Bouffant Cap

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Material                                                   SPP
Color                                                       White/Blue/Green
Size                                                         21" (53cm), 24" (61cm),
Certificates                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                        50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                        Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                  100pcs per poly bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                         20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                      L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                         500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Bouffant Cap

-    Spun bonded polypropylene
-    21” and 24” sizes
-    Sewn elastic band
-    Class One flammability rating
-    Latex-free


Clean Room / Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Industrial Safety / Laboratory / Homecare

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Q:Helmets and other protective equipment is the role of what?
Personal protective equipment refers to the protection of workers in the production process to prevent workers in the production process from or to reduce the accident and occupational hazards caused by personal protection supplies, directly to the human body to play a protective role;
Q:How to choose the right respiratory protection
 The suitability test is qualitative and quantitative. Due to the simplicity of the qualitative method, it is suitable for on-site inspection of each person who uses a close-type mask. This service can be provided by the manufacturer or seller of respiratory protection products or by the employer Internal self-test. Quantitative suitability tests are more suitable for full face shields for IDLH environments or for scientific research.     Due to the new method of suitability test, there are still few applications in our country, and the existing inspection products are less in the market. From the feasibility, the standard is used as the recommended method for the users' reference. Shanghai collar and protection technology to remind another need to pay attention to the factor is to leave some style of bearded men can not use a close mask. If you can not persuade them to scrap the beard, you can only choose not to close the mask, such as open mask.
Q:What are the protective supplies for the police?
Commonly used police with "seven small pieces", police shield, guns when there are bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet.
Q:Into the production workshop why wear labor protection supplies it gives you what work in the daily work
China's "Safety Production Law" clearly states: practitioners in the course of operation, should strictly abide by the unit's safety rules and regulations and operating procedures, obey the management, the proper wear and use of labor protection products.
Q:What should I pay attention to when using personal labor protection products?
Use of personal labor protection equipment should pay attention to: 1. Proper use of appropriate labor protection products, such as dust operating environment should be selected dust mask rather than ordinary gauze masks. 2. Selection of qualified personal protective equipment, the state of functional personal labor protection supplies production and sales supervision, use must be selected with a safety certificate of formal products. 3. Proper use of personal labor protection products, such as the use of helmets must wear well, the fixed rope is good, so that with the head fixed and fit to play the role of protecting the head.
Q:What is labor protection supplies?
Definition of labor protection products: labor protection supplies, refers to the protection of workers in the production process of personal safety and health necessary for a defensive equipment, to reduce occupational hazards play a very important role.
Q:What are the commonly used protective articles when exposed to highly toxic chemicals?
and absorption filter (such as protective glasses, respiratory protection, etc.) toxic substances. Choose the right protective equipment, can reduce the impact of toxic
Q:The welder personal protective equipment is mainly
Foot protection: fire-retardant protective shoes Hand protection: Flameproof gloves
Q:List of hydrogen sulfide testing equipment and protective equipment
When the equipment involved in hydrogen sulfide inspection and maintenance operations, the competent departments should organize the workshop and construction units to participate in the processing (construction) safety technology programs and contingency plans. The operation time, the implementation process, the implementation method and so on a comprehensive and systematic risk analysis, its safety and reliability and compliance with the regulatory system to fully demonstrate. In the safety scheme, the regulations and arrangements should be made for safety preparation, purging and replacement, safety isolation, sampling analysis, dynamic detection, safety protection, safety supervision, safety contact, evacuation evacuation, first aid and other rescue.
Q:What are the general labor insurance products?
Five, protective footwear Protection foot safety shoes anti-static shoes, conductive shoes anti-piercing shoes plastic anti-smashing safety boots electrical insulation shoes acid and alkali shoes acid and alkali rubber boots acid resistant plastic molded boots Six, anti-fall protective equipment category Safety belt safety net General protective equipment are: Cotton gloves, canvas gloves, towels, cotton yarn, wiping cloth, masks, dust caps, ordinary overalls, general labor insurance shoes, earplugs, foot sets, water boots, raincoats, adhesive tape.

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