Surgical Face Mask

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Surgical Face Mask


Material: Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond
Color: White/Blue/Green
Style: Ear Loop/Tie-On
Certificates: FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 100,000 Piece/Pieces
Port: Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details: 50pcs/box, 40boxes/case
Delivery Time: 20-30 Days
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 1,000,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

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Q:Workers occupational health commonly used with which six kinds of protection
3. Eye glasses and face shields Mainly protect the eyes and face by electromagnetic waves (ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, etc.) radiation, dust, dust, metal and sand and chemical solution sputtering damage. The frame of the protective eye is made of flexible and conformable to the face of plastic or rubber. There are two types of glasses: (1) Reflective protective lenses. (2) Absorbent protective lenses. There are three types of protective masks: (1) protect the chemical solution from splashing into the eye and injuring the face of the mask. (2) heat shield. (3) Welders for welding. 4. Respiratory protector According to the structure and the principle of action is divided into filter (clean type) and isolated (gas supply) two categories. (1) filter (purge) respirator Mechanical filter - anti-dust, smoke, fog, common dust masks. Chemical filter - gas masks, or components in the filter box with air contact filter. (2) Isolated (air supply) type respiratory protection device Self-contained - gas mask (hood) comes with air bottles for breathing, not with the scene air contact. Outside input type - gas mask (hood) through the snake from the off-site oxygen.
Q:At present, the commonly used labor protection products are several
(4) auditory organ protection To prevent excessive sound into the external auditory canal, so that the ears to avoid excessive noise stimulation, reduce hearing loss, prevention of noise caused by personal adverse effects of individual protective equipment, known as auditory organ protection supplies. Auditory organ protection products are mainly earplugs, ear muffle anti-noise helmet three categories. (5) hand protection supplies With the protection of the function of the hand and arm, for workers to wear labor gloves known as hand protection supplies, usually known as labor protection gloves. Hand protection products in accordance with the protection function is divided into twelve categories, namely, general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-high temperature gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, anti-acid gloves, Cutting gloves, insulated gloves. Each kind of gloves can be divided into many kinds according to the material.
Q:Why protective equipment can not be the main means of harming dangerous chemicals
The priority of chemical hazard control measures is: Elimination → substitution → process improvement → isolation → ventilation → individual protection.
Q:Radiation protection Additional protective equipment should pay attention to what
(5) foot protection: wear anti-smashing, anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, anti-skid, fire protection shoes, suitable for objects where the object can be smashed, to wear anti-smashing protective shoes; may contact chemical liquid operating environment To prevent chemical liquids; pay attention to shoes in a particular environment to wear non-slip or insulated or fireproof. (6) protective clothing: insulation, waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion, fire-retardant, anti-static, anti-ray, etc., suitable for high temperature or low temperature operation to be able to heat; wet or immersion environment to be waterproof; may contact chemical liquid to have chemical protection Use; in special circumstances pay attention to flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ray and so on.
Q:Under what circumstances the use of Class A protection class safety equipment
The incident has a choking or irritating toxic and hazardous substances, and the region of the staff or other related personnel life or health is immediate danger (the so-called immediate danger refers to the occurrence of irreversible and irreversible damage within 30min) Chemistry Accident center zone, or we are not aware of the toxic and hazardous substances in the event of an accident.
Q:Safety standards in the protection of ambulance equipment, emergency rescue equipment,
Safety standardization management system, accounting, record and safety production rules and regulations According to "hazardous chemicals practitioners 53, emergency rescue equipment inspection and maintenance records (19, occupational health protection facilities management account;
Q:Special labor protection products safety signs "LA"
Second, the special labor protection products safety mark is to confirm the special labor protection products safety protection performance in line with national standards, industry standards, to allow production and operation units to distribute and use the labor protection supplies certificate. Special labor protection products safety signs by the special labor protection products safety signs and special labor protection products safety signs logo two parts. Special labor protection products safety signs by the State Administration of Work Safety supervision, stamped with special labor protection products safety signs management center seal. The special labor protection product safety mark is composed of graphic and special labor protection product safety mark number (see Annex 2). Products that have obtained special safety protection products should be marked with a special safety protection product in the obvious position of the product.
Q:What are the head protection products? Belong to labor insurance products?
you can You can go to protect the mall ah, labor insurance network like to see the site, where the information should be more
Q:The welder personal protective equipment is mainly
Foot protection: fire-retardant protective shoes Hand protection: Flameproof gloves
Q:Do you need uniform training on wearing methods before wearing respiratory protection products?
Is the need to carry out some basic knowledge training, generally from the following: 1, the dangers of dust 2, how to choose a mask

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