Disposable Face Mask

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Medical Materials & Accessories
Surgical Supplies
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nonwoven face msk,surgical mask
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2ply/ 3Ply
Ear-Loop/ tie on
Blue , white, green,pink
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Packaging Detail:7.Package:50pcs/box,40boxes/carton,2000pcs/carton.
Delivery Detail:whithin 7days


Face Mask, surgical mask,nonwoven mask
3.Accord with EU EN ISO 13485 and CE

Product Description

Item Name

Nonwoven Face mask with earloop ,

Disposable Nonwoven Face mask with Tie on

Disposable Activated carbon Face mask



ES 20gsm + ES 20gsm

SBPP20gsm+Filter paper20gsm+SBPP25gsm

SBPP18gsm+Filter paper20gsm+SBPP20gsm

SBPP20gsm+Activated carbon45gsm+ Filter paper20gsm+SBPP25gsm


Public places, such as at hospital, airport, food industry, cleanroom, laboratory .


Adult: 175×95mm    Child: 145×95mm


White// Blue // Green // Pink //

Daily output

500 000 pcs/day

Payment terms

30% payment of goods before the production,70% before the delivery

Deal terms

TT / LC/ Western Union/ Escrow


CE / ISO13485

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Q:Building protective equipment: safety nets have a protection level division?
Different types of safety net use different places. no grading. Only classification.
Q:What protective equipment does the chemical plant work?
For more information on the use of protective equipment industry requirements, you can refer to the "Labor Protection Products Selection Guide", which has a basic configuration Many industries will use labor insurance products, such as oil, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, steel, smelting, electricity, construction , Machinery manufacturing and food and so on
Q:How to use occupational disease protection supplies correctly.
4.7.5 according to the standard with the requirements of occupational disease prevention and control of individual occupational disease protection supplies     Personal occupational disease protection supplies refers to the workers in the professional activities of individuals wearing (wear) wear special supplies. If the job Industry hazards do not eliminate hazards, occupational disease protection facilities can not achieve the protective effect. As the last line of defense, you should wear a Human occupational disease protective equipment to eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazards on the health of workers, such as protective caps, protective clothing, Protective gloves, protective glasses, protective mouth (face) cover, protective earmuffs (plug), respiratory protection and skin protection supplies.     Employers should be based on the type of occupational hazards in the workplace, the way the impact of the human body and on-site production The level of occupational hazards, as well as the physical and health status of the individual, etc., for the workers with appropriate personal Industry disease protection supplies.     The use of personal occupational disease protective equipment should be produced by the production of individual occupational disease protection products manufacturers qualified character National or industry standard products. For personal occupational disease protection equipment, selection criteria refer to the relevant national standards, Technical parameters and protection efficiency should meet the requirements. 4.7.6 Establishment of Individual Occupational Disease Protection Products Registration System     Employers should be responsible for the issuance of personal occupational disease protection products, including the release time, type of work, individual The name of the disease protection products, the number of recipients or representatives of the recipient and so on.
Q:What are the welders' protective products?
Welding process, the more common hazards are: arc radiation, toxic gases and soot, high temperature burns, strong noise and so on. Analysis of harmful factors, the following one by one listed welding needs personal protective equipment: 1. Eye protection: mainly arc radiation (welding radiation mainly ultraviolet, infrared and visible light) protection. Protective products are, welding protective goggles (3M welding protective goggles, Honeywell anti-fog welding goggles), automatic variable light welding masks (3M welding masks, Dela welding masks)
Q:Safety protection of the two cards and a sign is what ah?
Production license, product certification, safety certification, safety signs Its provisions for special safety equipment are as follows: Special protective equipment safety signs by the special labor protection products safety signs and special protective equipment safety signs marked two parts. Safety signs issued by the home safety production supervision and management of the General Administration, stamped with special labor protection products safety signs management center seal. Different sizes of graphics are used for different types of special protective equipment. The safety mark certificate is valid for 4 years and is subject to an audit every year. If the product name or model number is changed within the validity period, it shall apply for replacement. described as follows: Logo using the ancient shield shape: take "protection" means Shield in the middle of the letter "LA" that "labor safety" means "** - ** - ******" is the identification number. The first layer: double digits indicate the year in which the logo is used; The second layer: double-digit means that the identity of the authorized production enterprises to belong to the provincial administrative region code; Layer 3: The first three digits indicate the product name code, and the last three digits indicate the order in which the authorization is used. In addition to safety protection products also have failure requirements, there are production safety protection products on the date, such as helmets are the production year, month, respectively, with two circular icons that the center of the arrow pointing to the specific time.
Q:Types of personal protective equipment
(6) seat belts Seat belt is to prevent the high operation of the fall of the protective equipment, the use of attention to the following matters: 1) Work on belts above 2 m above the belt must be a seat belt. 2) should be used in the belt at the waist, hook to buckle at a level not less than the level of the operator's reliable place, can not buckle in the operator's position below to prevent the impact of increased impact when falling, people injured The 3) to always check the seat belt and part of the hook, found that broken or wear, to repair or replace. If the protective cover is lost, add it after use. (7) anti-acid and alkali supplies Anti-acid and alkali supplies is to protect workers in the production environment from the acid-base hazards of individual protective equipment. According to the protection of raw materials can be divided into: rubber anti-acid and alkali supplies, plastic anti-acid and alkali supplies and wool, silk, synthetic fiber fabric anti-acid products and other categories; according to the protection of the site can be divided into; anti-acid work clothes, gloves, boots , Anti-acid masks and masks and other categories.
Q:Off personal protective equipment, should understand what things?
Q:What are the configuration requirements for labor protection products commonly used in construction sites?
Seat belts, safety nets, helmets, insulated boots, dust masks, insulated gloves, welding gloves, welder masks, gas masks
Q:What protective equipment is required for chemical protective equipment cabinets?
Liquid chemicals to be more, such as protective glasses, masks or gas masks, protective masks, protective clothing.
Q:How to do the supervision and management of labor protection products
  (5) supervisor training         The company is equipped with labor protection supplies supervisors, supervise and guide the employees of enterprises to wear and use labor protection products according to regulations, and carry out supervision and inspection on the implementation of labor protection products management system. The establishment of all-round, multi-channel labor protection products regulatory system; production safety department is responsible for the scope of labor protection supplies and the use of conditions for supervision and inspection.         Enterprises in accordance with the product specification requirements, timely replacement, expired and expired labor protection products. Such as dust masks valid for three years, more than three years of storage should be re-inspection, failure should be timely scrapped. Insulated gloves and insulated shoes should be done before each time to do the insulation performance of the inspection and semi-annual insulation performance for a re-test. And the use of seat belts after two years, should be purchased by batch sampling time, if no rupture can continue to use.         In short, labor protection products is the enterprise workers in the production process of the umbrella and safety valve. And labor protection supplies management work is to protect the safety and health of employees of the important work, is an important part of safety management. Enterprises should establish and improve the use of labor protection products and management system, the implementation of responsibility, the labor protection supplies distribution and management work done better!

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