Standard SMS Surgical Gown

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Model NumberOH453B
Place of OriginShanghai/Wuhan, China (Mainland)
SizeM, L, XL, XXL
StyleHead Towel and Wrapper
Minimum Order Quantity:10,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:1 pc/bag, 25 pc/case
Delivery Time:20-30 Days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:40,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Standard SMS Surgical gowns are made from 5-layer polypropylene materials with
anti-static and fluid resistance. Three layers of spunbond polypropylene ensure an
extraordinary flexibility and drapeability, provide tough abrasion resistance and
cloth like feel, and two layers of meltblown polypropylene form an efficient
barrier against bacteria, as an exceptional microbial barrier

- 5-layer anti-static breathable fabric
- Fluid repellent
- Excellent microbial barrier
- Excellent physical barrier to contaminants and fluids
- Stronger fabric with a matte finish, resistance to tears
- Softer fabric with comfort inside and outside
- Generous cut
- Velcro neck binding
- Book fold.

Operation Room

Standard Size Chart:


Surgical Gown


125*150 cm


130*150 cm







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Q:What is the difference between labor protection and labor protection? Please prawn your advice!
Labor protection products are divided into general labor protection products and special labor protection supplies.    The use of labor protection products, through the use of blocking, closed, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other measures, can play to protect the body of the Bureau or all from the role of foreign invasion, under certain conditions, the use of personal protective equipment is the main protective measures.   
Q:Workers occupational health commonly used with which six kinds of protection
Protective cap Used to prevent accidental heavy objects fall or fly damage to the head and prevent the pollution of harmful substances, made of polyethylene and so on. Depending on the type of combination, such as welders safety protective cap and so on. Anti-contaminated protective caps are mainly made of cotton or synthetic fiber with cap. 2. protective clothing Mainly anti-heat (non-regulation and air conditioning two), to prevent chemical pollution services, to prevent chemical contaminants damage the skin or skin into the body and other effects.
Q:Contact the laser printer should wear any protective equipment
light Causing a variety of respiratory inflammation, severe cases can induce heart Vascular disease and even cancer.
Q:What are the requirements for wear protection of electrical welding personnel? Shawls, cloak and sleeves     In the process of capping, cutting or other operations, if necessary, wear leather or other refractory sleeves or shawl cover, but also under the hood to wear refractory texture of the cloak to prevent head burns. Other protective clothing     When the noise can not be controlled within the allowable sound level specified in GBJ 87, a protective device (such as an earmuff, earplug or other suitable means) must be used.
Q:Production line staff esd protective equipment which
Employees need anti-static supplies, mainly hats, clothes, footwear, wrist strap, gloves, finger sets.
Q:What should the enterprise do to configure and manage labor protection supplies?
(A) the funds must be arranged for special funds, specifically for the provision of labor protection supplies and safety training, shall not be arbitrarily diverted to other use; (B) The funds to be arranged should be sufficient.
Q:What are the welders' protective products?
2. Respiratory protection: mainly for toxic gases and dust protection. Toxic gases are mainly carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen fluoride, ozone, etc .; toxic fumes are iron oxide, manganese oxide, silica and fluoride, toxic manganese poisoning. Protective products are, welding masks (3M welding masks), gas masks (3M dust poison combination, Meisi'an gas masks), long tube respirator (Macey long tube respirator, 3M long tube respirator), electric Wind respirator (3M electric air breathing apparatus) and so on.
Q:What is labor protection supplies?
(7) protective clothing. Used to protect workers from the physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. Protective clothing is divided into special protective clothing and general operating clothing two categories. (8) anti-fall with a tool. Used to prevent falling accidents. Mainly with safety belts, safety ropes and safety nets. (9) skin care products. For the protection of exposed skin. Divided into skin care cream and detergent.
Q:What is the requirement to use labor protection supplies?
3. Procurement of labor insurance products The implementation of the "procurement control procedures" by the Purchasing Department in accordance with the "sub-supplier review process" to select the supplier to assess the provision of general labor insurance supplies supplier must have the provincial labor protection supplies Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Product certification, to provide special labor insurance supplies supplier must also obtain safety production license and product safety certification. (Special labor insurance products business units shall obtain the provincial safety production comprehensive management department qualification). 4. The relevant units to the noise, dust, toxic gas department configuration protection ear (ear), protective glasses, dust masks and anti-virus masks. Protective ear caps (earplugs), protective glasses for a period of one year, dust masks and anti-virus masks for a period of two months. Protective ear cup (earplugs), protective glasses over the use of the period is not damaged, the user to continue to use, damaged and then replaced.
Q:What are the commonly used labor protection products for construction?
Seat belts, safety nets, helmets, insulated boots, dust masks, insulated gloves, welding gloves, welder masks, gas masks

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