Bouffant Cap

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Material                                                   SPP
Color                                                       White/Blue/Green
Size                                                         21" (53cm), 24" (61cm),
Certificates                                             FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                        50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                        Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                  100pcs per poly bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                         20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                      L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                         500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Bouffant Cap

-    Spun bonded polypropylene
-    21” and 24” sizes
-    Sewn elastic band
-    Class One flammability rating
-    Latex-free


Clean Room / Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Industrial Safety / Laboratory / Homecare

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Q:Safety protection of the two cards and a sign is what ah?
Production license, product certification, safety certification, safety signs Its provisions for special safety equipment are as follows: Special protective equipment safety signs by the special labor protection products safety signs and special protective equipment safety signs marked two parts. Safety signs issued by the home safety production supervision and management of the General Administration, stamped with special labor protection products safety signs management center seal. Different sizes of graphics are used for different types of special protective equipment. The safety mark certificate is valid for 4 years and is subject to an audit every year. If the product name or model number is changed within the validity period, it shall apply for replacement. described as follows: Logo using the ancient shield shape: take "protection" means Shield in the middle of the letter "LA" that "labor safety" means "** - ** - ******" is the identification number. The first layer: double digits indicate the year in which the logo is used; The second layer: double-digit means that the identity of the authorized production enterprises to belong to the provincial administrative region code; Layer 3: The first three digits indicate the product name code, and the last three digits indicate the order in which the authorization is used. In addition to safety protection products also have failure requirements, there are production safety protection products on the date, such as helmets are the production year, month, respectively, with two circular icons that the center of the arrow pointing to the specific time.
Q:Types of personal protective equipment
(1) protective clothing 1) white canvas protective clothing can make the body from high temperature baking, and resistant to burning characteristics, mainly for smelting, casting and welding and other types of work. 2) labor cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for non-high temperature, heavy physical operation of the types of work, such as maintenance, lifting and electrical and other types of work. 3) polyester card cloth protective clothing on the human body from the general shielding effect, mainly for logistics and functional personnel and other positions.
Q:Refueling labor insurance protective equipment configuration standards?
Bo Shou has a complete line of personal protection products, including head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, face protection, hand protection and other products to meet your actual workplace in the security needs.
Q:Production and operation units in the purchase of labor protection supplies, should be requested (), and archived
Article 14 The import of special labor protection products shall be subject to the safety permit system. The safety license is issued by the National Labor Protection Products Production License Office. Imported labor protection products, must comply with China's national standards for labor protection products. There is no national standard products can be approved by our standards for testing.        
Q:What welding equipment should be used in the arc welding work?
1), the welding machine must have a separate dedicated power switch, prohibit multiple welding machine share a power switch; 2), welding machine to prevent collision, moisture or severe vibration;
Q:Labor insurance products and safety production costs of the difference
Safety production costs refers to the People's Republic of China directly engaged in coal production, non-coal mining, construction and construction, dangerous goods production and storage, transportation, fireworks production, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, weapons and equipment development and production (including Civil aviation and nuclear fuel) enterprises and other economic organizations in order to establish a long-term mechanism for enterprise safety production, to strengthen the safety of production costs management, to ensure the safety of production capital investment, maintenance of enterprises, workers and social and public interests and expenses. Labor protection costs are expenses incurred for employees who are required to provide or provide work clothes, gloves, safety supplies, etc. for their work. Labor protection costs (labor insurance) range include: work clothes, gloves, washing powder and other labor insurance products, antidotes and other safety supplies, cool drinks and other heatstroke cooling supplies, and in accordance with the provisions of the original Ministry of Labor and other sectors of contact with toxic substances, Silica operations, radiation operations and diving, caisson operations, high temperature operations and other types of work to enjoy by the labor protection costs of health food treatment.
Q:What is emergency protection supplies
if it is in the room on the air respirator, fire extinguishers, rescue equipment.
Q:Tianjin insulation protection products which brand is good?
Labor protection products refer to personal protective equipment provided by the production and operation units for employees who are exempted from or detrimental to accidental injury and occupational hazards during the course of labor. It is divided into special labor protection products and general labor protection products. The state implements a safety mark management system for special labor protection products.
Q:What is the principle of "four reunification" and "five tongs" in labor protection products?
Safety production "five at the same time" is the "People's Republic of China Safety Production Law", the State Council "on strengthening the safety of enterprises in the production of several provisions" requirements, in order to strengthen the management of enterprise safety production, specially formulated safety production "system. The person in charge of the enterprise and the person in charge of the functional departments at all levels must ensure the safe production of the plan, the amount of cloth, the inspection, the summary and the appraisal at the same time when planning, clothing, checking, summarizing and evaluating the production.
Q:What do safety products include?
The following products for the State Administration of Work Safety announced the special labor protection supplies: First, the head care category: Helmets Second, respiratory care category: Dust masks filter type gas mask self - contained air respirator long tube mask Third, eye (face) protection class Welding eye protection with anti - impact eye protection Four, protective clothing fire - retardant protective clothing anti - acid work clothes anti - static overalls Five, protective footwear Protection foot safety shoes anti-static shoes, conductive shoes anti-piercing shoes plastic anti-smashing safety boots electrical insulation shoes acid and alkali shoes acid and alkali rubber boots acid resistant plastic molded boots

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