New 13.3&Quot; Led LCD Screen For Macbook &Amp; Pro 13 Inch Unibody Replacement A1278 A1342 Screen

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Product Description:

NEW 13.3" LED LCD SCREEN For MacBook & Pro 13 inch Unibody Replacement  A1278 A1342 Screen


Display Specifications
LP133WX3-TLA2 LP133WX3(TL)(A2)
LP133WX3-TLA1 LP133WX3(TL)(A1)
LP133WX2-TLC1 LP133WX2(TL)(C1)
LP133WX3-TLG1 LP133WX3(TL)(G1)

Size: 13.3-inch WideScreen (11.3"x7.1")
Resolution:  WXGA (1280x800)
Pixels:   WXGA (1280x800)
Backlight Lamp: DIODE
Backlight Illumination: LED
Quality: A+ Grade
Status : New
Aspect Ratio: WIDESCREEN
Product Type: Laptop LCD Screen Display
Source: Factory Direct
Packaging: Fragile Customized Package
Compatibility: 100% OEM Compatible


  please match your original lcd model number before purchase. thanks 


  To ensure you receive correct screen, buyer should be note to do a confirmation with photos above before place your order:
  1. Please match your laptop model in compatible list and tell if wide screen or standard screen.
  2. Please match the LCD screen size.
  3. Please match the Data connector (14pin, 20pin, 30pin(S-L) , 40pin(S,M,L), 50pin 60pin )  and its position
  4. Please match the physical resolution pixels of LCD screen.
  5. Please match the backlight type(LED or 1CCFL, 2 CCFL)


  Other attention:
  1. This item is a LCD screen  , not a laptop. This LCD screen as a component , mainly used for repairing or upgrading .
  2. Seller will not responsible for extra fees caused by customer purchase wrong LCD screen but still accept returns in good condition.  


  Please make sure that your original screen match this item 's BACKLIGHT TYPE, SIZE, RESOLUTION before order, because some laptop model come with more than one type of screens


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Q:The LCD suddenly became blurred
Try changing the refresh rate
Q:What is the function of LCD?
Advantages of lcd:(1) liquid crystal has obvious advantages in energy saving.(2) the radiation index is generally lower than that of CRT.(3) no geometric distortion occurs, linear distortion.(4) liquid crystal display has a large visual area.(5) high resolution quality (except for some low shrinkage monitors).(6) the display is several times lighter in weight than the CRT, and the thickness is several times thinner, so it is easy to move.(7) the color of the picture will not be distorted due to insufficient power supply.
Q:Do you need to erase the LCD?
Liquid crystal display and not on the electron emission electron tube to hit the screen light, no firing current, not affected by magnetic fields, not to be demagnetized. But the LCD products have built-in rectifier, a strong magnetic field may have an influence, so that the rectifier output abnormal interference, and display effect.
Q:LCD color occasionally slants red
BenQ 94VW trash display, in addition to the appearance of good. No other advantages. Certainly your monitor internal control color chip problems. Less than a year in the warranty. You can go to repair, replacement
Q:How to check liquid crystal display?
It is important to see if there are any highlights
Q:How about the flash in the middle part of LCD?
Causes of flash in the middle part of lcd:First, the low screen refresh rate: open the display properties panel, click Advanced, and then select the monitor column and then to the inside of the "only display support maximum refresh rate" in the box next to the point right, then click the refresh rate of the marquee, the highest frequency can choose inside.Second, electromagnetic interference display: next to what is a large electrical appliances, or degaussing sound speakers, such electrical appliances will interfere with the electromagnetic display, so that the monitor away from this type of electrical interference can.Third, monitor aging fault: the two kinds of methods can not solve the case, the monitor may be aging or failure, the best repair.
Q:Do you have a webcam for LCD?
LCD LCD camera. Apple has a camera LCD, absolutely do not sell monitors, have to sell the original computer
Q:What are the defects in LCD?
CRT high brightness, durable, LCD radiation lessLCD although radiation less, but the brightness lost to the CRT, undoubtedly caused more damage to the eye than CRT
Q:What does "LCD" LCD stand against?
Since it means that the point is not guaranteed, then it must not be replaced
Q:A large area of snow streaks on the LCD
The clock frequency of the LCD (liquid crystal display) itself is difficult to keep in full sync with the clock frequency of the analog input signal;Especially in the simulation of synchronous signal frequency changing; if the LCD synchronization circuit, transmission line and synchronous signal connections and graphics problems of short circuit, poor contact, and therefore can not maintain the necessary synchronization, there will be "Huaping" abnormal start;General failure point:1 、 interface pin;2, transmission cable;3. Synchronous circuits are generally semi variable resistors that are dirty or of poor quality;After reversing the display, you can temporarily eliminate the fault phenomenon, indicating the existence of poor contact LCD problems, and the above three, the most vulnerable to such failures are first, second, please Louzhu carefully investigated.

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