Surgical Round Cap

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Material:                                                 SPP
Color:                                                     White/Blue/Green
Style:                                                      With Back Elastic
Certificates:                                           FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                       50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                       Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                  100pcs per bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                         20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                      L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                          500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Surgeon Cap with Back Elastic SPP

- Soft and absorbent SMS material, ventilated crown and adjustable ties or elastic band
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Class One flammability rating
- Latex-free

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Q:Safety equipment safety equipment, what is the difference
The same is to protect the safety, labor insurance products generally refers to wear the body. Other protective equipment on the machine, or the tool is safe for the apparatus.
Q:What is PPE personal protective equipment, personal protective equipment, labor insurance supplies
In addition to masks, safety glass, safety shoes, personal protective equipment includes a large number of respiratory protection equipment, protective clothing, including helmets, goggles, hearing protectors (earplugs), safety gloves, safety shoes, respirators and seat belts. Work use includes: protective shoes, goggles protective shoes, goggles home use: sunglasses and gardening gloves sunglasses, gardening gloves
Q:The scope of labor protection, what is labor protection supplies
First, the scope of labor protection, including labor safety protection and workers health protection. 1, labor safety protection: In order to ensure the safety of workers to prevent and eliminate workers in the labor and production process of casualties, to prevent the destruction of production equipment, China's "Labor Law" and other relevant laws and regulations The labor safety technical regulations. Safety technical procedures to include: ① machinery and equipment safety; ② electrical equipment safety; ③ boiler, the pressure of the container safety; ④ construction safety; ⑤ traffic safety. Enterprises must follow these safety technical procedures to make all kinds of production equipment to meet safety standards, and effectively protect the labor safety of workers. 2, the workers health protection areas: In order to protect the workers in the labor process of health, to avoid toxic and harmful substances to prevent, eliminate occupational poisoning and occupational diseases, China has developed laws and regulations on labor hygiene: Labor Law "," Environmental Protection Law "," Factory Safety and Hygiene Code "," the State Council on the strengthening of dust and anti-virus work "," on the prevention of dust hazards in factories and mines, "" industrial enterprise design health standards "," Industrial enterprises noise health standards "," temporary cooling measures "," People's Republic of China on the prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis regulations "and so on. These laws and regulations have formulated the corresponding labor hygiene regulations, including the following: ① to prevent dust hazards; ② to prevent toxic and harmful substances hazards; ③ to prevent noise and light stimulation; ④ summer cooling and antifreeze heating; And lighting; ⑥ personal protection supplies supply. Enterprises must follow these labor hygiene regulations to achieve labor hygiene standards, in order to effectively protect the health of workers.
Q:What are the welders' protective products?
5. Hearing protection: the main welding noise generated by plasma cutting and plasma spraying. You can use anti-noise earplugs (3M with line earplugs, Honeywell earplugs), ear caps (3M headband ear, Meisian electronic earmuffs) and other protection. 6. Foot protection: welding process of Mars and other high-temperature particles damage. Protective products are, safety shoes (Barco safety shoes, Honeywell safety shoes, Deli low to help safety shoes). There are many pollution factors in the welding environment, in addition to the personal welding protective equipment, but also from the pollution sources, transmission channels to improve the overall management.
Q:What welding equipment should be used in the arc welding work?
1), the welding machine must have a separate dedicated power switch, prohibit multiple welding machine share a power switch; 2), welding machine to prevent collision, moisture or severe vibration;
Q:Proper use of labor insurance products should be done three sessions?
Will operate to understand what they need to understand the principle of protection
Q:Shandong Province, labor protection equipment with the standard, the form of n what meaning?
Form n that: according to the nature of the work of the enterprise, the characteristics of the type of work to develop labor protection supplies life.
Q:Liquid ammonia protection products which
Gas detector is generally divided into portable and fixed two categories, need to combine the actual situation of their own enterprises to be equipped with: 1. Portable gas detector, but also to facilitate the detection of ammonia concentration on site, easy to carry. 2. Fixed gas detector, of course, mainly used for liquid ammonia operation of the scene, generally fixed in a corner. It is more technically and technically suitable for fixed detection required for continuous, long-term stability and so on. They should be based on the concentration of ammonia to be selected, but also pay attention to them installed in the most likely leakage of ammonia in the location. Personal safety equipment
Q:Why should we wear labor protection products correctly?
Labor protection products are classified as follows 1. The energy delivered to the human body causes acute injury. (1) potential energy into kinetic energy, through the media to absorb and buffer the protection, such as helmets, seat belts and so on. (2) Insulation protection of electrical energy, such as insulated gloves. (3) the use of reagents will be acute and harmful chemical energy into harmless means of protection, such as acute harmful gas gas masks. (4) to the operator to transport fresh air protection, such as a variety of gas masks. (5) flying objects and falling body protection, such as helmets, goggles and so on. 2. The energy delivered to the human body causes chronic injury. (1) to eliminate the protection of chemical energy, such as the protection of the body of protective clothing. (2) to absorb, reduce noise energy, such as earplugs. (3) radiation heat shielding, such as high temperature protective clothing. (4) radiation shielding, such as anti-ultraviolet light shield.
Q:Is the raincoat necessary for labor protection workers?
Turn fur protective foot sets (to avoid welding droplets burn shoes, causing burns foot accident), Helmet (up welding position to avoid dropping drip drip hair, high altitude operations necessary),

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