Non-woven Earloop Face Mask

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Face Mask
3-Ply Surgical Mask with earloop
2ply PP spubonged nonwoven+1ply meltblown nonwoven
High filter efficiency

we can supply many kinds of fashion mask ,cotton mask ,satin mask,plush mask.The mask has many function ,it can protect cold ,dust and pollen.If any item meet you needs,pls do not hesitate to contact me any time.

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Q:High-altitude fire operations, personnel should be configured what the corresponding protective equipment
High-altitude operations personnel must be in accordance with the provisions of wearing personal protective equipment, before the operation to check, the operation should be the correct use of anti-fall supplies and climbing equipment, equipment. Aerial work using individual protective equipment Main matters: Ribbon fibers, joints and sutures are complete, no fracture, degradation, wear, burn and so on.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is needed for hydropower plants?
"Labor protective equipment with the standard of the relevant instructions" Article XII insulated gloves and insulated shoes in addition to regular replacement generally do not need regular testing, manufacturers need to provide labor insurance products logo certificate. Special protective equipment such as respirators
Q:What are the protective measures and protective equipment to be set up at the site of the radioactive source management?
Contractors using radioactive sources should equip the radiographers with the necessary radiation dose instruments.
Q:What are the criteria for the selection of labor protection products?
Labor protection means that the workers in the production process to avoid or reduce the accident damage and occupational hazards of personal wear (wear) wear supplies, referred to as care products.
Q:Noise to 85dB intermittent operations need to wear protective equipment
In the course of occupational disease certification only workers engaged in noise operations have been deafened to be diagnosed as occupational noise deafness. (A), the limit of the equivalent sound level of the non-steady state noise is 85dB (A); the working day is not 5 days, and the daily limit is 8 days, and the steady-state noise limit is 85dB (A) Calculate the 40h equivalent sound level with a limit of 85 dB (A).
Q:Units of labor protection and protection supplies of various types of work standards, the use of the deadline?
What kind of anti-labor supplies issued, specifically to see the workers engaged in the specific work and the environment in which to determine the use of anti-labor supplies without specific restrictions, the most important thing is to look at things, like masks, some gloves May be a one-time, safety shoes, work clothes, protective masks and other time may be longer.
Q:Welder protective equipment
Special protective clothing for clothes, gloves and shoes Welders must wear insulated shoes, wear special insulated gloves Welding, the welder and other people around should wear dust masks, reduce smoke inhalation Welding workers and the surrounding workers should wear a good labor insurance supplies. Do not wear a welding mask, do not wear colored eyepiece directly observe the arc light; as much as possible to reduce the skin exposed, summer banned shorts and short coat engaged in welding operations; conditional on the exposed skin can be applied to UV protective cream. Of course, in a variety of circumstances, the welder's protective equipment are inconsistent, to be treated differently   The answer was adopted by users
Q:How to choose the right respiratory protection
3. Some people may not be suitable for people who have respiratory illnesses who have some kind of illness in the cardiopulmonary system. The extra respiratory load will aggravate their condition; others also instinctively feel fear about the narrow space, Is a sense of isolation, this psychological reaction will affect the accuracy of the operation and efficiency, and even the impact of danger. The standard appendix F, "Medical evaluation of the use of respiratory protection products" section, describes the physiological and psychological considerations should help to identify the population is not suitable for use.
Q:What kind of protective equipment do you need to wear for your employees? Spot welding is not welding
from head to foot: 1. Are there any risk of falling objects? Do you need a helmet? 2. Is there a noise in the workplace, is it necessary to have an ear protection device? 3. glasses need to be equipped with welding glasses / welding masks. 4. Respiratory protection is required for welding masks, need to be considered. 5. Does the body need a fire-retardant work clothes? 6. Hand needs high temperature gloves / welding gloves. 7. Does the foot have a high temperature risk? Safety shoes to consider. In addition: 8. Is ventilation properly equipped with additional ventilation equipment? 9. Is the fire of the workplace qualified? PPE configuration need to pay attention: special labor insurance products LA logo, production license, the relevant agencies test report
Q:Why should we wear labor protection products correctly?
3. According to the classification of human physiological parts Head protection: plastic helmets, V-shaped helmets, bamboo helmets, miners helmets Face protection: headset welding mask, anti-acid mask masks, high temperature mask Eye protection: dustproof glasses, anti-acid glasses, anti-splash glasses, anti-UV glasses Respiratory protection: anti-virus masks, gas masks, dust masks, oxygen (air) air respirator Hearing protection: anti-noise earplugs, ear protection, noise resistance Hand protection: insulated gloves, acid gloves, oil gloves, medical gloves, leather gloves, dipped gloves, canvas gloves, cotton gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature gloves, Foot protection: mining boots, insulated boots, acid and alkali boots, safety shoes, anti-smashing shoes, oil shoes Body protection: acid apron, dust apron, overalls, raincoats, sun with umbrella High-altitude security: high-altitude suspension seat belts, electrical safety belts, safety rope, step board, dense mesh 4. Classification by protection Anti-noise products, anti-radiation supplies, water-proof supplies, water-related supplies, high-level operating supplies, anti-microwave products, anti-corrosion products, anti-radiation products, And laser radiation supplies, anti-mechanical trauma and dirty supplies, cold goods, agricultural supplies and so on.

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