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StyleWith Hood and Boot
Minimum Order Quantity:10,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:5 pc per bag, 50pcs per case
Delivery Time:20-30 Days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:40,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Standard Coverall with Hood without Boot

-  Made of SPP or SMS 35-50 g/m²
-  Zipper Closure
-  Open Cuffs or Elastic Cuffs
-  Hood or Boots are available
-  Three piece hood for best comfort

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Q:Occupational disease protection facilities and occupational disease prevention supplies management approach when to implement
Has not been implemented, the implementation will be published in the online newspaper. Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions    Article 33 (Interpretation Department)    The Measures shall be interpreted by the Health Administration of the State Council.     Article 34 (Implementation Time) These Measures shall be implemented on the date of the day.
Q:What is special labor protection products and classifieds
Labor protective equipment is a personal protective equipment that is provided by a production and business unit for employees who are exempted from or protected from accidental injury and occupational hazards during the course of labor. Special labor protection products refers to the production of labor in the process of the human body to play a special role in the protection of security supplies. Special labor protection products have six categories. A head guard class; helmets Two breathing appliances; dust masks, filter gas masks, self-contained air respirator, long tube mask. Three eye care category; welding eye protection, anti-impact eye protection. Four protective clothing category; fire-retardant protective clothing, anti-acid protective clothing, anti-static protective clothing. Protective shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, anti-piercing shoes, foot anti-smashing safety shoes, electrical insulation shoes, acid and alkali shoes, acid and alkali shoes. Six anti-fall protective equipment category; seat belts, safety net, dense type of security legislation network. The state implements a safety mark management system for special labor protection products. The catalog shall be determined and published by the State Administration of Work Safety. Not included in the catalog for general labor protection supplies. Special labor protection products with three signs a sign that production license, product certification, safety certification, safety signs.  The answer by the laws and regulations classified by people Zhao Jing recommended
Q:Sulfuric acid leakage treatment should wear what protective equipment
Where to participate in plugging, inverted cans into the front line of rescue personnel, must be personal safety protection.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is used in the paint shop?
The main occupational hazards of the paint work are inhalation of organic solvent vapors. All kinds of paint are composed of film-forming substances (various resins), solvents, pigments, desiccants, additives.
Q:The role of labor protection supplies
The use of labor protection products, through the use of blocking, closed, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other measures, can play to protect the body of the Bureau or all from the role of foreign invasion,
Q:Hot factory accident cabinet has several protective supplies are what
E anti-acid and alkali supplies, such as acid and alkali gloves, anti-chemical clothing F oil resistant supplies such as oil protective clothing, shoes and boots; G waterproofing supplies, such as plastic overalls, raincoats, rain boots and boots, waterproof insurance gloves, etc .; H cold goods, such as winter clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and so on.
Q:Shanghai Hongan Security Products Co., Ltd. is what to do?
Landlord Hello, I know it is eyewash factory, the launch of the eyewash, good quality, more features,
Q:What is the system of special labor protection products?
Security mark management Labor protection products refer to personal protective equipment provided by the production and operation units for employees who are exempted from or detrimental to accidental injury and occupational hazards during the course of labor. It is divided into special labor protection products and general labor protection products. The state implements a safety mark management system for special labor protection products.
Q:Respiratory protection products can only be used for dust, poison?
It can be considered that the best dust mask in not less than 19% of the air environment. The above data is for reference only. Some of the dust mask packaging instructions will be written on this.
Q:What are the requirements for wear protection of electrical welding personnel? Shawls, cloak and sleeves     In the process of capping, cutting or other operations, if necessary, wear leather or other refractory sleeves or shawl cover, but also under the hood to wear refractory texture of the cloak to prevent head burns. Other protective clothing     When the noise can not be controlled within the allowable sound level specified in GBJ 87, a protective device (such as an earmuff, earplug or other suitable means) must be used.

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