Surgical Face Mask

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Surgical Face Mask


Material: Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond
Color: White/Blue/Green
Style: Ear Loop/Tie-On
Certificates: FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 100,000 Piece/Pieces
Port: Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details: 50pcs/box, 40boxes/case
Delivery Time: 20-30 Days
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 1,000,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

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Q:The importance of wearing labor protection supplies
Labor protection supplies look nothing special, but it is to protect workers in the production process of labor safety and health, to avoid all kinds of accidents and occupational hazards occurred in the auxiliary protective equipment, it can be said to wear good labor insurance products is to do a good job A security barrier.
Q:Fire escape filter self-help breathing apparatus is a special protective equipment Mody
Yes, self-rescuer with filter, compressed oxygen, chemical oxygen
Q:Coking plant should wear what protective equipment
Clothes pants: anti-acid anti-static anti-static    Masks: dustproof and anti-virus    Shoes: anti-high temperature non-slip friction
Q:Refueling labor insurance protective equipment configuration standards?
Bo Shou has a complete line of personal protection products, including head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, face protection, hand protection and other products to meet your actual workplace in the security needs.
Q:What is the knowledge of personal protection?
3 What are the ear protectors? Noise Operating Environment When working with noise protection facilities, the workplace noise can not meet the standard requirements, the workers should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as earplugs, earmuffs, anti-sound cotton, etc., or may lead to noise deafness. Cotton insulation volume of 5 ~ 10dB, cylindrical earplugs of the sound insulation of 20 ~ 30 dB, if the workplace noise volume is not a large amount of the case, you can sample these ear protection device. Several common ear protection sound insulation as follows: 4 What should I pay attention to? 1) Before selection, should be commissioned by the detection of qualified occupational disease prevention and control institutions to carry out workplace noise assessment to determine the noise level and noise frequency characteristics. 2) understand the noise reduction of supplies, select the appropriate ear protection device. NRR is an indicator of the ability to reduce noise, assuming a noise in a workplace Flat for 100 dB, and an earphone with an NRR of 20, it means that the wearer's noise exposure level is estimated to be reduced to 80 dB after the earbuds are properly worn. 3) You should not blindly choose the loudspeaker with the greatest noise reduction capability. Excessive noise reduction capability may have a negative effect, such as preventing the wearer from listening to the warning signal or talking to other people to increase the unnecessary cost
Q:The new safety production law provides four provisions for personal protective equipment
Provide, education supervision, wear, use. Is such that: Article 42 The production and operation units must provide labor protection products that meet the national standards or industry standards for the employees and supervise and educate the practitioners to wear and use them according to the rules of use.
Q:Sulfuric acid leakage treatment should wear what protective equipment
if necessary, rapid on-site emergency or hospital. The implementation of other tasks on the scene of the rescue workers, but also to do security, especially in the downwind of personnel, to take the necessary measures to prevent sulfuric acid vapor on the respiratory tract.
Q:What welding equipment should be used in the arc welding work?
1), the welding machine must have a separate dedicated power switch, prohibit multiple welding machine share a power switch; 2), welding machine to prevent collision, moisture or severe vibration;
Q:How to use labor protection products correctly
First of all, the most important thing is to protect the safety of users, and can increase the use of labor insurance products.
Q:What protective equipment is required for chemical protective equipment cabinets?
In addition to these protective equipment, should also be based on the characteristics of injury to prepare some emergency supplies, such as cleaning fluid, ointment, rinse, plugging tools. To prevent accident, you can immediately correspond.

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