4.3&Quot;~46&Quot;, 1000Nits~1500Nits, Led Backlight, Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

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Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

1. 4.3" ~ 46"
2. 1000nits Outdoor Sunlight Readable Display

3. LED backlight


4.3",5.7",6.5",7",8.4",10.4",12.1" ,15" ,17" ,19" ,21.5" ,32",42",46"

Sunlight Readable Industrial LED Backlight LCD Monitor ,

with heavy duty steel Open Frame / Chassis Housing.


Optional Touch screen,AG/AR tempered glass with optical bonding technology.

And IP65 Rated water proof housing.


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Q:I need to connect a LCD monitor using my S-Video out on my video card.?
only only be beneficial you enable the two the cardboard and onboard pictures in the bios then only installation the required drivers for each, then connect the video demonstrate gadgets on the comparable time. in common terms one ought to paintings at first yet then bypass to the computing gadgetresidencessettingsthere must be an option to apply the two video demonstrate gadgets and all this different stuff
Q:Are there any LCD monitors that can be hooked up to a HP Compaq Presario C501NR (laptop)?
Depending on the age of the laptop, you may have a DVI Port on your laptop instead of VGA. Look for that, it is usally white and about an inch long, and square. Most new LCD monitors have both VGA and DVI so you should be right with that. If the monitor you choose doesn't have both then you can get a VGA to DVI adaptor. You can also look for a HDMI port if it is a new laptop. P.S Just looked on the net, reviews are saying it does have a VGA out port!
Q:Life span of a 24 Dell LCD Monitor?
You need to make sure the power to the monitor (and your computer) is as clean as possible, meaning through a surge protector /or an UPS. You can have power and screensaver control configured on your computer that will turn the monitor off when the computer is idle for so many minutes, like say 20. This power management can and should be configured for your computer too. In such a scenario your monitor will last for a very long time, say about 5 to 7 years or thereabouts. Good luck.
Q:Proview 19 LCD Monitor Problem?
Read the manual that came with the monitor,, for a start. it will show you how to set it up. you could go to the manufactures web site and ask support there. I have had a pro view for years with no problems o
Q:Rigging an Lcd monitor?
I've read your question twice, now, and still don't know what you want to do, other than make use of an old LCD display. It all seems like a lost cause, to me, but if it's important to you, try to rephrase the question to explain exactly what you hope to accomplish.
Q:Resolution Unsupported(LCD Monitor)?
you gotta restart your computer in safemode and reset resl'n
Q:Small LCD monitor for field use.?
Cheap and easy do not go well together, but if your looking for basic output I would suggest either an outdated car LCD or PVP. You will not get the best resolutions and will need an external power source, but do your research to see how cheap a small AC pack is vs buying one that takes cells. More than likely, for basic resolution you could get away with a cheap 100 watt pack on a screen not built for carry.
Q:Liquid crystal display burn, you can repair it?
Did you say that the monitor is burning or the adapter is burning? Adapter burn can change adapters, usually 12V4A of about 30 yuan. Monitor burning can also be repaired, and your monitor should be the power supply plate, insurance, filtering, rectifier bridges and other places burned, less than 100 yuan can be repaired.
Q:Is switching from a LCD HD to an LED HD computer monitor an unnecessary expense?
Not really. LED's are newer technology but they are not that superior to LCD. The energy savings are marginal. You would best to be sticking with your LCD monitor, although most newer computers use led.
Q:where can i buy LCD monitors?
Mostly any LCD you can find will be able to be used as a monitor. It's now a standard norm that they have DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc. inputs on them, enabling them to double as a computer monitor. You probably won't find just a soul monitor that big, they will be equipped with tuners, but will probably cheaper than you could find a pure LCD monitor in that size. Best Buy, Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics, even Wal-Mart and Target's models should be adequate displays. :D Good luck!

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