Cheapest! 15&Quot;17&Quot;19&Quot;Lcd Tv Monitors Flat Pc Monitor

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Cheapest! 15"17"19"lcd tv monitors flat pc monitor



LCD Panel

15" (Samsung,LG,AU)

Pixel Pitch

0.2835H x 0.2835W

Screen ratio


Display Color


Contrast Ratio




Viewing Angle


Response Time


Max Resolution


Horizontal Frequency Range


Vertical Frequency Range

55-75HZ Depend on panel model


























HDTV Compatible


Deintertace/Comb filter


3D Video Noise Reduction




OSD Language







Sound Effect

MTS,Spatial Stereo,Dynamic Bass

Sound System


Stereo System









Power input

90-260V AC,50/60HZ

Power Consumption


Power Stand by


Safety Approvals




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Q:What are the components in a liquid crystal display?
1. The screen, also called panel, is the most expensive and critical part of the display. Own tube, high pressure board etc..Choose a big factory, two is to see high resolution, high brightness. This decision shows the effect.2. Drive board, also known as motherboard, this depends on the screen to choose, select and screen the same interface. Will this screen make the best use of the screen?.3. Built in power board or external power adapter, this is the highest failure rate components. The output voltage should be the same as the voltage required by the two boards. The current should be large and not small. Look at transformer size or current parameters of large manufacturers.4. Display shell, looking at pleasing to the eye, high hardness and not crisp as wellThese accessories can be used to assemble the monitor.
Q:How to deal with LCD snow ripple?
Snow ripple, which is interference, generally speaking, snow ripple has the following possibilities.1, the signal line interference, from the chassis to link the computer's signal line, if it is too bad, it is very likely to cause interference, it is recommended to buy a magnetic ring of the signal line, magnetic ring can reduce interference.2, strong electricity interference, you have a larger power near the display of household appliances, high-power appliances from the display is relatively near, it may cause interference.3. display internal drive motherboard failure, such as a component oxidation caused by such reasons, this situation is more trouble, completely solve the need to replace the motherboard.
Q:LCD screen glued on how?
Compassion, basically there is no glue removal method without damaging the screen. Watch it, let it go.In addition, the good protection stick is by electrostatic adsorption on the screen, the glue is too terrible.
Q:LCD color bias gray how to adjust?
In the display menu options, select color adjustment keys, respectively, for three colors swap, tune to their satisfaction
Q:LCD operating principle (LCD, LED)
The analog signal is changed to digital signal processing, and the digital signal is controlled by IC
Q:What's wrong with LCD flashing?
You can call the monitor manufacturers, I have encountered, is a fault display, after the repair recovery. I hope this is not a monitor fault. Another: graphics card failure may also produce such a phenomenon. Suggest, if conditional, can think of a way to change a monitor, test whether video card fault. For example, you double headed output, then display the output to the TV to see if it will blink. Will flash, that is, graphics card failure, will not flash, and that may be the largest display line and display, if you can exclude the display line failure, you can be judged as a display fault.
Q:What is the normal resolution of a computer LCD screen?
1. The LCD displays the highest resolution it can support as the best resolution. At this resolution, the picture is shown to be the most elaborate.2, the LCD display supports a wide range of resolution patterns, and the display works well in each resolution mode.3, monitors work in a passive state. Graphics card set what resolution, the display will be able to support its own resolution to match the video card settings for screen display. Thus, the resolution of the screen shown by our monitor is actually achieved by setting the resolution of the video card. And the resolution of the display is prefabricated in the process of production in the video board of the display. It is the basis for the display of the display, and can not be changed artificially.4, users can set the appropriate resolution according to their own needs, set here is the resolution of the video card.If someone has poor vision, the resolution can be set a little lower, so that the picture becomes larger for users to watch. Some people want to make the picture display a bit more sophisticated, so that the resolution of the video card is set to the highest resolution that the monitor can support, that is, the best display resolution of the monitor. Therefore, the optimum resolution is not equal to the most appropriate resolution.According to the above analysis, resolution settings should be set according to their own display requirements, only the most suitable for their own needs of the resolution is the "best" resolution. The optimum resolution is relative, not absolute.
Q:LCD display lights are not what is going on, the screen is not bright
Change the host to try the monitor, if the good is the computer graphics card problem, if bad, it may be the monitor internal problems, this master came
Q:Liquid crystal display, rain like ripples
I don't know what kind of liquid crystal display you use. There are several possibilities:1, the power supply is not clean, there is interference2, VGA signal line use time is too long, the signal distortion is too serious3, the LCD LVDS signal line is not in good contact.4, or the motherboard filter design is not very good.
Q:Do you need to erase the LCD?
Liquid crystal display and not on the electron emission electron tube to hit the screen light, no firing current, not affected by magnetic fields, not to be demagnetized. But the LCD products have built-in rectifier, a strong magnetic field may have an influence, so that the rectifier output abnormal interference, and display effect.

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