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StyleWith Hood and Boot
Minimum Order Quantity:10,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:5 pc per bag, 50pcs per case
Delivery Time:20-30 Days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:40,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Standard Coverall with Hood without Boot

-  Made of SPP or SMS 35-50 g/m²
-  Zipper Closure
-  Open Cuffs or Elastic Cuffs
-  Hood or Boots are available
-  Three piece hood for best comfort

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Q:At present, the commonly used labor protection products are several
(4) auditory organ protection To prevent excessive sound into the external auditory canal, so that the ears to avoid excessive noise stimulation, reduce hearing loss, prevention of noise caused by personal adverse effects of individual protective equipment, known as auditory organ protection supplies. Auditory organ protection products are mainly earplugs, ear muffle anti-noise helmet three categories. (5) hand protection supplies With the protection of the function of the hand and arm, for workers to wear labor gloves known as hand protection supplies, usually known as labor protection gloves. Hand protection products in accordance with the protection function is divided into twelve categories, namely, general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-high temperature gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, anti-acid gloves, Cutting gloves, insulated gloves. Each kind of gloves can be divided into many kinds according to the material.
Q:How to use labor protection products correctly
First of all, the most important thing is to protect the safety of users, and can increase the use of labor insurance products.
Q:Why use the individual protective equipment for aerial work
D-ring, metal parts without deformation, corrosion, corrosion. Whether the energy buffer sheath is cracked or a warning sign appears. Safety hooks, hooks and safety locks are operating normally. Fall brake cable ribbon can be free to stretch, brake normal.
Q:What kind of protective equipment should be worn when handling sulfuric acid?
Respiratory protection may be exposed to smoke when it comes to wearing a self-priming filter respirator (full cover) or air respirator, emergency rescue or evacuation when it is recommended to wear an oxygen respirator. Eye protection Respiratory protection has been made Body protection wear rubber acid and alkali suit Hand protection wear rubber acid gloves Other work site to prohibit smoking, eating and drinking water; work is completed, bathing clothes; separate storage of toxic contaminated clothing, wash back, to maintain good health habits.
Q:What are the labor protection supplies that gas station safety personnel wear at work?
Gas stations generally use labor insurance gloves, masks, safety shoes, labor insurance and other personal labor insurance products
Q:Proper use of labor insurance products should be done three sessions?
Will operate to understand what they need to understand the principle of protection
Q:Construction safety equipment, equipment, equipment, what
Personal protective equipment: from head to toe, different types of work, protective equipment is not the same. Engineering protective materials, frame, board, net, pole, lamp, rope, line and so on. Equipment: monitoring systems, alarm systems, fire protection systems, rescue systems. and many more
Q:What is the safety of protective gear?
Seven, trunk protection supplies Trunk protective equipment is what we usually talk about protective clothing. According to the protective function of protective clothing is divided into ordinary protective clothing, waterproof clothing, Fang Hanfu, anti-smashing suits, anti-virus clothing, fire-retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti-high temperature clothing, anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing, , Water life jackets, insects, wind and other fourteen kinds of products. Eight, skin care products Skin care products used to prevent the skin (mainly face, hand and other exposed parts) from chemical, physical and other factors. In accordance with the protective function, skin care products are divided into anti-virus, anti-ray, anti-paint and other categories. Nine, anti-fall supplies Anti-fall supplies is to prevent the body from falling from the height, through the rope, the height of the body of the operator connected to a fixed object, or in the workplace below the edge of the network, in case of accidental fall, such supplies are safe Belt and safety net.
Q:Types of personal protective equipment
(5) masks and goggles 1) Radiation mask is mainly used for welding operations, to prevent the welding in the strong light, ultraviolet and metal flies damage the face, gas mask should pay attention to the performance of the filter material. 2) anti-hit goggles can prevent metal, sand, steel and other spatter on the eye damage, used for machine operation, casting ramming mouth and other types of work. Radiation protection goggles can prevent harmful infrared, dazzling visible light and ultraviolet rays on the eye damage, mainly for smelting, casting, burning and casting heat treatment and other types of work. This goggles are mostly connected with the brim, fixed, and can also flip up and down.
Q:What is the difference between an individual protective equipment account and an individual protective equipment management desk account?
The latter is a list of what protective equipment is required for all posts in the enterprise, including a description of the replacement cycle and management of the responsible person.

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