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Product Description:

84" 4k LCD Display
1. 50,000 hours lifetime
2. HD signal compatible
3. 4k display with touchscreen


4k LCD display PARAMETE



Screen panel


Sreen size


product size


Viewing Area Size


Pixel Pitch








Contrast Ratio


Color Gamut




Viewing Angle



D-Sub 15-Pin*1




Aspect Ratio


Response Time(G-G)


LC mode


display mode


 Mean Time Between Failures

Seven years above 


Power supply

AC 100~240V,50/60,Universal,±10%

Power Consumption (max)


Frame Color


Frame Materials




Protective Glass / Touch screen

N/A N/A 


0°C~ 40°C 



Working Mode

24/7 continuous Operation

Net Weight




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Q:LCD displays have many black spots
Try the following steps to confirm the type of the black spot:1) restore the display to factory settings (via the OSD menu on the display)2) check that the video cable is plugged inIf the black spot disappears after the operation of the above step, the black spot is proved to be the fault shown by the monitor; it has been repaired; if not disappeared, continue the following steps.3) set the desktop to full white to make sure the macula is still there4) reinstall or update the video card driver to the latest versionIf the black spot disappears after the operation of the above step, it is proved that the black spot is caused by a system or a video card drive; if not disappeared, the hardware of the display is found to be faulty and should be repaired.
Q:LCD screen boot how to change?
The idea of changing the Lenovo logo picture is good, but I'm telling you, it's impossible for average people to do that. First of all it is, the logo and your host on the card is not in any relationship, you can put VGA or DVI connection line pull down in the open display, Lenovo will also display screen.Now tell you the picture of what is to come, this picture is called show logo professional speaking, the system boot logo, general product will set up a process, this logo is written by fireware Flash in the die in the display, the general user can not change this setting, only specialized design personnel can use special tools to change the display screen. I just do the monitor development. If your monitor is in my hands, maybe I can help you solve this problem. Lenovo and Samsung display we all do. This is easy for us.
Q:I want to know the flat panel display and liquid crystal display which is more damage to the eyes
Should be more flat relatively more liquid crystal will not hurt the eyes
Q:Computer even LCD display how to adjust the clarity?
This situation can be solved by reference to the following methods:1, start the computer, come to the desktop, in the blank, click the right mouse button, to open the desktop right-click menu.2, in the pop-up right-click menu, select the property, this one click.3, and then go to the display properties window, move the cursor right, and select the settings tools menu.4, below the settings toolbar, find the screen resolution, a general screen resolution of 1024X768.5, use the mouse to hold down the slider, adjust the resolution, set it to 800X600, set it and press "OK" button. Each person's screen size is different, according to the size of their computer screen to set the resolution. But do not adjust the screen too high, otherwise it will be black screen, that would be troublesome.6, after setting the screen resolution, back to the desktop, take a look at the size of the desktop icon changes, and whether the rubber is clear, and so on, if not suitable, then you need to re tune, directly to the satisfaction.
Q:How long is the normal service life of LCD?
Service life of LCD displayCompared with the radiation that CRT displays can not eradicate, LCD has inherent advantages, and it basically has no radiation at all. LCDs are ideal for workers who use computers for a long time. Although the liquid crystal display power consumption and no radiation, but the LCD screen life is quite short, only about 5 years, and in use, the brightness will gradually decrease. Compared with the liquid crystal display, CRT display life is generally up to 10 years long, and that the effect will not be too big.The comparison of LCD and CRT is shown belowReference: http://digi.163.com/04/0809/15/0TBT3JRC001618JK_6.html1. it is recommended to work under normal temperature / humidity conditions. High temperature / high humidity affects the life of liquid crystal displays.2., intense temperature fluctuations affect the performance of liquid crystal displays, especially low temperatures affecting brightness and response time.It is recommended to work in a smooth, clean environment where dust causes internal electrical circuits to fail.3., do not let the liquid splash into the display. If you need to clean, please turn off the power, spray the detergent on the soft cloth, and then wipe it gently.4. liquid crystal display is glass products, when moving, should avoid collision, vibration.5. liquid crystal display on the surface of multi-layer film, strictly prohibited with sharp instrument.6., forbid to disassemble the LCD at will, if the breakdown, must ask the professional personnel to maintain.7. fixed screen for a long time, will reduce brightness, image retention phenomenon increases, it is recommended to use screen saver.8. do not use for a long time, please turn off the power supply of the monitor and unplug the power plug.
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
With separate brackets, you can go to Taobao to search the display stand
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
Display screen around the border, can not show full screen, there are two common reasons:First, the video card driver is not installed properly;Two, check the display resolution and refresh rate settings inappropriate.This happens when you switch from an older CRT monitor to a new LCD monitor, because the resolution of the monitor is not consistent with the output resolution of the card. Reset the resolution.The solution is as follows:1. Turn on the computer, select "my computer", right-click, click "properties" - enter the system properties - click on the hardware. Operate according to the computer system.2, click on the "hardware", you will see "device manager", click enter.3, access to device manager will see a lot of computer related hardware and software information, the mouse down to the bottom, find the "display card"".4, look at the display name card entry under the presence of greeting or exclamation point.5, if the exclamation mark is selected, right click to see the property, whether the normal operation of equipment, if not normal operation, then try to update the driver.6, update the driver, if not successful, you need to download a network with their computer model matching card driver, download the installation drive, so that the computer will return to normal.
Q:What's the difference between LED and WLED in LCD?
They are collectively referred to as LED. Ordinary LED emit light, there are generally 4-5 kinds of spectrum. What WLED does is white light. The white light is the kind of light emitted by a camera flash, which contains no other spectral components or is very low. WLED LCD monitors, like LED displays, have more meaning than hype. Even when welding can be made, the arc of light has no meaning for liquid crystal displays.
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
Hello, you said 2000:15000:18000:1 refers to the contrast, this is a parameter to measure the quality of the LCD screen, the definition of contrast is brightness / white screen black screen, generally the higher the contrast, the display will be better in some senseSelect several important parameters of lcd:1. brightness2. contrast3. colors,If you are 16.7M and 16.2M, we must give priority to the 16.7M, although it looks just a little bit, but is actually a lot worse, 16.2M is the use of some technology in static state can be achieved so much, but the movie actually only 262K color, a lot of difference4., if you play more dynamic games, then the reaction speed of liquid crystal also depends on the slow, there will be a dragIn addition what perspective ah what their look on the line, by the way check what the dead
Q:Is there any battery in the computer LCD?
There is no battery in the computer lcd.The display's parameter settings are saved in a flash memory chip.The display also has a power board, a high voltage drive plate. (mostly power high voltage integrated board)Each function of the display driver board is introduced. The display parameters are stored in the VCU flash memory chip.

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