Grade A+ 15.6'' Lp156Wh1 30Pins Ccfl1 LCD Screen

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$20.00 - 80.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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200 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month

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grade A+ 15.6''  LP156WH1 30pins CCFL1 lcd screen 

If you need any screen or has question,please contact with me.  

1. Our MOQ is 1 pieces.

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Q:The LCD display is dark
Screen light on the dark, that is, short-circuit phenomenon, the machine self-protection, to eliminate short phenomenon to normal use.This kind of failure is usually part of the power problem, if you have your own ability, can open the machine to check the circuit board, the power supply should be part of a capacitor bulge leakage, then the pressure plate is damaged or short tube to burn out, to see if the capacitor bulge, related to the capacitor should be replaced. For ordinary people, only the visual fault self repair, if it is to change the pressure plate or tube for master repair, high-pressure plate lamp cost about 15 yuan, also a few dollars, see how much you accept master wages.In addition to show is the flash of a dark, just before the tube is not bright dark, you can connect the computer into the normal display open system, invisible image also never mind, listen to voice can know already in the system, then find some light flashlight, sticking to the screen look carefully, you will there are in fact found image display, backlight lamp does not light but you can't see it, with a flashlight light can vaguely see the imageIn this way, we can judge the backlight problem and show that the part is normal. The backlight is composed of three parts, the power supply, the high voltage board and the lamp tube.
Q:How to adjust the screen display position of liquid crystal display (notebook)?
The best way is to fix the monitor!!!
Q:What is the imaging principle of liquid crystal display?
Starting with the luminescent mechanism of LCD (liquid crystal display), the traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) is struck by a high-speed ray of an electron gun on a phosphor screen, and the phosphor is hit by a high-speed impact. The LCD panel itself does not emit light, and a 15 inch LCD screen consists of millions of tiny liquid crystal units, commonly known as dots". The liquid crystal becomes transparent after being electrified, and then is imaged by a tube built behind the LCD panel, which is known as passive luminescence".
Q:The LCD will turn off automatically
If there is no notice wrong, no warranty, then repair it! This is now the monitor power problems!
Q:How to distinguish between LED and LCD
LED display is now so hot, and no matter how cheap it is unlikely to be this price, the planet has never been cheap and good things exist, so that a penny is a hard nut to crack!
Q:Liquid crystal display without glare
In fact, as long as the liquid crystal display, CRT display than the previous good for the eyes, because the CRT display shows the principle of reason, screen kept flashing, even people of the same fast is not easy to detect, but long time watching and irritating to the eyes, and the LCD display LCD currently has no light of its own, and the backlight light does not flash, free of eyes should be much better than CRT.For LCD, the main is to display the parameters adjusted can protect the eyes, first of all is bright, used in use, such as playing games, watching movies, display pages, tune into a different window can not only display the effect better, also can make the watch more comfortable. For example, see page 30% to highlight, while watching movies and playing games, we need better some highlights. Of course, the corresponding and contrast and color values, etc., in short, look at the tune, tune to the eyes, looking at the comfortable on it.For the purchase of liquid crystal display, you can choose those easy to adjust the parameters such as highlight display, for example some display shortcut keys can choose different modes, such as game mode and Cinema mode, each mode to highlight and contrast accordingly, convenient adjustment. Like AOC, 2116S supports this technologyWhen buying, you can also look at the monitor for eye care, there are no characteristics of the technology, but at present the industry has not been more effective, no harm to the eyes of the technology. Eye protection or the need for good eye habits?,Well, I hope so. Good luck to you
Q:What does ITO mean in an LCD LCD?
ITO is a N type oxide semiconductor - indium tin oxide, ITO film, indium tin oxide semiconductor transparent conductive film, usually has two performance indicators: resistivity and transmittance.
Q:Samsung LCD display flash is what happened?
It may be aging, but it is also necessary to see if the components in the circuit board are aging.First, if you have DVI card interface, then change this mouth to try, and if that's good, that is, your graphics card problem, if not good, turn second.Second, if not, only to the professional maintenance of the place.
Q:What does "LCD" LCD stand against?
Since it means that the point is not guaranteed, then it must not be replaced
Q:LCD color is a bit dark
1., check that your LCD monitor has dynamic contrast (DCR) function, and if so, set it to 'close'.2., you can search your monitor online, how to enter the factory model;3. follow the online approach into the factory mode and find the 'Auto color' or ''Auto level' 'option (usually shown as the former);4 by 3, to find a black and white picture (only black and white colors of the two picture), open, full screen, and then the factory menu cursor to 'Auto Color' through the key move, and then press OK (MENU).5. after the monitor OK, quit the factory mode to see if the problem is resolved.If item 1 is executed, you can ignore the item 2-5.

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