Giko Niosh N95 Mask

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Medical Materials & Accessories
Dressings and Care For Materials
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NIOSH N95 / CE EN149:2001 FFP2 Mask,N95 / FFP2
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Packaging Detail:15pcs/box 360pcs/ctn
Delivery Detail:30 days


giko niosh n95 mask
1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional

Giko noish n95 mask


1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional
4) The contour design ensures compatibility with the wearing of glasses
or goggles, reducing fogging

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Q:The scope of labor protection, what is labor protection supplies
Second, labor protection supplies. 1, "Labor Protection Products Management Regulations" provides that Article III provides that the provisions of the provisions of labor protection products, workers in the labor process to avoid or mitigate accident damage or occupational hazards equipped with protective equipment. Labor protection products are divided into general labor protection products and special labor protection supplies. 2, labor protection products in accordance with the protection of parts are divided into nine categories: (1) head care category. Is used to protect the head, anti-impact, squeeze damage, anti-material splash, anti-dust and other protective gear. Mainly fiberglass, plastic, rubber, glass, adhesive tape, cold and bamboo and rattan helmets and dust caps, anti-impact masks and so on. (2) respiratory care category. Is an important care for the prevention of pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases. (3) eye protection. To protect the eyes of the operator, the face, to prevent external damage. It is divided into eye protection fixture for welding, eye protection for kiln, anti-impact eye protection, microwave protection, laser protection mirror and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, dust and other eye protection. (4) hearing aids. For long periods of time above 90dB (A) or short time in the 115dB (A) above the environment should use hearing aids. Listening protection with earplugs, earmuffs and helmets.
Q:What are the classification of labor protection products?
Labor protection products are divided into nine categories: 1, head protection products. There are general protective caps, dust caps, waterproof caps, cold caps, helmets, anti-static caps, anti-high temperature caps.
Q:Is the electrician must be equipped with labor protection supplies?
Here that we do not care about the situation; I see a lot of electrical officers when the pliers that is not convenient to direct access to the line with the hand; this is absolutely not allowed. Even if you did not trouble this time, maybe the next time you met the line aging of the insulation performance of the accident.
Q:What are the labor protection products that should be provided at the job site?
Should be based on the needs of the job site with labor protection supplies. Commonly used labor protection products are: 1, helmets, work clothes, work shoes, work gloves, dust (poison) masks, protective glasses, etc .; 2, climbing operations to be equipped with seat belts, anti-skid shoes.
Q:Painting workshop sanders should wear those personal protective equipment?
Masks, glasses, gloves, clothes, shoes, and earplugs
Q:The right equipment and the use of labor protection supplies, which can play a few aspects of the role
The use of labor protection products, through the use of blocking, closed, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other measures, can play to protect the body of the Bureau or all the role of foreign invasion, under certain conditions, the use of personal protective equipment is the main protective measures. Protective supplies strictly guarantee the quality, safe and reliable, and wear to be comfortable and convenient, economical and durable.
Q:Tianjin insulation protection products which brand is good?
Fourth, the protective clothing category Flameproof protective clothing Anti-acid work clothes Anti-static overalls Five, protective footwear Protect the toe safety shoes Anti-static shoes, conductive shoes Puncture shoes Plastic face anti-smashing safety boots Electric insulated shoes Acid and alkali shoes Acid and alkali rubber boots Acid and alkali plastic molded boots Six, anti-fall protective equipment category seat belt safe net Dense security network
Q:Shanghai Hongan Security Products Co., Ltd. is what to do?
for buyers, choose this product, and then buy, will feel better.
Q:What is the role of staff wear labor protection products? 5
Staff wear labor protection products role is:        1, is to protect the safety needs of employees, such as: street sanitation staff wearing red and yellow clothes, you can promptly remind pedestrians, vehicles, because these people are always working on the road, poor working conditions, Labor protection products can be greatly reduced or put an end to personal safety accidents occur        2, today's fast pace of work, service units are willing to try to meet customer requirements, to the customer a sign easy to identify, for which they give staff wearing protective equipment. For example: banks, communications, large supermarkets give employees wear labor protection products, so that the user at a glance he is looking for me to find the staff, so wear labor protection products give a sense of intimacy, especially the staff smile Customers feel the feeling of home, naturally closer to the distance between customers and employees       3, to stimulate the role of consumption, such as: shopping malls to increase their ability to commodity, give the goods received by the staff as a wear insurance products, so that these receiving staff to wear these wear labor protection products, one is to increase their own The image of the two is invisible among these people as a commodity model, an increase of rare sales opportunities
Q:There are several personal labor safety protection products
(9) anti-fall supplies Anti-fall supplies is to prevent the body from falling from the height, through the rope, the high body of the body connected to a fixed object, or in the workplace below the edge of the network, in case of accidental fall, such supplies are safe Belt and safety net. Personal protective equipment In the prevention of occupational hazards comprehensive measures, belong to the first level of prevention. When the working conditions can not be improved from the protective equipment, or the main means of protection. Personal protective equipment can eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazards on the health of workers, "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" provides that the employer must provide workers with the required protective equipment, while workers are obliged to wear protective equipment.

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