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                                                                       21.5 & 18.5 inch Led monitor



PC ColorWhite and Black 
PC Size50.5*1.5*35 cm (L*W*H) 
PC WeightNW: 3.2 kg 
Display Proportion(16:9)
Resolution1920(horizontal) x 1080(vertical)
Response Time5millisecond
Effective Visible Angle(Left/Right)176°/176°
portsDC Ports 
InputVGA and DVI 



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Q:LCD LCD and LED which is good?
LED, of course, is expensive. LED is also the LCD screen.
Q:Is there any battery in the computer LCD?
Of course, there is no battery, I think you would like to ask the power supply, there are some power, some LCD monitors are built-in power, and some are external.
Q:How long is the normal service life of LCD?
The LCD panel itself does not emit light; it belongs to the backlight type display device. Behind the LCD screen, there is a backlight, LCD TV is to rely on the LCD panel on the panel "block" and "open" backlight lights, to restore the screen. It can be found that as soon as the LCD power is on, the backlight will start to work, even if the display is a full black picture, the backlight will remain in the same working state. Because the light transmittance of LCD panel is very low, the brightness of LCD TV should be reduced to the level of restore screen. The brightness of the backlight is at least 6000cd / m2. Backlight life is the life of LCD TVs, general LCD TV backlight life of more than 50 thousand hours. That is to say, if you use LCD TV on average 5 hours a day, the life of 50 thousand hours is equal to you can use the LCD TV for 27 years.
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
Extension cords are connected with the driving plate is generally the cross connection, manufacturers will be in the power supply board and driver board marked VCCGNDADJED some manufacturers directly labeled +5V +12V, which is the power driver board board input voltage. Then, the driving plate is supply voltage pin type cable screen screen has a white screen, the Department of power supply (typically five volts)!
Q:Why is LCD always bright when dark?
This is the automatic energy saving mode, or the eye protection mode, eye protection mode.. Just find it on the menu and turn it off..
Q:Computer LCD is painted with ballpoint pen. How do you erase it?!
You can use a computer cleaning kit to clean up.The first step: take out the liquid crystal special cleaning liquid, press the top 2-3 times and spray it evenly on the LCD screen (please refer to the LCD screen size for the specific dosage).The second step: take the product with special fine machine cloth, carefully wipe out from the center of the screen. Until the glue sprayed on the LCD screen is wiped clean.The third step: fine machine cloth can be used to wipe the LCD screen to wipe the body, it can use waste. With professional cleaning LCD screen what fine machine cloth to wipe the body is quite luxurious, so it is recommended to use used to clean enough.
Q:How to set the LCD display is good?
With the flat panel display settings, there is not much difference
Q:LCD display is good or not paste good?
The most obvious advantage is that the film is good cleaning, anti soiling, but there is also one of the biggest drawback is that the impact of the screen tube heat dissipation, long time, the tube near the screen will be yellow, life will be shortened! Personally think or not stick it, no one will pour coke or throwing bread on the screen, if not carefully soiled, find a cloth to wipe on it, it is best to use glasses cloth!
Q:Liquid crystal display burn, you can repair it?
Let me explain why it burns. Because liquid crystals are generally 12V, as long as 3-5A is enough. The A number of the battery should be more than 10 A. The current is too high. It burned. It wasn't expensive to fix it. 60-100 like this. The boards are all burning.
Q:Can you tell me how to clean the smoke on the LCD screen?
Computer technology city, such places have sold, I use Lenovo PC cleaning kit, very easy to useBuddy, the LCD screen is one of the most expensive parts of the computer. Where can I use detergent? Just spoil the screen, I suggest you quickly dispel this idea, hurry up!Go to the computer city to buy it, it's really not expensive! For the sake of computer security, it would be worthwhile to pay a little money!

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