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                                                                       21.5 & 18.5 inch Led monitor



PC ColorWhite and Black 
PC Size50.5*1.5*35 cm (L*W*H) 
PC WeightNW: 3.2 kg 
Display Proportion(16:9)
Resolution1920(horizontal) x 1080(vertical)
Response Time5millisecond
Effective Visible Angle(Left/Right)176°/176°
portsDC Ports 
InputVGA and DVI 



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Q:What's the difference between buying an LCD monitor and an LCD Television today?
LCD Monitors don't have a tuner, so good luck on watching tv with just that LCD tvs, I think, can't be used for comps
Q:Why does my lcd monitor blank out after a while?
Assuming you've already checked your operating system's screensaver settings, and made sure there aren't any power-saving settings enabled on the monitor's hardware itself, it could be because there's a subtle incompatibility between your video card, video driver, and the monitor itself. If you're running Windows, remove all the video and monitor references from the Device Manager and reboot to let Windows rediscover and refresh the setup. If it only detects your monitor as Generic LCD monitor or some such, and the problem is still occurring, you may want to check the internet to see if there's a specific driver for that monitor. In addition, look the model of monitor up, find out its hardware resolution, and set your Windows desktop resolution to the same numbers. Also make sure that your video card supports that particular resolution - some of the older cards don't work all that well with widescreen LCDs. To get around that problem a bit, make sure you are running the very latest video drivers for your video card.
Q:My LG LCD monitor keeps showing "Power Saving Mode" whenever i start up my PC. I can't even get to my desktop.?
This Site Might Help You. RE: My LG LCD monitor keeps showing Power Saving Mode whenever i start up my PC. I can't even get to my desktop.? I bought this LCD monitor a few months back. It was working all well. But one day it suddenly appeared with Power Saving Mode. I kept trying restarting my PC, pressing the wake up key on my keyboard, or even power key. But they all failed. Nothing has worked out. I have also try restarting my
What i do is grab a HDMI-USB cord, plug the usb end into ur ps3, and the other end into ur tv
Q:Does a higher contrast ratio of lcd monitor presents more accurate color for printing?
Great question. I have found that CRT monitors are more accurate, cheaper and more stable than LCD monitors. Also I think CRT monitors present Gamma much more accurately than LCD monitors do. CRT monitors have been around since the 1930sthat is enough time to get it right!
Q:LCD video cable is not common?
This is the VGA connection line. If the card and TV have this interface, they can be connectedAnd for a 19 inch TV, it should be able to support it
Q:About LCD monitor size?
well if your finding that you not using the whole 22 inch then yeah they might be or you might just need to slide it back some. I don't know though i would love a big monitor personal i would i think the 22 wide screens are perfect but my buddy and our designers at work here use 30 inch so it kind of depends what your using it for.
Q:LCD Monitor display black screen when refresh rate are changed. Why?
The screen only has so many refresh rates it supports, if it's going black it's likely you have hit one that it doesn't support. When it does this you can try either power cycling the display or unplugging it and plugging it back up. This may cause your video to reset to it's default rate and solve your problem until the next time it gets reset. You can figure out what rates your computer thinks are supported by your display by going into the Display properties window, to the setings tab and hitting advanced. Then hit the Monitor tab and the down arrow on the screen refresh rate should show you all that are available. This also gives you the Monitor type at the top, make sure it has the right monitor selected, sometimes you can end up with the wrong one and get strange results, unlikely since it came with it but check it anyway. One other thing,, the problem could be the video card and not the monitor. You might check the specs on both and see if they can handle 70hz, which is likely the problem rate.
Q:can u play play the ps3 on a lcd monitor?
The PS3 will work with LCD monitors that have HDMI ports. Just use a standard HDMI cable. Theoretically it will work with LCD monitors with DVI ports since the video signal carried by HDMI is digital DVI-D, but I have heard of instances where that didn't work. The PS3 HDMI can be connected to an LCD monitor DVI using a DVI-to-HDMI cable. Keep in mind also that monitors tend not to have speakers, so if you are going to use a speakerless monitor you will have to hook up a separate set of speakers to the PS3 to get sound. Hope this helps.
Q:Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22 LCD Computer Monitor?
The reviews I've read for your monitor all seem to say it's HDCP-compliant, so you should be able to hook up your PS3 to it via an HDMI-to-DVI cable. With HDCP compliance you should be able to play back Blu-ray DVDs on it with your PS3 at full HD resolution (1080p). Give it a shot, and good luck!

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