Surgical Round Cap

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Material:                                                 SPP
Color:                                                     White/Blue/Green
Style:                                                      With Back Elastic
Certificates:                                           FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                       50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                       Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                  100pcs per bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                                         20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                      L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                          500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Surgeon Cap with Back Elastic SPP

- Soft and absorbent SMS material, ventilated crown and adjustable ties or elastic band
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Class One flammability rating
- Latex-free

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Q:What protective equipment does the chemical plant work?
Chemical industry work in a helmet, anti-virus masks, protective goggles (glasses), protective screen, earplugs, protective gloves, cuffs, aprons (acid and alkali), respirators, safety shoes and acid-- Series of occupational health and environmental safety products.
Q:Protective equipment, which belong to the trunk protective equipment
Trunk protective equipment, commonly known as protective clothing, such as general protective clothing, waterproof clothing, Fang Hanfu, anti-oil clothing, electromagnetic radiation clothing, insulation services, anti-acid and so on.
Q:Safety equipment and personal protective equipment, what is the situation
First, the general safety tools: safety measures signs, high operating platform, maintenance shelves, high and low stool, insulation quick repair platform, lifting board (climb board), foot buckle, lift, bamboo ladder, ladder, Throttle, intelligent insulation tool cabinet, safety tool cabinet, seat belt test rally machine, helmet impact testing machine, altimeter, dangerous gas detector, SF6 gas leak detector, oxygen tester, anemometer, noise meter , Radiation dosimeter, electroscope signal generator and other safety equipment.
Q:Where the operation should be equipped with personal emergency protection supplies
Oxygen concentration detector, anti-acid hood, seat belt, ear protection, earplugs, communication equipment, dust mask, protective clothing
Q:The welder personal protective equipment is mainly
As a professional engaged in security equipment this line of people, I have to answer it: Body protection: must be flame retardant protective clothing Head protection: helmets, protective masks, goggles and the like
Q:How to properly use personal safety equipment safety care products how to maintain and maintain
Fifth, the storage of respiratory protection supplies 1) Respiratory protective equipment should be kept in a clean, dry, no oil, no direct sunlight and non-corrosive gases. 2) If the respiratory protection supplies are not frequently used, it is recommended that the respiratory protection products into the sealed bag storage. Storage should avoid mask deformation. 3) Antivirus filter elements should not be stored.
Q:Into the job site do not wear protective equipment you will have any loss
Should be based on the needs of the job site with labor protection supplies. Commonly used labor protection products are: 1, helmets, work clothes, work shoes, work gloves, dust (poison) masks, protective glasses, etc .; 2, climbing operations to be equipped with seat belts, anti-skid shoes.
Q:Municipal engineering safety equipment are what
Triangular flag, cordon, safety cone helmet, protection, net, fire equipment, warning placards and so on are.
Q:What is the safety of protective gear?
Safety protection products are mainly head protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, body protection, fall protection and other major categories First, the head of protective equipment Head protection is a personal protective device used to protect your head against external objects and other hazards. As mentioned in the protection function requirements, there are nine kinds of products such as ordinary work cap, dust cap, waterproof cap, cold hat, helmet, anti-static cap, anti-high temperature cap, anti-electromagnetic radiation cap and anti-insect cap. Second, respiratory protection equipment Respiratory protective equipment is to prevent harmful gases, vapors, dust, smoke, fog by breathing inhalation or directly to the use of oxygen or clean air, to ensure that dust, toxic or hypoxic environment in the normal operation of the protection of workers Utensils. Respiratory protection products according to the function is divided into dust masks and anti-virus masks (mask), according to the form can be divided into two types of filter and isolation.
Q:Which has radiation protection supplies
Protective clothing professional lead clothing, lead caps, lead glasses, and other supporting protective equipment and supplies,

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