22'' Infrared Touchscreen Game LCD Monitor For Fox 340 Pog T340 (Pot O Gold) Wms

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$200.00 - 220.00 / set
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1 Set set
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2000 Set/Sets per Month set/month

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Best supplier of LCD's  To USA gaming!!

open frame lcd touch screen monitor for Pot O Gold (T340)/ WMS gaming machines!!! 


Support southern gold,gold touch, pot o gold game etc

 Accessories: power cord, adaptor, VGA cable, RS232 cable and CGA/VGA converter

1) Size: 15'' 17'' 19'' 22''.

2) IR touch sceen, accurate touch, fast response!

3) CGA,VGA resolutions

4) With bezel optional

5) compitable with 3M

6) Seriel/ RS232 port

7) Ideal for use in Amusement, Gaming and Kiosk applications

8) According to customer's requirement, providing the fully customer design service. 



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Q:Can I use LCD for rendering images?
A liquid crystal display can be used to render images3D renders a powerful computer. Here's the main point of buying a computer:1- to understand what parts of the computer, a computer has CPU, motherboards, hard drives, memory, graphics cards, monitors, chassis, power, the mouse and keyboard composition. The configuration of the computer, that is, the configuration of these hardware.2- is a computer graphic design, need to open the PS, AI and other graphic design software, which is needed to meet these computer software running, graphic design software is relatively high on the computer color according to the practical requirements, these requirements to configure the computer. Computer to run very well, the first to have a strong CPU, in this proposal more than I5 CPU, or more than A6 APU.3-PS, AI and other software is very open when memory, so you need a large amount of memory, it is recommended 16G memory.4- video card, it is recommended with GPU function of the graphics card, so that help the computer image rendering. The rest should pay attention to the power supply, power supply to select more than 500W, otherwise the computer hardware will be bad, in the configuration of a solid state disk, so as to speed up the operation of the system, the design will be very smooth. Choose a good monitor for the rest.5- if Apple is used, it is best to use Apple computer, the system is smooth, can well meet the design requirements.
Q:Do you need to erase the LCD?
There are two entirely opposite versions of the Internet: "degaussing" and "do not erase"! Personally think that does not require degaussing, reason is: liquid crystal display and CRT display principle are essentially different, will not cause adverse effect of remanence external magnetic field and the metal components of the display on the LCD color and color purity, so the liquid crystal display does not require degaussing circuit or degaussing.
Q:How to repair the ghosting of LCD monitor?
There are several ways to solve the problem of ghosting of LCD: 1. Correctly install the computer's video card driver to avoid the problem of display ghosting. 2, adjust the resolution of the display to your needs, and then adjust some of the parameters of the display to the best (part of the display has automatic adjustment function, you can automatically and then fine tune) Re adjust refresh frequency. Generally speaking, the higher the refresh frequency, the lower the flicker. It depends on what frequency your screen can support. Excessive frequency may reduce display life. 3, if in the LCD and the host in the middle of the TV box, may also cause ghosting, can try to remove the TV box first. 4, may also be the LCD data line loose, causing the display to re image, try to unplug, re inserted. Conditional, can change a VGA data line directly try. 5, liquid crystal display, host or data lines, if it is too close to the socket or high-power appliances, may also be subject to electromagnetic interference, causing ghosting. We have checked all the above water is no problem, that is the driver board problem, driver board to find professionals to check the maintenance.
Q:LCD color occasionally slants red
You are partial color, is RGB, three primary colors occasionally less one, it is recommended to change the root line test, if not, may be the problem of the display
Q:Liquid crystal display, the word is too black, color is too heavy, how to adjust? Thank you
Your single chip LCD in the range of Yo, a potentiometer to... You use a small screwdriver to adjust, you can adjust his brightness
Q:Is a LED monitor a liquid crystal display?
in briefLCD is the abbreviation of LCD liquid crystal display, the light itself only by applying the signal effect of reflected or transmitted light, for TV behind it to have a back light, you see the image back light through an LCD screen backlight. Before most of what the fluorescent lamp, the relative costs of electricity and life is short.LED is the abbreviation of two luminous tubes, which direct light, can make the street through the large screen LED array for TV, it can only do the backlight (volume and heat reason), LED TV is usually used LED as the light source of the LCD TV, the relative power and long service life
Q:LCD cannot display red
Should be the three primary colors, red signal is not connected, first look at the VGA connector socket has no breakage, loose connections or VGA connections to a problem in itself (you can try to replace the VGA cable or other host connection) in addition to the graphics VGA graphics card or the end of the problem.
Q:How to deal with LCD snow ripple?
If the graphics card and monitor are not bad, only the quality of the display line is not good or aging, first change the display line to see!!!
Q:Do all LCD displays have power adapters?
Having an outside, no outside, just inside the display.
Q:LCD operating temperature
General LCD monitors the normal temperature is 20-50 degrees, the relative humidity is 10%-85%. If the monitor temperature is too high, will produce the overall color of the screen phenomenon, seriously burn the monitor directly.There are many heating elements in the computer LCD. When you are working on the computer, you can't put on dust cloth or cloth on the monitor, which will affect the heat dissipation. When the weather is hot in summer, the external temperature is higher, this phenomenon is more obvious! It is suggested that a fan with an exhaust fan can be added to the back cover of the display for auxiliary heat dissipation of the display, so that the service life of the display can be prolonged.Computer LCD monitor, as far as possible not to use wet towel clean, in case of water, and the computer should be placed in the room ventilated place, such as the window next to.

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