Disposable Face Mask

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Medical Materials & Accessories
Surgical Supplies
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nonwoven face msk,surgical mask
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2ply/ 3Ply
Ear-Loop/ tie on
Blue , white, green,pink
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Packaging Detail:7.Package:50pcs/box,40boxes/carton,2000pcs/carton.
Delivery Detail:whithin 7days


Face Mask, surgical mask,nonwoven mask
3.Accord with EU EN ISO 13485 and CE

Product Description

Item Name

Nonwoven Face mask with earloop ,

Disposable Nonwoven Face mask with Tie on

Disposable Activated carbon Face mask



ES 20gsm + ES 20gsm

SBPP20gsm+Filter paper20gsm+SBPP25gsm

SBPP18gsm+Filter paper20gsm+SBPP20gsm

SBPP20gsm+Activated carbon45gsm+ Filter paper20gsm+SBPP25gsm


Public places, such as at hospital, airport, food industry, cleanroom, laboratory .


Adult: 175×95mm    Child: 145×95mm


White// Blue // Green // Pink //

Daily output

500 000 pcs/day

Payment terms

30% payment of goods before the production,70% before the delivery

Deal terms

TT / LC/ Western Union/ Escrow


CE / ISO13485

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Q:What is LA security certification?
Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau, "Labor Protection Products Supervision and Management Provisions" clearly states: "the production of labor protection products produced by the production of special labor protection products, must obtain special labor protection products safety signs (LA signs)"; special labor protection products safety signs Is to confirm the safety protection of special labor protection products in line with national standards, industry standards, with protective function or role; that is, medical or have a functional mask to prevent disease is also necessary; to obtain special safety products safety products should be in the The product of the obvious location of the special labor protection products with safety signs logo.
Q:Safety equipment safety equipment, what is the difference
The same is to protect the safety, labor insurance products generally refers to wear the body. Other protective equipment on the machine, or the tool is safe for the apparatus.
Q:The right equipment and the use of labor protection supplies, which can play a few aspects of the role
The use of labor protection products, through the use of blocking, closed, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other measures, can play to protect the body of the Bureau or all the role of foreign invasion, under certain conditions, the use of personal protective equipment is the main protective measures. Protective supplies strictly guarantee the quality, safe and reliable, and wear to be comfortable and convenient, economical and durable.
Q:What are the commonly used protective articles when exposed to highly toxic chemicals?
Personal protective measures include: personal protective measures must be taken when other technical measures can not be fundamentally anti-virus.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is used in the paint shop?
The main occupational hazards of the paint work are inhalation of organic solvent vapors. All kinds of paint are composed of film-forming substances (various resins), solvents, pigments, desiccants, additives.
Q:How to use occupational disease protection supplies correctly.
4.7.3 Occupational disease protection facilities and their accounts     Employers should be equipped with the requirements of occupational hazards protection facilities. And the establishment of occupational disease protection facilities included in the account account Equipment name, model, manufacturer name, the main technical parameters, installation site, installation date, the use of purpose, protective effect Fruit evaluation, use and maintenance records, the use of people, custodians and other content. Occupational disease protection facilities account should be responsible for security Management, regular updates, and should be developed to borrow registration system. 4.7.4 to develop personal occupational disease protection products plan and organize the implementation     Employers should establish a personal occupational disease protection supplies management system, and the development of personal occupational disease protection equipment with plans The source of funds, the technical indicators of the protective equipment, the replacement cycle, etc .; according to the type of account, according to the existence of occupational hazards Factors and levels with the corresponding personal occupational disease protective equipment; personal occupational disease protection products should ensure safe and effective in line with occupation Disease hazards personal occupational disease protective equipment standards, and should establish the appropriate system, the responsibility in place, someone responsible for regular inspection, Maintenance and timely replacement of more than the validity of the supplies to ensure that workers hold and use and maintenance.
Q:Hot factory accident cabinet has several protective supplies are what
2. Labor hygiene care for the purpose of preventing occupational diseases. Mainly include: a dust supplies, such as dust masks, dust clothing, etc .; B anti-virus supplies, such as gas masks, anti-virus clothing, etc .; C anti-radiation properties, such as anti-radiation clothing, lead glass glasses; D heat radiation products, such as thermal insulation clothing, radiation insulation masks, welding gloves, organic protective glasses, etc .; E anti noise products, such as earplugs, ear caps, ear caps and so on.
Q:Construction site safety protection products are what
Personal protective equipment is safety helmets, seat belts and safety (insulation) shoes, protective glasses, protective gloves, dust (poison) masks, etc .;
Q:If not in accordance with the provisions of wearing labor protection products lead to occupational hazards how to deal with
1, violation of the unit's labor rules and regulations, units can be punished; 2, I have to bear part of their own occupational hazards bear the responsibility; 3, with the positive treatment, with the unit management, to maintain their own safety;
Q:What glass safety equipment does the manufacturer need?
Sorry, I understand it wrong, glass processing, you mean the size of the glass cutting, edging chamfer, silk screen or steel? General processing is mainly anti-cut, and some mechanical cutting when the impact of foreign body. If this is the work environment, it is recommended to wear anti-shock goggles, followed by anti-cutting gloves, it is important to wear dust masks, if the process of cutting dust.

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