Surgeon Cap

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Material                                      SPP
Color                                          White/Blue/Green
Style                                          With Back Ties
Certificates                                FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:           50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                           Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                     100pcs per bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                            20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                         L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Surgeon Cap

- Soft and absorbent SMS material, ventilated crown and adjustable ties or elastic band
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Class One flammability rating
- Latex-free

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3.1.3 must meet the conditions (production sites, equipment, testing, management, etc.) that are necessary for production; 3.1.4 must meet the production of the necessary human conditions (operators, technical staff, testing, management, etc.); 3.1.5 the production of products must have the relevant technical, control, guidance information; 3.1.6 have a sound management agencies, a sound management system and product safety protection performance guarantee system;

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