Surgical Round Cap

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Material:                                                 SPP
Color:                                                     White/Blue/Green
Style:                                                      With Back Elastic
Certificates:                                           FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                       50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                       Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                  100pcs per bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                         20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                      L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                          500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Surgeon Cap with Back Elastic SPP

- Soft and absorbent SMS material, ventilated crown and adjustable ties or elastic band
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Class One flammability rating
- Latex-free

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Q:The general anti-labor supplies and special anti-labor supplies distinction
Ordinary labor insurance products, that can only play a common protection, do not use it will not cause physical injury or life injury products, the state does not force the purchase of products to the workers to configure. And special protective equipment, the type of work must be equipped, and will be the safety supervision and inspection of the use and standby situation, the staff or work will play a special protection of the necessary products!
Q:What are the protective measures and protective equipment to be set up at the site of the radioactive source management?
Contractors using radioactive sources should equip the radiographers with the necessary radiation dose instruments.
Q:Commonly used labor protection products which nine categories
1. According to the protection of human parts points      1) helmets to protect the head, anti-impact, squeeze damage to the protective gear.      2) respiratory care machine intentional defense dust and other harmful substances inhalation of respiratory organs, damage to the body of the protective gear.      3) Eye protection with eye protection, to prevent physical, chemical and other harmful factors damage the eye surface of the protective gear.
Q:There are several personal labor safety protection products
Personal protective equipment refers to the labor protection process in the process of workers to avoid or mitigate the damage caused by accident and occupational hazards and personal protection supplies, directly on the human body to play a protective role; contrary to the industrial protective equipment, On the human body to play a protective role. According to the "labor protection supplies classification code" provisions, our country to the human protection of the classification of the classification criteria: (1) head protection supplies Head protection is a personal protective equipment that is designed to protect your head against external objects and other hazards. According to the protection function requirements, the current main general protective cap, dust cap, waterproof cap, cold hat, helmets, anti-static caps, anti-high temperature caps, anti-electromagnetic radiation caps, anti-insect caps and other nine categories of products. (2) respiratory protection equipment Respiratory protective equipment is to protect against harmful gases, vapors, dust, smoke, fog breathing inhalation, or directly to the user oxygen or clean air to ensure that dust, toxic or hypoxic environment in the normal operation of the protective equipment. Respiratory protection products according to the protective function is mainly divided into dust masks and anti-virus masks (mask), according to the form can be divided into two types of filter and isolation.
Q:What kind of protective equipment should be worn when handling sulfuric acid?
If you do not contact with sulfuric acid, rinse with water in time, or with alkaline solution for effective treatment, if necessary, rapid on-site emergency or hospital. The implementation of other tasks on the scene of the rescue workers, but also to do security, especially in the downwind of personnel, to take the necessary measures to prevent sulfuric acid vapor on the respiratory tract.
Q:Do you need uniform training on wearing methods before wearing respiratory protection products?
3, if the correct wear and detection of masks are leaked Clean dust: scientific selection through GB2626-2006 standard certification of dust masks, help prevent the occurrence of lung injury.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is used in the paint shop?
Protective supplies gas masks, paint benzene protective equipment, long tube gas masks,
Q:At present, the commonly used labor protection products are several
(4) auditory organ protection To prevent excessive sound into the external auditory canal, so that the ears to avoid excessive noise stimulation, reduce hearing loss, prevention of noise caused by personal adverse effects of individual protective equipment, known as auditory organ protection supplies. Auditory organ protection products are mainly earplugs, ear muffle anti-noise helmet three categories. (5) hand protection supplies With the protection of the function of the hand and arm, for workers to wear labor gloves known as hand protection supplies, usually known as labor protection gloves. Hand protection products in accordance with the protection function is divided into twelve categories, namely, general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-high temperature gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, anti-acid gloves, Cutting gloves, insulated gloves. Each kind of gloves can be divided into many kinds according to the material.
Q:How to obtain special labor protection products safety signs
Administration of Work Safety supervision, stamped with special labor protection products safety signs management center seal. The special labor protection product safety mark is composed of graphic and special labor protection product safety mark number (see Annex 2). Products that have obtained special safety protection products should be marked with a special safety protection product in the obvious position of the product.
Q:Welder protective equipment
4. Safety requirements for welder protective shoes (1) welder protective shoes should be insulated, heat-resistant, non-flammable, wear-resistant and non-slip performance. (2) welders wear protective rubber shoes soles, should withstand the voltage of 5000V test qualified, such as flammable and explosive occasions welding, the soles should not have spikes, so as not to produce friction Mars. (3) in the water when the ground welding and cutting, the welder should wear through the withstand voltage 6000V, test qualified waterproof rubber shoes. 5. Other protective equipment for welding and cutting (1) welding, cutting the workplace, due to arc radiation, slag splashing, affecting the surrounding line of sight, should be set arc guard or protective screen, screen should be made of non-combustible material made of its surface should be painted black or dark gray paint, Should not be less than 1.8m, the lower part should be left with 25cm air circulation. (2) welders climbing or in the place where the possible fall of welding, cutting operations used in the seat belt, should meet the GB720 and GB721 "seat belts" requirements, the safety belt on the safety belt hook should be linked. (3) welders with helmets should be consistent with GB2811 "helmet" requirements. (4) welders use the tool bags, barrels should be no holes, welders commonly used hand hammer slag shovel, wire brush and other tools should be connected firmly. (5) welder used mobile lighting fixture power cord, should be used YQ or YQW type rubber insulated cable, wire intact without damage, no leakage of lighting switch, the voltage should be based on the scene to determine or use 12V safe voltage, lamp The bulb should have metal mesh cover protection.

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