22'' Infrared Touchscreen Game LCD Monitor For Fox 340 Pog T340 (Pot O Gold) Wms

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$200.00 - 220.00 / set
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1 Set set
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2000 Set/Sets per Month set/month

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Product Description:

Best supplier of LCD's  To USA gaming!!

open frame lcd touch screen monitor for Pot O Gold (T340)/ WMS gaming machines!!! 


Support southern gold,gold touch, pot o gold game etc

 Accessories: power cord, adaptor, VGA cable, RS232 cable and CGA/VGA converter

1) Size: 15'' 17'' 19'' 22''.

2) IR touch sceen, accurate touch, fast response!

3) CGA,VGA resolutions

4) With bezel optional

5) compitable with 3M

6) Seriel/ RS232 port

7) Ideal for use in Amusement, Gaming and Kiosk applications

8) According to customer's requirement, providing the fully customer design service. 



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Q:How can the LCD be dimmed?
Can the monitor be without an adjustment button? Impossible. Can't you find it? It's usually in the menu.
Q:Are LCD and LCD displays the same?
Our country's "inch" is about 3.33 centimeters, while "inch" is 2.54 centimeters;Then 19 inches for: 19*2.54 = 14.49 (inches).
Q:How to lock 100 LCD display
LCD screen refresh rate is generally fixed 60 or 75, can not adjust, this road basically do not want to. If you are playing a game, try vertical synchronization.
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
The display screen and its white screen quality, cable, motherboard, nothing to do with the host. Suggestions: break the back cover and the shielding shell, hand pinch wire to see whether the normal, if not repaired.
Q:22 how much is the power consumption per hour for a LCD computer?
General LCD 20--30W, about 40 hours a kilowatt hour, old-fashioned CRT display 60--70W
Q:The LCD suddenly became blurred
How about restoring the monitor to the factory?
Q:What does ITO mean in an LCD LCD?
A transparent conductive material.
Q:What does LCD's 4ms and 8ms mean?
Refers to the time of the monitor responsePlay the big 3D game, the smaller the better, and now the smallest is 2MSThe smaller the time, the faster the monitor's response, and the smoother the game screen looks8MS is enough, if it is a professional 3D designer, generally speaking, the smaller the MS value, the better the monitorThe smaller the MS value is, the higher the price is
Q:The tube above the LCD has a sound
This should not be the lamp, transformer power supply board but display inside the sound, as long as the noise is small, it should be no problem ah, repair the power board for a bit expensive.
Q:What's wrong with one of the LCD monitors?
The vertical line appears on the screen (often bright line, often dark line, dotted line, solid line), sometimes not, show that the LCD source driving circuit of LCD screen or a fault;Source drive circuitGeneral cable to weld or drive IC damage, IC damage, or peripheral circuit components;Two 、 the LCD screen is damagedOnce the LCD screen is damaged, it can not be repaired and can only be replacedOr so testing?After entering XP screen test key test to see if there is no vertical line that is not the display problem.It should be the video card or even the motherboard problem.If you don't worry, try using another monitor.The work of liquid crystal display, LCD screen receives the driving signal sent from the host to the LCD screen and liquid crystal valve is controlled by the integrated circuit in the display, if the host sent a driving signal circuit or display is not normal, there will be failures you narrates. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the host and LCD screen connections, cables are bad contact, if the contact is good, it shows that the problem is on the host or LCD display, it is recommended to send professional maintenance station for inspection and repair

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