immediately after use;
Q:When using oxalic acid, what protective equipment should be worn
Oxalic acid acidic than acetic acid (acetic acid) 10000 times, is a strong acid in organic acids. The first order ionization constant Ka1 = 5.9 × 10 ^ -2, the second ionization constant Ka2 = 6.4 × 10 ^ -5. With the acidity of the acid. Can be neutralized with the base, can make the indicator discoloration, with the role of carbonate release of carbon dioxide.    
Q:How do you buy a blasting project?
The advantages of this product is the use of blasting the scene convenient and flexible. The steel top construction makes it rugged and reusable
Q:Is there any stipulation on the purchase of safety equipment for construction site
3, temporary woodworking, paint, equipment, etc. every 25 square meters, should be equipped with a suitable fire extinguisher, oil depot, dangerous goods warehouse, flammable stacking yard should be equipped with a sufficient number of types of fire extinguishers. Do not know can help you.
Q:Construction safety equipment, equipment, equipment, what
Personal protective equipment: from head to toe, different types of work, protective equipment is not the same. Engineering protective materials, frame, board, net, pole, lamp, rope, line and so on. Equipment: monitoring systems, alarm systems, fire protection systems, rescue systems. and many more
Q:Types of personal protective equipment
(1) protective clothing 1) white canvas protective clothing can make the body from high temperature baking, and resistant to burning characteristics, mainly for smelting, casting and welding and other types of work. 2) labor cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for non-high temperature, heavy physical operation of the types of work, such as maintenance, lifting and electrical and other types of work. 3) polyester card cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for logistics and functional personnel and other positions.
Q:Standard preventive equipment
Standard prevention refers to a group of measures to prevent infection based on the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions (not including sweat), nonholonomic skin and mucous membranes that may contain pathogens, for patients and medical staff. Choose suitable masks, gloves, goggles, protective masks, waterproof aprons, gowns, protective clothing, etc., and safe injection and hand hygiene according to the expected exposure. 1, the standard for all patients for the implementation of the whole process of operation 2, regardless of whether the patient is diagnosed or can be infected with infectious diseases are taken

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