Giko Niosh N95 Mask

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Medical Materials & Accessories
Dressings and Care For Materials
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NIOSH N95 / CE EN149:2001 FFP2 Mask,N95 / FFP2
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Packaging Detail:15pcs/box 360pcs/ctn
Delivery Detail:30 days


giko niosh n95 mask
1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional

Giko noish n95 mask


1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional
4) The contour design ensures compatibility with the wearing of glasses
or goggles, reducing fogging

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Q:At present, the commonly used labor protection products are several
(4) auditory organ protection To prevent excessive sound into the external auditory canal, so that the ears to avoid excessive noise stimulation, reduce hearing loss, prevention of noise caused by personal adverse effects of individual protective equipment, known as auditory organ protection supplies. Auditory organ protection products are mainly earplugs, ear muffle anti-noise helmet three categories. (5) hand protection supplies With the protection of the function of the hand and arm, for workers to wear labor gloves known as hand protection supplies, usually known as labor protection gloves. Hand protection products in accordance with the protection function is divided into twelve categories, namely, general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-high temperature gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, anti-acid gloves, Cutting gloves, insulated gloves. Each kind of gloves can be divided into many kinds according to the material.
Q:Occupational disease protection facilities and occupational disease prevention supplies management approach when to implement
Has not been implemented, the implementation will be published in the online newspaper. Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions    Article 33 (Interpretation Department)    The Measures shall be interpreted by the Health Administration of the State Council.     Article 34 (Implementation Time) These Measures shall be implemented on the date of the day.
Q:Why protective equipment can not be the main means of harming dangerous chemicals
The priority of chemical hazard control measures is: Elimination → substitution → process improvement → isolation → ventilation → individual protection.
Q:Why do you have to wear work clothes and work with good protective equipment before work?
Put on work clothes and work with good protective equipment, work clothing, reflects your personal image, but also represents the company's image, labor protection products are designed for special types of work, put on can protect themselves.
Q:Occupational hazards in the pharmaceutical industry and its safety equipment
Selection of hearing protection supplies   Monitoring the noise exposure in the workplace is the basis for hearing protection. It can help companies identify noise sources, identify dangerous populations, understand the level of exposure, and help determine the next step in engineering control measures, management measures, and hearing protection measures The   In addition to engineering control noise reduction, then choose the ear protection device. Many types of ear protectors, to combine operating conditions and noise exposure level selection ear protection device. Choose the ear protection should pay attention to the following points: comfort, if not comfortable, the staff certainly do not want to wear, if not adhere to wear, it can not prevent hearing loss; easy to wear, wear is easy to be relative, no one just because the ear Easy to wear to wear it, so if you understand the importance of hearing protection, although wearing a little skill, but as long as skilled, it is not a problem; sound attenuation of the size of the workplace noise must be selected according to the level of noise to meet the sound Attenuation of the need for ear protection; suitable for a good degree, different people's head type, ear canal shape differences, choose different models of ear protection device to meet the needs of different personnel; easy to buy, ear protection, especially foam earplugs are consumed Product, must be able to supply at any time; health, pay attention to the ear protection material, to avoid causing skin irritation; durable, more durable products will undoubtedly reduce the cost of long-term use.
Q:What are the protective measures and protective equipment to be set up at the site of the radioactive source management?
Contractors using radioactive sources should equip the radiographers with the necessary radiation dose instruments. Operation, the operator should be required to use lead protective goggles and protective clothing and other protective equipment, and wear personal dose monitor. Radiation testing staff and adjacent non-staff to accept the maximum allowable dose of exposure shall not exceed GB 8703 "Radiation Protection Provisions" provisions.
Q:Liquid ammonia protection products which
C. Foot protection This one is relatively simple. Because ammonia is corrosive, so the foot protection configuration must be anti-chemical boots, do not recommend the use of low or high to help safety shoes. Anti-chemical boots protection area is larger, high safety factor. 3. Other types of protective equipment In addition to the above two major categories, the enterprise itself also need to configure the first aid kit, liquid ammonia plugging tools. First aid kit is essential for each business, with some commonly used drugs, can be the first time to deal with the wound. The liquid ammonia plugging tools generally use a strong magnetic plugging, it is mainly the use of powerful magnetic force temporarily plug the tank, the pressure vessel damage caused by leakage of the valve.
Q:Safe road transport enterprise labor protection supplies what
Anti-static sunglasses; anti-static overalls; oil gloves; anti-static anti-static work shoes
Q:What glass safety equipment does the manufacturer need?
Sorry, I understand it wrong, glass processing, you mean the size of the glass cutting, edging chamfer, silk screen or steel? General processing is mainly anti-cut, and some mechanical cutting when the impact of foreign body. If this is the work environment, it is recommended to wear anti-shock goggles, followed by anti-cutting gloves, it is important to wear dust masks, if the process of cutting dust.
Q:China's latest list of special labor protection products listed in the list of the number of special labor protection products
five, protective footwear protection toe safety shoes anti-static shoes, conductive shoes anti-piercing shoes plastic anti-smashing safety boots electrical insulation shoes acid and alkali shoes acid and alkali rubber boots acid- Six, anti - fall protective equipment type safety belt safety net dense security network

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