4.3&Quot;~46&Quot;, 1000Nits~1500Nits, Led Backlight, Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

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Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

1. 4.3" ~ 46"
2. 1000nits Outdoor Sunlight Readable Display

3. LED backlight


4.3",5.7",6.5",7",8.4",10.4",12.1" ,15" ,17" ,19" ,21.5" ,32",42",46"

Sunlight Readable Industrial LED Backlight LCD Monitor ,

with heavy duty steel Open Frame / Chassis Housing.


Optional Touch screen,AG/AR tempered glass with optical bonding technology.

And IP65 Rated water proof housing.


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Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
I think it's a question of frequency. Adjust it for a little bit
Q:PHILPS 23 inch LCD is always black screen?
This situation is generally caused by two reasons, 1, your computer may have Trojan procedures, or operating system vulnerabilitiesYou'd better kill poison, or optimize the system, and estimate that you have a pirated system.2, the display, LCD screen, if the discharge of the Trojan virus, such software and other reasons, have a great relationship with the pressure of a general display and lamp, belonging to the product itself, can give the local agent replacement or warranty
Q:Are LCD and LCD displays the same?
Strictly speaking, LCD and LCD are two different concepts. LCD generally refers to the type of display in electronic products. For example, the common CRT display and LED display are the types of devices that make up the display.Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a display device using LCD as display device. The LCD can be assembled into LCD TV by adjusting the internal circuit. It can also be assembled into a liquid crystal display or a LCD monitor, which is matched with the computer or with the monitoring equipment.
Q:Jitter ripple occurs after the VGA is connected to the LCD screen
Take that LCD monitor and try to find more hosts. If there's the same problem, that's the problem with the LCD monitor.Also, try to turn the monitor up to 75Hz, but there's little likelihood of working frequency problems. Because LCDs don't look like CRT displays.
Q:LCD video cable is not common?
Connect the TV to 15 pin VGA connection line, because computer interface, universal VGA connection, so if you have this interface TV, then no problem, no, to go with about 35 yuan of money
Q:What does ITO mean in an LCD LCD?
Generally, the TFT-LCD is composed of an upper substrate assembly, a lower substrate assembly, a liquid crystal, a drive circuit unit, a backlight module, and other accessoriesLiquid crystal molecules are a kind of material that can be controlled by an electric field in order. Liquid crystal molecules are usually injected between two glass substrates, and there are many small grids between the two glass substrates, and liquid crystal molecules are filled in the small grids.In the inside of the glass substrate on the surface coated with a layer of transparent conductive glass plate, is indium tin oxide (Indium Tin Oxide, referred to as ITO) made it as a common electrode substrate and numerous conductive micro plate forming a series of electric field.
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
I know your situation, in the computer adjustment inside the screen up and down stretch, you pay attention to is in the computer below a row of buttons to open the menu to find
Q:How to set the resolution of 22 inch LCD?!
Generally 22 inch display ratio is 16:10 and 16:9 two proportions, relatively speaking, the proportion of 16:10 more, 16:10 resolution includes 1440 x 9001680 x 10501920 x 1600. All users can find one of these three on the tuning resolution. Of course, the general set of 1680 x 1050 is the best effect. If the resolution is 16:9, then the optimum resolution is 1680 * 945.
Q:A large area of snow streaks on the LCD
To fix the monitor, brush MCU. Or restore the factory settings under the button on the monitor. Maybe it will help you
Q:LCD display driver, there are 3 files, how to install?
Device Manager - Monitor - update drivers - from list... - in search... Select the location where you driveBut to tell the truth is no use, but after installation, because of the ICC configuration file, the image browsing and PS color is inconsistent

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